Cyrus "Black Dynamite" Washington vs. Alex Berrios

Watch Shin Do Kumate XVII Experience the ultimate art of Striking and Muay Thai.

 Joe “Formiga” Cortez vs. Eric Peebles – Art of Striking

Eric Peebles vs. Joe "Formiga" Cortez - Shin Do Kumate XVII - art of strikingEric Peebles vs Joe "Formiga" Cortez - Shin Do Kumate XVII - August 20th 2016

This evening’s event is full of energy and excitement!  The first bout of the evening is Eric Peebles vs Joe “Formiga” Cortez. Both strikers come into the ring with intensity and power, ready to dominate their opponent. The first round started with Eric Peebles having the initiative and cornering Cortez, Cortez responded with intense combos that lead to two knock downs. Round two brings more action from Cortez who is trying to make up for round one. While Cortez tried he couldn’t push himself passed Peebles reach and spent most of round two in the corner. Round three brings Peebles coming out strong trying to win the judges over in the last round, his plan worked and he wins by TKO in the last round.

Winner: Eric Peebles

 Johnny “Speed” Garcia vs. Richard Grindle – Art of Striking

Rich Grindle taking a straight kick from Johnny "Speed" GarciaRich Grindle vs Johnny "Speed" Garcia - Shin Do Kumate XVII

The second match of the night is Johnny “Speed” Garcia vs Richard Grindle, both fighters are wishing to go home with the win for their pro debut. Garcia comes out of his corner strong trying to make his presence known in the ring. Grindle his opponent returns every blow with the same power both hoping for a knockout or a win by decision. Garcia and Grindle are two very evenly matched fighters who stayed close to one another trying to gain the upper hand. Round two was all about who had more stamina and would be able to last and come out stronger in the final round.

Is Garcia going to be able to keep this speed and corner Grindle? Both fighters are giving all they got to knockdown the opposition. The crowds excitement was heard when Grindle cornered Garcia and had him on the ropes. The match ended by unanimous decision giving Grindle the win.

Winner: Richard Grindle

 Avery Mcphatter vs. Warren Thompson

Avery McPhatter vs. Warren Thompson - Shin Do Kumate XVIIAvery McPhatter vs. Warren Thompson - Shin Do Kumate XVII

The third match of the night after the previous bout is between Avery McPhatter and Warren Thompson. Warren enters the ring with the street fighter theme song making a statement about how this fight was going to go. Avery proceeded to pump up the crowd with his Techno entrance. This match and the following matches are all full Thai rules with elbows. The match started with a different pace with Avery and Warren taking a calculative defensive approach.

Warren had control in round one. Using his experience to feel Avery out and keep him at bay. Avery being an aggressive fighter tried to push Warren around. Round two started with Avery becoming even more aggressive trying to match Warren’s spike in energy. With the fight going on to too round three both fighters gave it their all and tried to win the judges or possible knockout their opponent. The winner was decided by split decision in favor of Warren “Fire Dragon” Thompson. Another great display of the art of striking.

Winner: Warren Thompson

 Chris Burgett vs. Michael Stripling

Michael Stripling vs Chris Burgett - Straight Kick - Shin Do Kuamte XVIIMichael Stripling vs Chris Burgett - Shin Do Kuamte XVII

The fourth match of this interesting and powerful evening consist of Chris Burgett vs Michael Stripling. Both fighters enter the ring with classic rock music.

First round displayed great movement and technique from both fighters. Round two started with Strippling rushing into the fight and getting countered which knocked him down. Burgett is in control in Round two, with both fighters trading strikes that leads to the first match of the night with blood in the ring.  By the peak of round three, you can see the stamina dropping from both fighters. With round three ending with no knockouts and tired fighters we took to the score cards to determine the winner. The judges declared Chris Burgett the winner of bout four.

With a ten minute intermission Bob Alexander welcomed the Chairman of MKM Knockout Promotions onto the stage to say a few words to the crowd.

Winner: Chris Brugett

 Johncy “The Kickboxer” Lindor vs. Johnny Baldridge

Johncy Lindor vs Johnny Baldridge - Shin Do Kumate XVIIJohncy Lindor vs Johnny Baldridge - Shin Do Kumate XVII

After the intermission and the great display of passion from the previous fight, will Johncy Lindor and Johnny Baldrige be able to top the previous few fights? Johncy who has fought for Shin Do Kumate before is a tough opponent and Johnny Baldrige is hoping to break his winning streak. Johncy got the first major hit on Johnny throwing him of his track. Johnny recovers quickly though and continues to exchange with Johncy.

The crowd’s excitement went through the roof when Johncy landed his spinning back fist. Round two shows Johncy really targeting Johnny’s leg pounding the same area he hurt in round one. Johncy landed a low blow when his inside leg kick came too high; however, Johnny used this to fuel him and come back harder. Johnny answers with a shin kick knocking down Johncy.

Both fighters are relentless trying to show the judges they deserve the win.  Last round sees Johncy tearing down Johnny’s leg with continuous strikes forming a nice bruise. While Johnny showed lots of heart and tried to fight off the pain forming in his leg the winner was decided by TKO. Such a good display of the art of striking.

Winner: Johncy Lindor

Maros Pacan vs. John Morehouse

John Morehouse vs Maros Pacan - Shin Do Kuamte XVIIJohn Morehouse vs Maros Pacan - Shin Do Kuamte XVII

John Morehouse enters to the tune of country music. Maros Pacan follows suit keeping his cool and staying focused on his fight. Morehouse from Wisconsin, is a fighter with experience and various knockouts on his belt.  His opponent Maros Pacan is making his pro debut from Slovakia. Morehouse is very precise on his spacing, while Pacan is trying on getting on Morehouse range.

The first round is very passive while both fighters start to feel each other out. Round two started with similar pace, but it picked up half way through. Pacan who is the shorter of the two fighters is slipping under Morehouse’s reach and taking advantage. With Morehouse not being able to keep Pacan away he has a hard time with his technique. The winner of this bout was decided by split decision in favor of Maros Pacan. Perfect display of the art of striking.

Winner: Maros Pacan

Co-main Event Alex Berrios vs. Cyrus Washington

Alex Berrios vs Cyrus "Black Dynamte" Washington - Shin Do Kumate XVIIAlex Berrios vs Cyrus "Black Dynamte" Washington - Shin Do Kumate XVII

The co-main event of the night is between local fighter Alex Berrios and Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington. The crowd has been waiting for this moment where two World Class fighters meet and leave it all in the ring.  After the more passive action fight from the previous bout the crowd is ready for some heavy hitters. Alex Berrios will be fighting to take down one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington. Alex enters with Salsa and continues to dance into the ring showing he is confident and ready to fight, which perfectly portrays his style and personality. Cyrus comes out strong, but calm which just like Alex portrays the man he is out of the ring.

The fight starts with the fighters trading blows and Cyrus losing his balance. Alex keeps striking Cyrus with various kicks keeping him on the outside. The fighters are evenly match keeping the fight moving at exciting pace. Cyrus won’t budge and reciprocates with power. Round two starts with Alex Berrios attacking Cyrus’s leg, and Cyrus going for heavy blows trying to knock Alex back.

This grudge match has the crowd out of their seat. Both fighters are still evenly match and have a lot of stamina which only shows the training and caliber of each fighter. Round three begins with various trades of strikes each fighter trying to either knock each other out or win the judges in the last round. They proceed to keep trading blows and landing heavy strikes knocking each other down at one point and both quickly getting up.  Such a good show of sportsmanship, tradition, and passion. The winner was decided by unanimous decision with Alex Berrios winning.

Winner: Alex Berrios

Main Event Tony Leone vs. Pedro Cassoma

Tony Leone vs Pedro Cassoma - Shin Do Kumate XVIITony Leone vs Pedro Cassoma - Shin Do Kumate XVII

The main event has a lot to top, which should be easy to do with dynamic fighters like Tony Leone and Pedro Cassoma entering the ring. Tony and Pedro introduction has the crowd screaming.  The main event started with relentless action and strikes Pedro who is new to Shin Do Kumate comes out strong dominating the first round. Both fighters are hungry for the last win of the night. Tony counters one of Pedro kicks and proceed to land three consecutive counter punches knocking Pedro back. Round two starts with an explosion of punches from Leone, while Cassoma goes with Kicks.

We start to see Leone slowly fade as Pedro makes his desire to win much known. This is the third bloody match of the night. Leone shin is a bloody mess from the kicks and blocks coming his way and the ones he is exchanging. Cassoma is getting the upper hand pressuring Tony more and more back into the ropes. Round three begins after they examine Tony’s shin. With him cleared to go Tony enters the ring with his trainer’s advice of just using his hands. Cassoma keeps pressuring Tony to the corner and his pressure is nonstop not giving Tony enough to breathe or execute his techniques. Winner was decided by unanimous decision with Pedro Cassoma obtaining his first win with Shin Do Kumate.

Winner: Pedro Cassoma

The night ended with wonderful displays of passion, heart, and skill. Showcasing again the best of the best Muay Thai fighters in the sport. We look forward to the next event and the next batch of devastating fighters.

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Shin Do Kumate XVII Fights Gallery – Art of Striking

Stephen Cummins vs Vincent McGuinnes - Shin Do Kumate XVI

In this great Friday evening, various dreams and goals will clash in battle at Shin Do Kumate XVI Return of Ancient Ones. You could feel the passion, drive, and dreams of all the fighters and strikers present at the Bradenton Convention Center. All fighters had a great story, one of which that made a strong impression was Skyler Hastings. He was fighting for more than himself. He was fighting for his family, and future child. Skylar’s girlfriend was giving birth to their first child the very night Skylar made his Pro debut. Any other fighter would have canceled the fight, but Skyler did the opposite. He showed his professionalism as a fighter and attended the fight using his family as motivation to give all he had. His match was full of passion and heart.

