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Zebra Mats Sponsorship with Shin Do Kumate

World-Renowned Muay Thai Fight Promotion to Promote Zebra Mats Globally

Zebra Mats today announced that it has signed a one-year sponsorship agreement with the world renowned Muay Thai fight promotion MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC. Through this relationship, which officially began on July 1, 2010, Zebra Mats will appear in MKM events and campaigns and be marketed by the company to promote the Zebra Mats brand throughout the world. Master Mehrdad Moayedi, the CEO and founder of MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC personally endorses Zebra Mats
throughout his Martial Arts training career and fitness center, and will draw on his keen interest in the safety and durability of the product to actively collaborate in their promotion.

“As a global leader in the martial arts flooring industry, Zebra Mats is delighted to welcome MKM Knockout Promotions as a ‘brand ambassador’ who can reach and connect with audiences around the world,” said Chuck Blanski, Founder and CEO, Zebra Mats. “MKM’s televised programs have legions of fans representing diverse cultures and interests, and are especially popular in the Muay Thai and traditional Martial Arts industry. The organization is uniquely positioned to introduce a wide range of Zebra products that suit new and old generations of Martial Arts schools and practitioners. With this campaign, we are extending an exclusive discount to any clients that mention Shin Do Kumaté with their purchase.”

Chuck Blanski is a pioneer in martial arts flooring and has been influential in the industry for over fifteen years. Zebra Mats is recognized as a top quality mat for all martial arts disciplines and has been the mat of choice for many major competition tournaments and seminars nationwide such as ATA National Tournaments, Arnold Martial Arts Festival, Disney Martial Arts, Gracie BJJ World Championships, Aiki Expo, US Open Judo, and USA Judo Junior Olympics.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent Zebra Mats and its products,” said Master Mehrdad. “I am a long-time business owner of Martial Arts schools and promoter of fighting events, and am looking forward to the opportunity to introduce and brand such a high quality product that is safe and robust. As we embark on a new schedule of televised events within the U.S., and then distribute the programming worldwide, Zebra Mats will receive the recognition and branding that will be seen by millions of fans for years to come through the rebroadcast and continued distribution via its multiple media outlets.

As a traditional martial artist, professional fighter, and martial arts dojo owner since 1992, Master Mehrdad is working hard to bring industry support to the sport of Muay Thai and all disciplines of Martial Arts, as it is very important to unite supporters for the sake of growing the sport in North America. Master Mehrdad has a passion and desire to help children around the world and uses his television programming to endorse Fighting For Children, Inc., a nonprofit organization he supports via all events.

About MKM Knockout Promotions

MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC is a leading producer of amateur and professional Muay Thai fighting events titled Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classics and Shin Do Kumaté. All events are produced for television and distributed via multiple media channels worldwide. Founded in 2002 by Master Mehrdad Moayedi, the company has entered into global territories providing media content to millions of homes around the world. MKM is uniquely positioned to be the leading sports and entertainment company in North America, as it is the only organization producing striking fighting events for television in the U.S.

Zebra Mats Signs Sponsorship Contract with

MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC

MKM website: www.mkmfights.com / Zebra Mats website: www.zebramats.com



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