He wasn’t the only fighter that had great respect. All the fighters this evening had an aura of respect and professionalism. It was great to see martial arts used as a way to become a stronger individual. Here is a recap of the bouts.

Before any bout took place, we were gifted to listen to a great artist (Elena) sing the American Anthem.

Jimmy Alexander vs Mitchel Chamale - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 1 – Jimmy Alexander vs Mitchell Chamale

This was the fastest bout of the night. The bout clock in at 58 seconds. This bout started with Mitchell energized introduction. You could see the energy and passion that this man had for this fight. In the other spectrum his rival Jimmy had a more passive approach.

The fighters both train in various Martial Arts techniques. Mitchell is a professional MMA Fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner who trains out of Tough as Nails in Oviedo, FL and Jimmy is a professional striker.

The fight started with Mitchell approaching Jimmy and using various low kick attacks; however, Jimmy’s strategy was relying on zoning Mitchell with strong strikes to the body and face. Jimmy mis-calculated Mitchell’s approach causing him not to block the first combination by Mitchell. At the 45 second mark.

In round 1, he attacked Jimmy with a high kick to the face. The kick connected and damaged Jimmy’s eye causing him to temporarily lose his concentration, balance, and vision.

The fight was stopped and Mitchell was declared the winner by TKO.

Amos vs Johncy Lindor - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Amos Vs Lindor - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 2 – Amos Merriweather vs Johncy Lindor

This fight started with Amos showing a lot of vitality and energy. Johncy’s entrance portrayed a high amount of confidence and strength. Amos tried in the first round using his unique fighting style to overwhelm Johncy, but he didn’t let it phase him and he took a defensive stance in order to wall Amos and tire him out. Amos realizing that the opponent was a threat, decided to taunt Johncy and bring him out of his focus; however, the taunting didn’t work and he stayed with his game-plan. Amos was able to land more blows and a surprise jump roundhouse kick on Johncy. The crowd went wild when the kick landed and shook Johncy strategy for a time.

Johncy decided to stay with the plan and kept the same pace at the end of the round Amos went for another jump kick, but this time he got countered throwing him off causing damage to his stamina & mobility.  Round two started with both fighters meeting each other with jump kicks and trading hits. Amos took the most damage from the trade and started to tire out.

Johncy took advantage and landed multiple hits and knees to the body. Round 3 started with Amos rushing Johncy and showing that he still had energy to out maneuver him. The adrenaline rush didn’t last enough and Johncy wins the match with a 3rd knockdown caused by a haymaker giving him a TKO.

Jason Valles vs Michael Strippling
Jason Valles vs Michael Strippling - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 3 – Jason Valles vs Michale Strippling

Both fighters had respect for each other’s traditional introduction and showed great sportsmanship. This is the first fight of the night to go all the way through three rounds. Round one is all about learning each other’s weaknesses and strength. By the end of the round Michael realized that his reach gives him a big advantage over Jason. He shifts his strategy into grabs and strong knee strikes to the body. Round two Michael utilizes his strategy and takes full advantage landing damaging blows to Jason.

By round three Jason realizes Michael’s game-plan, and decide to start moving more and counter attacking Michael’s grab attempts. He is able to thwart few attempts, but his exhaustion gets the best of him and Michael lands more knee strikes. The match ends with Michael Strippling winning by Unanimous decision.

Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin
Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 4 – Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin

This fight brought to the ring a crowd favorite, Skylar Hastings. He walked out into the arena surrounded by family and friends waiting to cheer him on. Skyler was fighting an Ace Combatant from Georgia, Joey “The Prodigy” Mullin. Round one starts with both fighters testing each other habits. Which turns into Joey grabbing Hastings into a clinch but, kept getting separated by the referee since he wasn’t kneeing the opponent.

He seems to be unfamiliar with the striking ideology in Shin Do Kumate. But he keeps up his aggressive maneuvers which kept Skylar from utilizing his technique. Round two starts and Skylar goes for more kicks in order to gain distance and damage Joey. Every attack by Skyler was countered by Joey’s tenacious and smart strategy.

As Skylar starts to tire out Joey takes that advantage to gain control of the second round. In round three Skyler starts with tremendous amount of energy trying to win the last and final round. With his fans cheering him on, he pushes himself to end the fight on a strong note. While Skylar put on an amazing show it was not enough to win the judges and Joey Mullin was the winner by unanimous decision.

Tony Leone Vs John MoreHouse - Tony Leone Vs John MoreHouse - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Tony Leone vs John Morehouse

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 5 – Tony Leone vs John Morehouse

This was one of the most exciting and full of action fight of the evening. The fight was between John Morehouse a Tae Kwon Do practitioner and Tony Leone a Muay Thai practitioner. Both of the fighters start with defensive approaches, every time Tony strikes John will be out of the way not letting Tony come close to him. Tony took an aggressive and assertive approach; however, this approach caused Tony to have a two point deduction by accidentally kneeing John Morehouse’s face as his knee hits the canvas, which is not allowed in Shin Do Kumate rules. Tony takes back the fight by landing a jab knee combo by the end of the round, but this combo wasn’t enough for him to win this round. Round two starts with both fighters trying to get in and be first. Halfway through the round John starts picking his spot and counter attacking Tony strikes. He starts landing more blows as Tony stamina starts decreasing; however, Tony was able to land a strong clean hit on John

Due to Tony winning that round John decide to strength his defense and land more counter attacks for round 3. Half way through round three Tony lands a strong overhead blow on John. This causes a retreat action and John decides to take a step back and take a breather by running into the other corner. Tony follows John and keeps controlling the pace of the match. Last 10 seconds of the fight, the first scramble ensues and the winner of the fight by unanimous decision is Tony. It was an even fight with two point difference.

Kendrick Miree vs Bogdan Moroz - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 6 – Kendrick Miree vs Bogdan Moroz

This was the second shortest fight of the night and the first fight with blood. The match starts with full force aggressive approach by both fighters. They trade with knees, strikes, and elbows. In one of the trades Miree was able to corner Bogdan and connect multiple elbow strikes. This causes Bogdan to lose concentration and loss to much blood. The winner of the fight was Kendrick Miree by TKO. The fight lasted 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Lloy Walton Vs Warren Thompson - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Lloyd Walton vs Warren Thompson

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 7 – Co-main Event – Lloyd Walton vs Warren Thompson

Both fighters were respectable and had their rituals at introduction. Both of the fighters welcome each other and salute their coach.

Lloyd kept his distance by using his jabs and low inside leg kicks. This technique was keep Warren far enough away from him so Warren could not land any heavy hits and stun him early in round one. The first fight was a slow one letting each fighter get use to each other fighting style.

Round two starts with a corner trap by Warren, this gives him the lead at the beginning of the round. Lloyd trying to get the round back, goes for a kick, but now he is the one that gets blocked and hit with Warren’s counter attack. Warren is blocking every attempt that Lloyd takes. At the end of the round Warren goes for a strong double kick, but gets blocked as the bell rings. Round three begins with Warren taking the aggressive approach instead, he starts mixing up his kicks and jabs.

Lloyd goes for a high kick, and he misses. Thompson takes the chance and lands a strong mid kick to Lloyd’s body. They both go for a grapple and Lloyd gets the first hold, but they clash with knees. The match ends pretty even and full of suspense.

The winner is Warren Thompson.

Stephen Cummins vs. Vincent McGuinnes - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Stephen Cummins vs Vincent McGuinnes

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 8 – Main Event – Stephen Cummings vs Vincent McGuinnes

Before the Main Event Master Mehrdad took the opportunity to give a speech about the sport of striking, how every fighter is a star, and thanking everyone for their support of the show. He goes on to say that he believes Shin Do Kumate is destined for wonderful things. As Master Mehrdad steps out of the ring, the ring announcer calls out the Main Event fighters of the night.

Both fighters are excited and are in top shape. This is a fight between New York and Florida. The crowd is behind the Florida fighter fighting out of Tampa and cheer him on through the fight.

Right from the start Vincent has the range advantage over Stephen. If Stephen wants to overcome his range he will have to rely on heavy footwork and strategy. Stephen realize that Vincent weak-point was his legs, and he decides to land multiple blows to his legs. Vincent adapts quickly and starts protecting his legs and starts using his reach more to keep Stephen away. In one of the confrontation Stephen gets in but gets accidentally head-butt by Vincent.

The crowd start calling fault, but it was accidental and the match continues.  Round two starts with a scramble due to Stephen trying to get in range. Vincent corners Stephen; however, Stephen takes advantage and lands multiple hits on Vincent and he retreats back to the center of the ring. In the retreat Stephen commits to his approach and Vincent lands hits that lead to a devastating strike knee combo.  Winner is Vincent.

Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)

Shin Do Kumate XV – Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor

Shin Do Kumate XV - Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor Shin Do Kumate XV - Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise MellorShin Do Kumate XV - Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor

Amy Davis from Idaho Falls, ID fought a good fight against Denise Mellor of England. Both fighters came in strong. Denise took an elbow from Amy and Denise’s trainer made the decision to stop the fight giving Amy the win by TKO. Denise fought this bout with a knee injury she incurred during training, but still fought very well and gave it her all. This was a great fight with great technique and a good match. We look forward to seeing these two fighters again for a rematch in 2009.

Shin Do Kumate XV – Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)

Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)


The bout between Aaron Castellvi and Justin Greskiewicz was the only fight that went the distance the whole night. This was a chest match between two fighters and they both brought a lot of great Muay Thai skills to the ring. There were great exchanges throughout all three rounds and Justin executed some great sweeps. The win was given to Justin Greskiewicz by decision.


Shin Do Kumate XV – Shane Wiggand vs. Ali Tareh

Shin Do Kumate XV - Shane Wiggand vs. Ali TarehShin Do Kumate XV - Shane Wiggand vs. Ali Tareh

Shane Wiggand and Ali Tareh brought a very unique fight to Shin Do Kumaté because Ali comes from a more Martial Arts background with the last few years competing in professional boxing matches. Shane has a Muay Thai background and although he originally fought MMA, his passion went towards Muay Thai and he spent some time training in Thailand. Round one started out with Ali leading using his boxing skills throughout the round and he took Shane down with a spinning back hand followed by a strong right punch, but Shane beat the count. In the second round Shane managed to close the gap and came in strong delivering a lot of hard and flying knees to the head. The referee stopped the fight due to a big gash above Ali’s eye giving Shane the win by TKO.

Shin Do Kumate XV – Simon Marcus (Won By TKO) vs. Aaron Meisner

 Muay Thai Champion Simon Marcus from Toronto, Canada - Combat SportsMuay Thai Champion Simon Marcus from Toronto, Canada

Simon Marcus has a strong Muay Thai training regimen and we knew he was going to use every skill and technique he could against his opponent. Aaron Meisner has more of an MMA background than Muay Thai and was featured on the Ultimate Fighter reality series. Both fighters started strong, but Simon dominated the fight with his combination elbow strikes and finished the fight in the second round giving him the win by TKO, as Aaron was unable to continue. Both fighters demonstrated an exciting bout.


Shin Do Kumate XV – Clifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen Richards

Shin Do Kumate XV - Clifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen Richards Shin Do Kumate XV - Clifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen RichardsClifton Brown vs Stephen

This main event featured Clifton Brown, a world champion from Toronto, Canada against Stephen Richards from Atlanta, Georgia. Clifton was originally matched to fight Tofan Pirani of Sweden, but Tofan contacted MKM 7 days before the fight stating he injured his shin during training. In a scramble to find Clifton a new opponent, Stephen Richards stepped up to the plate. Stephen is a very good Boxer and Muay Thai fighter and beat Sean Yarbrough of Las Vegas in a prior match. Both Clifton and Stephen came in strong and fought well against each other, but Clifton through his famous elbow strike that landed on the side of Stephen’s head causing a big cut on his ear, which ended the fight giving Clifton the win by first round TKO. Clifton Brown is a true Champion and Stephen Richards is a true warrior for taking this fight last minute and we look forward to seeing
both fighters again in 2009.

Shin Do Kumate XIV

Shin Do Kumate XIV Ancient Ones − Clifton Brown wins with an explosive elbow strike!

It was an evening of great Muay Thai fights on August 9th at the Bob Martinez Sports Complex in Tampa, FL. Shin Do Kumaté was back at it again with their 14th event − “Ancient Ones.” Two bouts headlined the card. The Co−main event was Between Remy Bonnel and Fernando Calleros. This was a good fight as Fernando was able to continuously push inside to negate Remy’s low kicks and reach, however, Remy was able to
work some effective boxing and use his knees in the clinch. Remy Bonnel came away with the Unanimous decision after 3 rounds of fighting.

The Main Event saw WMC World Champion Clifton Brown of Siam #1 in Canada take on the explosive and powerful Crafton Wallace of Inferno MMA in Florida. This fight started off with Crafton the aggressor and landing shots while Clifton was patient and seeing what his opponent had to offer. Two minutes into round One, Clifton had Wallace against the ropes and unleashed a right hand that dropped him to the canvas and through the ropes. But amazingly Crafton Wallace was able to beat the count and hold on to the end of the round. Then what a great battle that ensued. Crafton was a very game opponent who not only was able to take the punishment, but he was able to dish it out as well, until the third round, Clifton had Wallace against the ropes, found an opening and delivered an upward elbow that caught Crafton on the forehead and split it open, immediately stopping
the fight. An exciting fight that showcased the true talent of Muay Thai.

In the undercard bouts:

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Felice Herrig vs. Jessica Sanchez

Felice HerrigFelice Herrig vs Jessica Sanchez - Shin Do Kumate XIV

Jessica showed tremendous heart and stood toe to toe with Felice for 3 rounds, but was not able to handle the energy and experience of Felice. Felice Herrig (Team Toro)defeated Jessica Sanchez via UD.

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Rami Ibrahim vs. Bruce Sesseman

Rami Ibrahim vs Bruce Sesseman - Shin Do Kumate XIVRami Ibrahim vs Bruce Sesseman - Shin Do Kumate XIV

Round (Low kicks) Rami was able to figure out Sesseman’s style and attack his lead leg repeatedly with low kicks, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Rami Ibrahim (Sitan Gym) defeated Bruce Sesseman via TKO.

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Paul Marfort vs. Chris Cristini

Paul Marfort vs. Chris CristiniPaul Marfort vs. Chris Cristini

(Scorpion Muay Thai) via UD. In Marfort’s toughest test yet, he showed that he is able to adapt and fend of the attacks of a bigger, stronger fighter. Cristini was making his pro debut, but had an extensive amateur career, medaling in the IAMF World Championships and taking 2nd place at the IKF World Championships last month. Paul Marfort (Diamond Dutchman/LA Boxing) defeated Chris Cristini.

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Aaron Castellvi vs. Shane Wiggand

Aaron Castellvi vs. Shane WiggandAaron Castellvi vs. Shane Wiggand

(Gladiator’s MMA) via UD. In the first fight of the night, these two technical fighters put on a great show. Castellvi came out on top and got the evening off on the right foot. Aaron Castellvi (Siam #1) defeated Shane Wiggand.

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Shin Do Kumate XII, The Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior, made its first foray into Jacksonville, FL with its 12th installment of the most popular Muay Thai fighting event in North America on Saturday, May 12th 2007, at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.  Shin Do Kumaté XII boasted the most action packed night of fights to ever be seen in the country.  From top to bottom, the crowd was on their feet throughout every fight.  Pitting some of the best fighters in the world against each other, this was a spectacle not to be missed.

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #1 – Ryan Lee vs. Ray Cole

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #1 - Ryan Lee vs. Ray Cole 

The night started off with a couple of Super Lightweights.  Local fighter Ryan Lee was making his pro debut against Ray Cole of Tampa, FL.  Cole has trained and also fought in Thailand, winning his fight.  This fight got the crowd prepared for the excitement to come.  Both fighters were very eager to put on a great display for the crowd and to also earn a chance to come back and fight again.  Ray Cole landed the more effective kick combinations giving him the win by unanimous decision.

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #2 – Justin Greskiewicz vs. Mukai “The African Warrior” Maromo

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #2 - Justin Greskiewicz vs. Mukai "The African Warrior" Maromo Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #2 - Justin Greskiewicz vs. Mukai "The African Warrior" Maromo

Next up was Justin Greskiewicz of Cool Hearts Muay Thai in Philadelphia, PA against Mukai “The African Warrior” Maromo of Iron Tiger Muay Thai in Hamilton, Ontario.  This fight was an all out war in the Middleweight division.  Greskiewicz was trying to keep his distance and use his good low kicks while Maromo was using his hand speed and power to get into the clinch and rain effective elbows on his opponent.  Maromo opened up a nasty cut over Greskiewicz’s left eye with an elbow that streamed blood for the rest of the fight.  To his credit, Greskiewicz never backed down, but kept fighting forward against the more powerful opponent.  The African Warrior came away with the unanimous decision win.

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #3 – Paul Marfort vs. Oliver Davis

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #3 - Paul Marfort vs. Oliver Davis Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #3 - Paul Marfort vs. Oliver Davis

The third fight of the night was Paul Marfort of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai, Orlando, FL against Oliver Davis of Siam #1 in Toronto, Ontario in the Super Middleweight division.  Marfort won a unanimous decision against a very game and a taller Oliver Davis.  The fight was very evenly matched with both fighters putting together their combinations with technical precision.  In the clinch, Marfort was able to be effective, even though Davis had the clear height advantage.  The future could be very bright for the rising fighter Paul Marfort.

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #4 – Craig “The Hammer” Oxley vs. Dave Hale

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #4 - Craig "The Hammer" Oxley vs. Dave Hale Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #4 - Craig "The Hammer" Oxley vs. Dave Hale

Local fight hero Craig “The Hammer” Oxley was next up versus another product of Iron Tiger Muay Thai in Dave Hale in the Super Lightweight division.  Oxley has a very extensive background in sport jiu jutsu, pro boxing and kickboxing, while Hale is a relative newcomer to the pro ranks.  Oxley has always been known as a power puncher but he recently dropped weight down to 147 lbs.  This match was very explosive with Hale dominating the clinch.  Oxley showed good defense in avoiding the long kicks and punches from Hale, but took a lot of damage on the inside.  Even though Oxley turned in a valiant effort, Dave Hale proved to be the hungrier fighter and took a unanimous decision.

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #5 – Julia “The Jewel” Budd vs. Natalie Fuz

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #5 - Julia "The Jewel" Budd vs. Natalie Fuz Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #5 - Julia "The Jewel" Budd vs. Natalie Fuz

In the only female fight of the night, Julia “The Jewel” Budd of Gibson Pankration, Port Moody, British Columbia squared off against Natalie Fuz of 5 Points Muay Thai in New York, NY in the 2nd ever Full Muay Thai rules fight in the state of Florida.  Budd is on the fast track to being the top female in the Middleweight division in North America, while Fuz just went 5 rounds with the #1 female in the world, Julie Kitchen.  Budd came in very focused and showed why she has beaten some of the best in the world.  All 3 rounds Budd was constantly pressing the attack and defending well in the clinch against Fuz.  Budd won a very deserving Unanimous Decision.  Look for this girl to make a big splash on the international scene very soon.

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #6 – Trevor “TNT” Smandych vs. Shane “Shaolin” Campbell

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #6 - Trevor "TNT" Smandych vs. Shane "Shaolin" Campbell Shin Do Kumate XII

In one of the most anticipated fights in North America, Trevor “TNT” Smandych of Mike Miles National Muay Thai in Calgary, Alberta faced off against Shane “Shaolin” Campbell of Iron Tiger Muay Thai, in a Middleweight barn burner.  This was a fight to find out who the best in Canada is, and it did not disappoint.  Smandych, the proven veteran and biggest name of Canada, versus Campbell, the youngster who has been destroying all opponents before him.  Within the first 30 seconds, Smandych walked into a straight knee to the chest from Campbell and received an 8 count.  Once Smandych regained his feet, the war was on.  Smandych was connecting with great left hook/low shin kick combinations that left Campbell limping after the fight.  Campbell, however, was timing him and delivering some devastating knees and slipping in some elbows.  Smandych was continually pushing forward, pressing the action, while Campbell was putting together beautiful combinations and then working into the clinch.  A lesser fighter would have sat down from the punishment these two warriors were dishing out.  An excellent fight and a most deserving Unanimous Decision win for Shane Campbell.

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #7 – Tofan Pirani vs. Samir Seif

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #7 - Tofan Pirani vs. Samir Seif Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #7 - Tofan Pirani vs. Samir Seif

The last two fights of the night were the Heavyweights.  Tofan Pirani of Sweden squared off against Iron Tiger’s Samir Seif.  Tofan was looking for redemption as his last Shin Do Kumaté fight he lost by KO to Anthony Brown.  Samir is coming off a disappointing loss to Gary Turner at the last Kumaté.  Both fighters had something to prove.  The fight started with Pirani ripping some hard kicks to the body of Samir and a hard knee to his chest.  Samir’s plan was to put pressure on Pirani and keep him against the ropes, pushing his weight on him and tiring him out.  Halfway through round 1, Samir ripped a mighty left hook that found its mark to the head of Pirani and dropped him to the canvas, giving Samir the win by KO.  An impressive win for Samir, who is making a name for himself in the heavyweight division.

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #8 – Rick “The Jet” Roufus vs. John “The Panther” James

Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #8 - Rick "The Jet" Roufus vs. John "The Panther" James Shin Do Kumate XII Fight #8 - Rick "The Jet" Roufus vs. John "The Panther" James

The last fight of the night saw two crafty veterans in Rick “The Jet” Roufus of Roufus Kickboxing in Tempe, AZ and John “The Panther” James fighting out of Striking Unlimited, Las Vegas, NV.  Since Roufus has started fighting in the Shin Do Kumaté, he has been in the best shape of his career.  By now the crowd was electric.  The seven fights before had worked them into a frenzy.  From the start of the bell, both fighters exploded out of the gate.  Roufus came with a spinning back hand/roundhouse kick combo that landed, forcing James to cover up and get out of the way.  Suddenly, a high left kick from The Jet landed flush against James’ forehead and dropped him instantly, sending the crowd into pandemonium.  An impressive highlight reel win for Roufus, letting the world know that he is still as dangerous as ever.

Overall, this was the most explosive Muay Thai event ever held in North America.  MKM Knockout Promotions is pushing the envelope with outstanding matchmaking and dedication to the sport.  This event was broadcast live on Pay Per View through Viewers Choice Canada, Shaw Cable and TVN Entertainment.  As well as on Video On Demand in New Zealand through Sky TV and in syndication throughout the world via The Fight Network and Star World/Asia TV.  You can also catch all Shin Do Kumaté events live or On Demand online through MediaZone, the leading Global Web PPV provider.

Shin Do Kumaté will be coming back to Jacksonville, FL on July 28th at the Veteran’s Memorial Arena to bring you Shin Do Kumaté XIII, Warriors Unleashed.  This is surely an event not to miss.

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On December 8, 2006 MKM Knockout Promotions held the “Battle of the Heavyweights” Shin Do Kumaté XI at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL. 2006 brought the Shin Do Kumaté Professional Full Contact Martial Arts and Muay Thai event to the forefront of the Muay Thai scene in North America. SDK XI is the third Kumaté to be broadcast on TVN Entertainment Video On Demand. Some of the best Muay Thai fights to ever take place in America could be found in this ring.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #1 – Paul Marfort vs. Matt Sulya

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

At the same height and weight of 6’1 and 175 lbs, the first fight of the night started out slow for Paul Marfort of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai and Matt Sulya of Inferno Muay Thai keeping him in a clinch. Both fighters landed lots of hard combinations. But Marfort couldn’t keep Sulya off him. Marfort kept going up against the ropes letting Sulya get his punches in. Unexpectedly, late in the first round, Marfort knocked Sulya to the ground, dazing him. In the second round Marfort knocked Sulya to the ground again with a hard right hand and Sulya did not beat the count, giving Paul Marfort the win by KO.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #2 – Rami Ibrahim vs. Haender Rodriguez

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

The second fight of the night was Rami Ibrahim of Philadelphia, PA and Haender Rodriguez of Miami, FL. Ibrahim came in having a record of 20-3-1 (6 KO’s) and Rodriguez stepped in with a record of 4-1 (1 KO). Many favored Ibrahim because he had more experience. This was a hard fought war that was close all night. Late in the first round, Rodriguez hit Ibrahim with a right hand that came from the back of the arena. So hard did he get hit, that when Ibrahim rose to his unsteady feet, he put his head against the referee’s chest and stumbled forward on the Ref’s command. Surprisingly, the ref let the fight continue. For the next two rounds, the fighters would throw an exchange and then wrestle each other to the ground. Haender proved to be a worthy opponent in the ring and putting everything he had on the line. In the end it paid off with a win by unanimous decision.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #3 – Stefan Butin Bik vs. Amphone Pommacheck

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

Coming in next was Crowd favorite and 3x Shin Do Kumaté Title holder Stefan ButinBik of Crystal River, FL and Amphone Pommachek of Boxford, MA. At the sound of the bell ButinBik came out and put on a clinic. Taking this as an advantage, ButinBik pounded kick after kick to Pommachek’s lead leg and eventually knocked Pommachek to the canvas in the end of the second, giving Stefan ButinBik the win by TKO and Pommachek a dead leg like no other.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #4 – Michael Mananquil vs. Shane Campbell

Fourth fight of the night was Michael Mananquil of World Team USA in San Francisco, CA and Shane Campbell of Iron Tiger Muay Thai in Toronto, Canada. This was the first fight of the night that had Full Muay Thai rules. Both fighters came out strong and were landing some heavy elbows in the clinch. Campbell landed a right elbow, opening up a cut on the eyelid of Mananquil. After a quick check by the doctor, the fight continued with Mananquil being the aggressor and landing a nice elbow of his own, but a few seconds later, Campbell hit Mananquil with another well timed elbow that caused the cut to bleed. The corner was able to stop the bleeding to let their fighter continue, but the referee had decided that the fight would not. Neither corner understood why the referee made the decision to stop the fight when it was clear to everyone that Mananquil was able to continue. A sad ending to what was looking to be an excellent fight. The referee gave Shane Campbell the win via TKO

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #5 – Chrisanne Reseliep vs. Julia Budd

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

Late into the night came the first female fight between Chrisanne Roseliep of Denver, CO and Julia Budd of Gibson Pankration in British Columbia, Canada. Coming into the ring Julia Budd looked to be in tremendous shape and appeared that she could give Roseleip a run for her money. When the bell sounded Julia Budd pushed her around for two rounds. Roseliep gave up a good effort and came back in the third, but couldn’t win against Julia Budd’s aggressive nature. Julia Budd won by decision.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #6 – Keri Taylor vs. Jeri Sitzes

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

Next up was the second female fight of the night and the first ever Female Full Muay Thai rules fight sanctioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission. Keri Taylor of World Team USA in San Francisco, CA and Jeri Sitzes of Budokai Ringsports Int’l in Springfield, MO came into the ring preparing for war. Sitzes came in at a perfect 10-0 in kickboxing and held several Professional boxing World Titles, while Taylor was making her Professional debut. Taylor looked to use the rules to her advantage, bombarding Sitzes with a barrage of elbows. Adapting well, Sitzes blocked the elbows and managed to throw some of her own. During the seconded round Keri was having problems trying to get by the great hands of Sitzes and she was getting tired. She couldn’t dish back what Sitzes was dishing out. Taylor showed great poise and amazing heart throughout the whole fight and also showed that she deserved to be in the ring with such an experienced pro. After 3 rounds of intense action, Jeri Sitzes pulled out the split decision.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #7 – Tofan Pirani vs. Anthony Brown

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

In the last Full Muay Thai rules fight on the night, Tofan Pirani and Anthony Brown were having their rematch, one that Pirani wanted badly. Last time Pirani fractured his shinbone and was not able to answer the bell for the second round. Both fighters were hungry, but Brown came in the hungrier of the two. In the first round Anthony Brown got in with a left high shin kick to Pirani’s neck and dropped him to the canvas. After beating the count, Brown came in like lightening and again hit Pirani with a left high shin kick to the same spot, felling him like a tree. Not being able to beat the count, Anthony Brown by a highlight reel KO.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #8 – Master Mehrdad “Persian Warrior” vs. Ethan Cox

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

The eighth fight of the night was the one everyone was waiting for. The Persian Warrior, Master Mehrdad Moayedi, against Ethan Cox of Long Beach Kickboxing. Coming into the fight, both fighters were brimming with confidence and fire in their eyes. When the bell sounded the fire in their eyes showed through their punches and kicks. Ethan Cox had Moayedi in the corner and was throwing haymakers until Moayedi took a knee and a count. Once the action resumed, Cox pushed Moayedi against the ropes and again started to unload a barrage of punches into the guard of Moayedi. Cox was starting to get tired as all of his punches were going into the gloves of Moayedi when all of a sudden the referee jumped in the middle and stopped the fight, claiming that Moayedi was not defending himself. Immediately the crowd went into an uproar of jeers towards the referee for the premature stoppage. Looking very unsure of himself, the referee raised the hand of Cox for the win by referee stoppage.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #9 – Patrick Barry vs. Scott Lighty

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

With the crowd now wanting to see more action, Heavyweights Patrick Barry of Duke Roufus Kickboxing and Vos Gym squared off against Scott Lighty of The Pit in San Luis Obispo. Patrick Barry has been trained by 5x K-1 Grand Prix Champion Ernesto Hoost, while Lighty is a training partner of UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell. Both fighters held nothing back as they were hitting each other with everything they had. By the end of the second round, Barry had hit the lead leg of Lighty so much that it was starting to look like ground beef. Then in the 3rd round Barry hit Lighty with a high right shin kick that could be heard from across town. Lighty didn’t even have time to lift a hand as his body just slumped to the ground and didn’t move. With the medical staff and ring doctors immediately going to his side, Lighty was able to regain consciousness after a heart stopping minute. Lighty stayed on the ground while doctors looked at him for a good 15 minutes. The crowd gave a great roar when Lighty was able to regain his feet and walk out of the ring like a true warrior. Give credit to Patrick Barry for the Knockout of the Year!

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #10 – Gary Turner vs. Samir Seif

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

The main event saw Gary Turner of Farnborough, England and Samir Seif of Iron Tiger Muay Thai in Toronto, Canada. Both fighters came out strong. With both fighters tipping the scales at 225 lbs, the ring looked very, very small. Even though they were heavyweights they came out and danced around the ring throwing kicks and punches with ease. Gary Turner was able to get Seif up against the ropes but then Seif would clinch and then there would be a war of knees. After three rounds of heart pounding action Gary Turner was declared the winner by decision.

Another great event was put into the books and now everyone turns their attention to the next action packed event. 2007 promises to be a year that will let the whole world know who and what Shin Do Kumaté is as MKM Knockout Promotions has been in talks to get the event d istributed internationally so that Muay Thai fans all over the world can be a part of this dynamic fighting event.

In a side note from Master Mehrdad, the Founder of the Organization, Master Mehrdad wants to express how extremely disappointed he was by the Florida State Boxing Commission and how they handled the sanctioning and officiating of Shin Do Kumaté XI. For the past 10 events, MKM Knockout Promotions has worked with a core group of great officials and referees that were well experienced in this type of event, and has helped to make Shin Do Kumaté the most elite Stand Up Fighting event in North America. For this event, the Boxing Commission brought in a group of referees and judges that had no experience in the Muay Thai or MMA world and it showed in the premature stoppages and decision. Master Mehrdad hopes that the Florida State Boxing Commission will rectify this problem as it can hurt not only this organization’s events, but also any professional event in the state of Florida.

Shin Do Kumate’ returns to the St. Pete Times Forum in 2007.  Subscribe to Strykerz.TV to watch all Shin Do Kumate fighting events.

Rick Roufus and Gary Turner Fight to a Draw on Shin Do Kumaté X

Shin Do Kumaté X “Redemption” took place on September 9, 2006 in front of a crowd of 7,000 hungry fight fans at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL. Taking its place as one of the premier fighting organizations in the United States, Shin Do Kumaté put on a night of excellent fights for the fans to see.

Shin Do Kumate X – Chico Mendez vs. Mikey Gomez

Mikey Gomez - Shin Do KumateFirst up for the night was Chico Mendez of the World Shin Do Kumaté Association against Mikey Gomez from Diamond Dutchman/Gracie Barra for the Shin Do Kumaté Middleweight Title. This fight proved that you can’t tell a fighter by their record. Chico Mendez came in with a perfect 24−0 record, while Mikey stepped in the ring at 3−1. The first round started out with Mendez trying to establish his distance with his sidekick, while Gomez would counter with a clinch and knees. Gomez’ stuck to this strategy and began to exploit the side kick, eventually wearing down Mendez to the point where he could not continue during the third round. The Referee called a stop to this bout in the third round due to strikes, giving Mikey Gomez the Middleweight Championship.

Shin Do Kumate X – Haender “Cubita” Rodriguez vs. Bruce Sesseman

Haender "Cubita" Rodriguez vs. Bruce Sesseman - Shin Do Kumate XThe next fight was another testament that says you cannot judge a fighter by what is on paper. Haender “Cubita” Rodriguez (3−1) of Miami, FL took on Bruce Sesseman (23−5) of Alton, IL . This fight didn’t even make its way through the first minute before Rodriguez knocked Sesseman to the canvas with a huge right hand. After beating the count, Rodriguez followed the same tactic of using his heavy hands and put Sesseman down for good with a perfectly timed left hook and straight right hand combination. This was truly a highlight reel knockout!

Shin Do Kumate X – Chrisanne Roseleip vs. Joanne Airall

Shin Do Kumate X - Chrisanne Roseleip vs. Joanne AirallAfter that great knockout came a ladies fight that was so fierce the crowd never sat down. Chrisanne Roseleip (3−0) of Real Fight Gear in Denver, CO battled Joanne Airall of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai. Chrisanne dominated the whole fight with her aggressive style, continually backing up Airall for four rounds. Although she was continually back pedaling, Airall kept her composure and tried to give back some of the punishment Roseleip was dishing out. These flashes gave us some insight that with more time in the ring and training, Joanna Airall will be a force in the 145 lbs female division to reckon with. Chrisanne Roseleip won via Unanimous Judges Decision.

Shin Do Kumate X – Michael Mananquil vs. Ajahn Suchart Yodkeripauprai

Shin Do Kumate X - Michael Mananquil vs. Ajahn Suchart YodkeripaupraiThe next fight was a Traditional Muay Thai bout with full Thai rules. This fight saw Michael Mananquil (12−0) of World Muay Thai Team USA in San Francisco, CA versus a true Thai warrior, Ajahn Suchart Yodkeripauprai (68−19) of Siam #1 in Toronto, Canada . From the first bell, you could see the respect that Michael held for Ajahn Suchart. Not wanting to jump right in there against a seasoned fighter, Mananquil took his time and studied his opponent; making everything that he threw count. It was evident by the second round that Mananquil was getting the better of the exchanges and was following up all his combinations with a shin kick to the lead leg of Ajahn Suchart. Finally after absorbing too many low kicks, Suchart was not able to continue, giving Michael Mananquil the win by TKO. Look forward to Michael coming back, as he is one of the top rising Muay Thai stars in North America and is purely exciting to watch.

Shin Do Kumate X – Raul Llopis vs. Rami Ibrahim

Shin Do Kumate X - Raul Llopis vs. Rami IbrahimTo keep the exciting action going, next up was the Lightweight Championship match between Raul Llopis (33−7) of Young Tigers / Family Kickboxing in Miami, FL and Rami Ibrahim (20−2) of Philadelphia, PA. Before the event, Rami was talking with Master Mehrdad and Match Maker Joel Collins about how excited he was to fight on the card, as it has been hard for him to find fights, due to his Middle Eastern heritage. When this was said, both Master Mehrdad and Mr. Collins smiled and said, “As long as you fight with all your heart and put on a great performance, you will always have a place to fight in our organization.” This 4 round war was widely regarded as the most exciting fight of the night, and the majority of it was fought in the trenches. In the first round, an accidental headbutt opened up a cut high on the head of Llopis, causing blood to flow freely from the wound. And seeing as how this was a hard fought battle that was fought mostly in the clinch, both fighters were soon spattered in blood. The second round carried on with the same fast paced tempo, with both fighters throwing hard kicks and following it up with short punches and then clinching to work their knees. Llopis’ corner did a good job to keep the cut from bleeding throughout the rest of the fight. While some spectators would complain that Ibrahim’s tactics were dirty, (from the clinch he would use his whole body to gain any advantage and try to wrestle Raul to the ground) this just spurred Llopis to try to keep Ibrahim at a distance, so that he could land his hard shots. At the end of a 4 round war, the judges all saw the fight in Favor of Raul Llopis, and awarding him the Shin Do Kumaté Lightweight Title.

The intermission saw the Carrollwood Black Belt Academy Demo Team, which has been a crowd favorite for many of the Shin Do Kumaté event, put on another great exhibition with the kids. Receiving a standing ovation, these kids are sure to have a bright future.

Shin Do Kumate X – Dan “Tanis” Rawlings vs. Armando Ramos

Armando Ramos - Muay Thai ChampionThe first fight after the intermission saw local fighter Dan ” Tanis ” Rawlings (9−2) of Team GriffonRawl in Brookesville, FL against Team Fairtex fighter Armando Ramos (12−2) of San Francisco, CA . This fight was a great technical battle. Ramos’ aggressive style was countered very well by Rawlings, whose movement and timing set the stage for some beautiful counter combinations. It seems throughout the whole fight that Ramos wasn’t really able to get his momentum quite going. Rawlings was on point the whole night and was able to take the win via Judges Decision after 4 rounds.

Shin Do Kumate X – Kate Meehan vs. Emily Beardon

In the last female fight of the night, Kate Meehan (4−0) of the MKM Elite Fight Team from Denver, CO stepped in against Emily Beardon, who was making her pro debut, from 5 Points Fitness in New York City, NY . Kate and Emily had fought before, with Emily winning that fight while they were both in the amateur ranks. Now they are both pro and Kate was looking for some Redemption of her own, but sadly was not to find it on this night. Through out all 4 rounds, Bearden was able to use her front kicks to effect, keeping Meehan at a distance and slowing down the usually active physically fit fighter known as “The Killer.” Both ladies fought with all their effort, but the night belonged to Bearden. Being able to control the pace of the fight and not letting Kate get into a rhythm, Emily Bearden won the fight on a Unanimous Judges Decision after 4 rounds.

Shin Do Kumate X – vs. Anthony “Hitman” Brown

Anthony "Hitman" Brown vs Tofan Pirani at Shin Do Kumate XITofan Pirani (23−2) of the MKM elite Fight Team from Sweden took on Anthony “Hitman” Brown (15−1) of Master Toddy’s in Las Vegas, NV . This was the 2nd fight of the night with full Thai rules, and the crowd was electric with anticipation. Both fighters came down the stage taking their time and dancing to their entrance songs. Once both fighters were in the ring, it became all business. At 6’3, it seemed that Tofan Pirani towered over the 6’0 Anthony Brown. Always known as a slow starter, Anthony Brown came out very conservatively. Pirani used that to his advantage and began to bring the action….and he brought it heavy. With the crowd on their feet the whole round, Pirani continually pushed his way inside and began dropping some heavy elbows and knees. Not being able to mount an offense, Brown was forced to cover up once Pirani got inside and let the ref break them apart. With the first round securely for Pirani, the crowd was in a frenzy for the second round to begin. Then suddenly, the referee called the fight off. After a few moments of confusion, it was found out that Tofan Pirani could not continue because he had fractured his fibula, otherwise known as the shin bone! Later that night it was revealed that Pirani had previously injured that same shin the week before and it fractured when he threw a low kick in which Anthony Brown checked with his knee. With Pirani not able to answer the bell for the second round, Anthony Brown won the Shin Do Kumaté Super Middleweight Belt by TKO.

Shin Do Kumate X – Rick “The Jet” Roufus vs. Gary “Smiler” Turner

Rick Roufus vs Gary TurnerThe crowd has been electric all night, but now with the Main event starting, the atmosphere became indescribable. 7,000 fight fans waiting for the last fight of the night. Originally, Master Mehrdad Moayedi of St. Petersburg, FL and founder of MKM Knockout Promotions was supposed to fight Rick Roufus in a rematch of their March fight, but due to a knee injury sustained from that fight, Moayedi had to step down. However, he was still ringside to lend his expertise as a commentator, along with female Muay Thai fighter Christine Toledo.

Rick “The Jet” Roufus (62−8), Former K−1 USA Champion and winner of 6 different championships in 6 different weight classes, stepped into the ring across from Gary “Smiler” Turner (27−9) of Team Gary Turner from Farnborough England and 10 time World Champion. From first meeting Gary Turner the day before the weigh in, it became apparent very quickly on how he came by his nickname. Always cheerful and always with a smile on his face, even during the weigh in when squaring off against Roufus, Turner was enjoying himself. He even got Rick Roufus to smile during the weigh in stare down! This has been a match up that has been long over due for Gary Turner. They were supposed to fight years ago in Las Vegas, but due to medical problems, the fight was cancelled. Now it was time for this fight to happen, and what better place then the Main event on Shin Do Kumaté X. Roufus came well prepared, as he was moving fluidly, picking his shots, not standing toe to toe with the bigger fighter. Turner on the other hand countered Roufus’ style very well, allowing Roufus to dance around and countering him with heavy clubbing shots. Some of his right hands looked like they were coming from the back of the stadium, they were being thrown so hard! Halfway through the second round, Roufus cam in with a spinning back kick, only to be stuffed by Turner, which resulted in Roufus slipping to the canvas with Turner above him, arms spread wide, as if to say, ‘I’m still standing!” This fight was so close that the judges could not make a clear decision, so the fight was awarded a majority draw. Both fighters felt that they had done enough for the win, but neither disputed it.

Overall, it was another great event for MKM Knockout Promotions, who is steadily climbing the ladder to be recognized as one of the elite fighting organizations in North America . Shin Do Kumaté X will be aired on TVN Entertainment on Video on Demand starting September 30, 2006 . Call your local cable provider to order.

Shin Do Kumaté returns to the St. Pete Times Forum on December 8, 2006 with Shin Do Kumaté XI “Battle of the Heavyweights.” Purchase top world class Muay Thai fights online streaming at Strykerz.TV.

Shin Do Kumate X – Battle of the Heavyweights

September 9, 2006
St Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL
by: Joel Collins


Shin Do Kumate IX Fight Results Tampa, FL – On March 4, 2006, MKM Knockout Promotions, Inc brought their 9th event of the Shin Do Kumate IX to an energetic and frenzied sold out crowd at the Bob Martinez Sports Complex in the University of Tampa. Shin Do Kumate IX, Battle of the Warriors. Sponsored By Tiger beer, Women Kickboxing, Man-Magazine, Real Fight Gear, Bright House Networks, dazzled spectators with a great light and sound show and the most exciting fights to come to Florida in a long time. With such great fighters as Dan Rawlings , Stefan ButinBik , Kate Meehan, Rick Roufus and Master Mehrdad, this event was nothing short of spectacular.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #1 − Travis Crawford vs. Craig “The Hammer” Oxley

Shin Do Kumate IX Shin Do Kumate IX

In the first professional fight of the night, Craig “The Hammer” Oxley of the Wolf’s Den in Jacksonville , FL stepped into the ring against Travis Crawford of Diamond Dutchman/Griffon Rawl MuayThai of Tampa , FL. Both fighters came out very aggressive with Crawford going to the body with his kicks and Oxley using his boxing skills to his advantage, snapping back Crawford’s head with some good straight left hands. Crawford was using his knees inside the clinch, but Oxley was very effective in blocking them.

The fast tempo of the first round kept up for the rest of the fight. Neither fighter backing down but going toe to toe. Crawford used his knees relentlessly in the clench and Oxley repeatedly used his hands to make Crawford pay. During the later rounds, Crawford used his inside leg kicks to repeatedly knock Oxley to the ground, making the difference and giving Travis Crawford the hard fought decision.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #2 – Vivian “Machine Gun” Leung vs. Jenypher Lanthier

Shin Do Kumate IX - Vivian "Machine Gun" Leung vs. Jenypher Lanthier Shin Do Kumate IX - Vivian "Machine Gun" Leung vs. Jenypher Lanthier

In the 2nd pro fight of the night and making her professional debut, Vivian Leung of Scheer’s Martial Arts in Saskatoon , Canada , made short work of Jenypher Lanthier , representing Siam #1 in Toronto , Canada . At 1 minute into the first round, Leung fired off a rapid 1-2 combination followed by a crushing knee to the stomach of Lanthier, dropping her to the canvas and earning her first pro win by KO.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #3 – Dan Rawlings vs. Hiroshi “El Samurai” Takamatsu

Shin Do Kumate IX - Dawn Rawlings Shin Do Kumate IX - Dawn Rawlings

Dan Rawlings of GriffonRawl Muay Thai in Brooksville , FL came in against Hiroshi Takamatsu of Team Toro Muay Thai in Bolingbrook , IL . Rawlings entered the ring and performed the traditional Wai Kru / Ram Muay ceremony before the fight, bringing some tradition into his fight and the Shin Do Kumaté ring.

The fight started with both fighters feeling each other out and having very crisp and clean techniques. Rawlings was in control of the tempo and opened a cut over the left eye of Hiroshi in the first round. Rawlings kept pushing inside to work his hands and even got in a flying punch on Hiroshi against the ropes. At 1:30 into the second round, the referee stepped in to examine the cut and the ringside doctor found that Hiroshi was unable to continue, rendering the fight a No Contest, much to the dismay of Dan Rawlings and his corner.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #4 – Kate “The Killer” Meehan vs Mercedes Medina

Shin Do Kumate IX Shin Do Kumate IX

In the second female pro fight of the night, MKM Elite Fight Team Member Kate Meehan showed why she is one of the top female fighters in North America as she knocked out Mercedes Medina of Valdez Kickboxing in East LA with a blistering shin kick to the body at 1:54 into the 1st round. Kate Meehan is scheduled to fight on April 15th in Holland against Dutch Dynamo Soumia for the 54 kgs WPKL World Title and will be represented by Master Mehrdad and MKM Knockout Promotions, Inc.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #5 – Stefan “Shindent” ButinBik vs. Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepauprai

Shin Do Kumate IX - Ajahn Suchart vs. Stefan Butin BIk Shin Do Kumate IX - Stefan Butin Bik vs. Ajahn Suchart

The second to last fight saw Stefan ButinBik of USA Muay Thai in Crystal River, FL and the Shin Do Kumaté Male Lightweight Champion take on Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepauprai of Siam #1 in Toronto , Canada . Ajahn Suchart took this fight on less then 2 days notice when the original opponent, Christian Allen , ripped his ACL. When asked if he was ready to fight on such short notice, Ajahn Suchart replied with a smile and said, “I am always ready!” Ajahn Suchart is a former Lumpinee Stadium Champion and his last fight was a bare knuckle fight in his home country of Thailand . The fight started off with ButinBik being very cautious and circling constantly. Ajahn Suchart was very relaxed in the ring and even playing to the crowd, dropping his hands and shaking his body whenever ButinBik connected. ButinBik seemed a little uneasy as Ajahn Suchart continued to press his attack. Then out of nowhere the fighters clinched and Ajahn Suchart picked up ButinBik and body slammed him to the canvas! Apparently, the slam seemed to relax ButinBik as he was now able to move more agile and let his hands go. The crowd was definitely getting into the fight as the noise was almost deafening. ButinBik had an excellent game plan of constantly moving in and out and never staying in one place for too long, so as to not allow Ajahn Suchart to land his very powerful kicks. Even with his moving, Ajahn Suchart landed some strong kicks against ButinBik, which we later found out broke the skin on ButinBik’s hip, causing it to raise a nasty contusion and start to bleed. The 3rd round saw ButinBik become a lot more aggressive and catch the shin-kicks of Ajahn Suchart and then hitting him with a strong hook to the head dropping Ajahn Suchart to the canvas, rendering ButinBik a TKO.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #6 – Main Event – “Persian Warrior” Master Mehrdad vs. Rick “The Jet” Roufus

Shin Do Kumate IX - Master Mehrdad vs. Rick Roufus Shin Do Kumate IX - Rick Roufus vs. Master Mehrdad Shin Do Kumate IX

The crowd was explosive as the earlier fights had built up the anticipation for the main event between Master Mehrdad “The Persian Warrior” of St. Petersburg , FL and Rick “The Jet” Roufus of Tempe, AZ. There has been some animosity building up between the fighters as both of them assured everyone that at the end of the night, they will be victorious. The first round saw Roufus wanting to go toe to toe with the Persian Warrior until he took a couple of hard shin-kicks to the arms and legs. After that, Roufus seemed more cautious and reverted to his style of staying outside and peppering shots in to Master Mehrdad.

The 2nd round saw the Persian Warrior work his leg kicks and some hard kicks to the arms. Roufus was able to push in his left hand, timing the round kick from the Persian Warrior. Up to the third round, both fighters had knocked each other down earning opponents knockdowns and the tempo of the fight was increasing. Roufus was moving a lot more, trying to stick and move as Master Mehrdad, with a great look of determination on his face, was walking him down.

Once the 3rd round started, both fighters came out with no hesitation. Master Mehrdad continued to use his leg kicks, not letting Roufus get inside. Roufus was forced to stay outside and use his left hand. At 1:36 into the 3rd round, Master Mehrdad took a left hand to his shoulder while delivering a kick to the inside leg of The Jet. As Master Mehrdad stepped back, his left knee buckled under him and gave way. The referee saw the knee buckle and would not allow the Persian Warrior to continue, giving Roufus the win. This fight was packed with action and excitement and no one wanted to see it end the way it did.

On a special note from Master Mehrdad, he writes:

Shin Do Kumate IX

“I would like to thank Rick Roufus for coming to fight on our card. I respect him for stepping into the ring against me. I am not saying that I am the baddest fighter in the world, but after all my other opponents backed out, Rick Roufus stepped up and fought me. I wish him the best of luck in the upcoming K-1 USA and I look forward to the opportunity to fight him again at the St. Pete Times Forum. This rematch is pending the Jet’s outcome in K-1 and we will announce it in May once the contracts are signed.

I’d like to also thank Mr. Tofan Pirani of Sweden who flew in to train me for 10 days for the Roufus fight. Tofan will be fighting on our next card at the St. Pete Times Forum under full Muay Thai rules.

In the undercard bouts of the evening, even though they fight under the title of Amateurs, these fighters showed tremendous heart and true potential.

In the first Undercard bout, Maro Kim of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai in Orlando , FL stopped Chad Johnson of World Class Martial Arts in Tampa , FL in the 3 rd round with some devastating knee strikes to the stomach. Kim was in control of the whole fight and in the end Johnson couldn’t withstand the onslaught.

The next undercard bout saw local Amateur fighter Lars Letonoff of World Shin Do Kumaté Association under Master Mehrdad take out Gregorio Simmons of 360 Mixed Martial Arts in Daytona FL. A cut was opened up right above the left eye of Letonoff and once he smelled his own blood, he took the fight to Simmons, stopping him in the second round.

The last undercard bout of the evening saw Brian Sheaffer, who also fights under the banner of Master Mehrdad’s World Shin do Kumaté Association win a controversial decision over Brian Eckstein of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai in Orlando . The deciding factor of this fight was a knockdown in the first round when Sheaffer hit Eckstein on the side of the head with a powerful right hook.

On September 9th, 2006, you do not want to miss the biggest Muay Thai Event ever to hit North America as Shin Do Kumaté X, Championship Night”, comes to the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL.

You can catch the Shin Do Kumate IX on Pay Per View, Video on Demand, premiering on March 18th at Midnight.

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Muay Thai Bouts Shin Do Kumate VII Results
September 17th, 2005USFMarshallCenter,Tampa,FL
by: Joel Collins

September 17, 2005 – Tampa , Florida was filled with a night of concerts, sporting events, and entertainment, but Shin Do Kumaté VIII still pulled in a full house to witness action packed Professional and Amateur full-contact Martial Arts and Muay Thai bouts. These fights featured male and female fighters from the U.S and Canada.

Prior to kicking off the pro bouts, an announcement was made that the Florida State Boxing Commission wouldn’t allow James Sisco to fight against Master Mehrdad in the Heavyweight Main Event title fight. James Sisco showed up at the weigh-in the night prior with an air-cast on his left arm. He was the 4th opponent lined up to fight Master Mehrdad for this fight alone, and the 8th opponent to withdraw in the past 4 events. Nevertheless, the night was filled with excellent bouts and proved to be an eventful evening ending with Master Mehrdad’s fury, as he undoubtedly is “more than ready” to fight anybody who is willing to accept his challenge.


Muay Thai Bouts #1 Maro Kim vs. Dominique Simmons

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The first bout featured Maro Kim of Orlando, FL against Dominique Simmons of Daytona , FL. Simmons came into the fight almost 6 inches taller then Kim! The advantage made little difference to Kim however, who dominated the whole fight and finished the fight with a flying punch to Simmon’s head to win by TKO in the 3rd round. This bout got the crowd so pumped up, that the energy carried through to the last fight of the night.

Muay Thai Bouts #2 Natalie Keene vs. Casey Bohrman

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Next on the Card was an Amateur Middleweight Female Championship bout between Natalie Keene of Tampa , FL and Casey Bohrman of Philadelphia , PA. Natalie came out like a firecracker, throwing everything she had at Casey. She sure did stun Casey a few times and definitely won the first round, but by the start of the second round it was evident that she had nothing left. Casey Bohrman was able to hit her at will and inflict a ton of damage. Bohrman won the fight by unanimous decision and was awarded the belt. Although Natalie lost, she proved to be a true warrior by withstanding the continual blows and kept her hands up to not allow Casey the knockout she was going for.

Muay Thai Bouts #3 Vivian Leung vs. Emily Bearden


The last amateur fight had the crowd on their feet! Vivian Leung of Saskatchewan, Canada fought Emily Bearden of Brooklyn, NY for the Amateur Female Lightweight Championship. These female warriors pounded each other with everything they had for four rounds straight! Every time Vivian punched, Emily came right back with a kick. Each time Emily punched, Vivian punched harder. By the end of the fight, Emily Bearden looked like she had been through a battleground, and Vivian Leung’s left eye was swelling shut. The judges saw that although both fighters were battered, Vivian Leung had better exchanges and they awarded her the fight, along with the title. This was surely the most exciting fight of the night. We are all looking forward to seeing Vivian back for the February 25th card, where she will possibly face Sarah Ponce of Texas.

The Intermission between Amateurs and Pros showcased Carrollwood Black Belt Academy Martial Arts Demo Team of Tampa, FL, with head instructor Jean-Louis Miranda. The demo featured an outstanding kid’s performance to the song “Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting” followed by an exciting pad drill to Mortal Combat. Their performance got them a standing ovation.


Muay Thai Bouts #4 Shamal McMillian vs. Duane Hart

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The phenomenal Elaina Marrero sang the National Anthem to kick off the Shin Do Kumaté VIII Professional bouts. The first pro bout was between Shamal McMillian of Tampa, FL and Duane Hart who is also from Tampa. This was the shortest fight of the night, as Shamal knocked out Duane Hart with one brutal right hook to the head. Duane hit the canvas hard and was out cold for about one minute, which had the crowd on their feet wondering if he was okay.

Muay Thai Bouts #5 Travis Crawford vs. Ben Dauck

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The next fight of the night was between Travis Crawford of Tampa, FL and Ben Dauck of Hinsdale, IL. Both fighters looked good early on, but Travis Crawford was losing steam as the fight progressed and his corner was forced to stop the fight in the 3rd round, giving Ben Dauck the win by TKO.

Muay Thai Bouts #6 Michael Kuhn vs. Christopher Baten

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The third pro fight of the evening featured the big boys. Christopher Baten of Tampa, FL, who weighed in at 206 lbs, against Michael Kuhn of Reddington Beach, FL, who weighed in at 255 ¼ lbs! Both fighters came out determined to show they were the best heavyweight. Their exchanges often led to clinching and Kuhn throwing his opponent to the canvas. Halfway through the first round, Kuhn let go with a flurry of punches and a knee to the face of Baten. Unfazed Baten came back, and out of nowhere, hit Kuhn with a lunging right hand that knocked the bigger guy to the canvas and down for the 8 count. Christopher Baten won his first pro fight in exciting fashion.

Muay Thai Bouts #7 Kate Meehan vs. Jenypher Lanthier

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Shin Do Kumaté VIII ended with an explosive pro bout between MKM Elite Fighting Team member Kate Meehan of Denver, CO and Jenypher Lanthier of Toronto, Canada. These two ladies didn’t hold back, as they were fighting for the Shin Do Kumaté Female Lightweight Championship. The energy in the ring was felt by everyone! Kate Meehan has long been a crowd favorite, known for her inexhaustible energy and ability to throw kicks and punches for the whole fight. Round one started out with Meehan constantly moving and picking her shots. Lanthier did well to defend herself and dished out some of her own shots. When the second round started, it was apparent that Meehan had the upper hand in this bout. Meehan made it known that she was in total control of the fight. I have to give credit to Jenypher Lanthier though, she hung in there and showed great heart, but by the start of the fourth round, Lanthier couldn’t answer the bell, giving Kate Meehan the win and the title, accompanied by a confetti shower in the middle of the ring.

Overall, the night was a huge success. You won’t want to miss Shin Do Kumate IX scheduled for February 25, 2006 in Tampa, FL. Rick Roufus has been signed to fight Master Mehrdad “The Persian Warrior” in an explosive Heavyweight Main Event.

USF Tampa – Only in America could an Iranian foreigner arrive in America with barely more than change in his pocket, but a vision in his mind and in his heart, and in a few years time have a squadron of adoring students and fighters come from around the world to fight on his Kumate Full Contact Martial Arts fight cards.

If you love fighting action, there was plenty to be found at the recently held Kumate VII Search for the Ultimate Martial Arts Warrior, orchestrated by the ultimate master himself, Master Mehrdad of MKM Promotions out of St. Petersburg, FL.

The evening at USF Tampa, Florida began with three amatuer fights, but you never would have known it. Josan Kahn was the lightweight winner in his three round duel vs Brandon Clark, with plenty of kicks and punches and head gear flying off in the ring, and Josan with a take down sweep in the first round on Brandon.

Another set of lightweights featured the ferocious Mauro Kim as the winner in his three rounder vs. Alexander Fantuso. Both of these fighters lost their head gear on several occasions, with Kim taking down the much taller Fantuso in the first, second and third rounds.

Kim also drew blood from Alexander, but Fantuso kept coming back and made it through a standing eight count to the bell in the third round. Great fight guys! Congratulations to Kim and Josan and their trainer “Bobby” the Diamond Dutchman out of Orlando, FL.

The third fight of the evening saw the ladies come out and go at it with abandon for all three rounds, with Marilyn Vallejo drawing blood from the nose of Natalie “Bonecrusher” Keene, in the third and final round. Marilyn’s trip from Colorado was worth it, as she was declared the winner in a unanimous decision over St. Pete’s Keene.

USF Tampa - Tampa Muay Thai - Shin Do Kumate VII In the most bizarre, “Jerry Springerish” one-round match that I’ve ever seen, Duane Hart, of Tampa FL was declared the winner vs. Todd Cutler of Edgewater FL, when Cutler took a hard knee to the stomach from Hart and went down for a count and didn’t get back up.

The refstopped the fight, and then Cutler went berzerk! Todd actually ran across the ring and tackled Duane, and started punching him, with the ring officials climbing into the ring and pulling the heavyset Cutler off of Hart. I don’t know what Todd was thinking, but if you don’t get up before the 8 count, you’re out! (Maybe he thought it was 10?).

A tough act to follow after that excitement, but Thiago “The Pitbull” Araujo of Brazil in his fourth round unanimous decision win vs. Mikey Gomez lived up to his name and showed the crowd what they really wanted to see-combination
full contact martial arts Muy Thai style fighting, not football.

USF Tampa - Tampa Muay Thai - Shin Do Kumate VII - Thiago “The Pitbull” Araujo Thiago showed off his fighting skills against the much taller Gomez, who you would have thought had the advantage due to height, but that was not the case. “The Pitbull” was tenacious and was able to get in round after round of mixed combinations of kicks to the thighs, head kicks, and formidable boxing rights and left hook hits to Mikey, who, try as he might, just didn’t have
enough experience under his belt yet to ward off such a foe.

Thiago’s best friend, Paulo Barros, the former 2002 Muy Thai Brazilian Champion was also successful in his TKO win in the fourth round vs. opponent Hiroshi Takamatsu.

Paulo, with a formidable record of 20-1, 15KO’s, vs. Hiroshi’s 12-6, 7 KO’s, just annihilated Hiroshi, beginning with two first round knock-downs from his arsenal of head kicks and punches.

The second and third rounds were more of the same, with Paulo’s cat-like strikes so quick that Hiroshi’s attempt to throw a spinning backhand resulted in Barros getting in several punches and kicks to Takamatsu instead.

In the fourth and final round, Paulo set up Hiroshi with a big left to the body and pushed him into the ropes. Hiroshi comes off and steps right into two right shots, and then Paulo kicks Hiroshi to the forehead, then just stopped and turned and walked away, while motioning to the referee and the fight Doctor and pointing to Hiroshi.

Now, at first, all eyes were on Paulo when he walked away- what’s he doing? Then, the ref, the Doctor, and the crowd finally saw what he was pointing to-the bloody Hiroshi, who is standing there, and bleeding so profusely, it looks like a waterfall of blood streaming down his face and out of his mouth.

The fight was then stopped officially, but I was impressed to see that Paulo had the good sense and the heart to stop of his own accord. When I spoke with him with his best bud Thiago interpreting, he said he knew Hiroshi had enough and that it wasn’t necessary to do any further damage to him. Congratulations to the boys from Brazil on both of their wins!

The ladies fight featured dynamo Kate Meehan, another Colorado gal, in her fourth round win vs. Suzie Montero, from Miami, FL who had to drop a few pounds the night before to make weight.(Whew! Sure glad it wasn’t me! It would never happen!).

Now, both of these gals came out what I call “woman style”, nonstop kicking and punching action for the entire round, proving once again that the Ladies Rule! Believe me, if a woman gets in the ring to fight, she’s serious, and wants to win, this is not just a lark.

USF Tampa - Tampa Muay Thai - Shin Do Kumate VIII noticed Suzie had a bad habit of dropping her arms every time she kicks, and Kate noticed it too, and timed her punches, which she was able to get in on the wide open Suzie. By the third round the punches and kicks had taken their toll and Montero started to run out of gas.

In the fourth and final round, both started out with their kicks, but then Suzie ran completely out of gas and Meehan finished the round up with a big head shot kick. I wonder if Montero would have had more energy if she hadn’t had to lose those few pounds the night before? I’d like to see these two fight again. Congratulations to Kate and her corner team!

In the final match of the evening, Canadian Champion Trevor “TNT” Smandych, now at 19-2, 1 Draw and 9 KO’s, was judged the loser to Remy Bonnel, the French Muy Thai champion who is now 46-7, with 34KO’s.

The young Canadian, coached by Mike Miles, was the agressor in the ring for the ENTIRE fight, and executed the perfect offense and defense against the great Remi Bonnel, who was obviously taken by surprise at the kicks and punches he was on the receiving end of throughout all four rounds.

I knew right from the get go in round one, when both fighters took each other to the mat SIMULTANEOUSLY with their very first kicks, that this was going to be something special. The crowd gasped in astonishment, and the stunned look on Remi’s face said it all.

This was not just another opponent for Remi to kick away at round after round with his long, baseball bat legs, which he relies on, this was a well-rounded Muy Thai Warrior, worthy of this challenge. After their first kicks, both got up and went at it, with Trevor being the agressor for the rest of the round. A shocked Bonnel made his way to his corner.

Smandych owned the second and third rounds, with Bonnel going down to the mat in both rounds from the kicks and boxing hits of the stalking Canadian, who had Remi backing away from him in all four rounds.

Bonnel is trying to get in his renowned kicks, but is unable to on Smandych, who is fighting the most perfect fight I have ever seen. He is incredible, with his coach Mike Miles encouraging him throughout each round. How can he lose? What a team effort! Very Impressive!

In the fourth and final round, Remi finally got Trevor with a kick to the head that he walked into as he was being the agressor. Trevor looked just like the “Terminator” and kept right on going. (Maybe he needs to change his nickname from TNT to the “Terminator”).

I saw Bonnel was bleeding, something new for this crowd to see, too, I’m sure. Trevor kept up the barrage on Bonnel, getting him with a big left hook, and then both grabbed and knee kicked each other this round.

USF Tampa - Tampa Muay Thai - Shin Do Kumate VIIIn the end, however, I’m sorry to say that here in the US, the true winners skills were not recognized. I believe that in any other country that is more familiar with this Muy Thai style of fighting, that Trevor Smandych would have
won in a huge upset victory over the long legged Remi Bonnel, who was effectively shut down to a few kicks in four rounds of perfectly executed
technique by the Canadian Muy Thai Champ and his coach, Mike Miles.

In a follow up interview with Trevor, he said he and his coach also felt that they won this match, were very disappointed, and also agreed that they would expect a different outcome in another country.

Smandych also told me that he has already been contacted about coming back for a “rematch” against Bonnel in the upcoming September 17th Kumate VIII but hasn’t made a decision yet.

Will he come back to St. Pete (USF Tampa) or wait for Remi overseas? It’s too soon to tell, but either way, be prepared to see more great action in September at the next Kumate Full Contact Search for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior!

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