Wyndstorm Partnership with Shin Do Kumate Fight Series

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WYNDSTORM CORPORATION AND STRYKERZ.TV ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP. Wyndstorm and Strykerz.tv have joined together to form the biggest Muay Thai, Shin Do Kumaté and Martial Arts community available online

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 12, 2010) – Wyndstorm Corporation, a company of “Social Media Architects,” who specialize
in building social experiences for clients have joined forces with Strykerz.tv to form the biggest Muay Thai / Shin Do Kumaté and Martial Arts community online. Strykerz.tv is the brainchild of Shin Do Kumaté Heavyweight Champion Master Mehrdad and seeks to provide fans with live-streaming and PPV Muay Thai and Martial Arts fights. Muay Thai and Martial Arts fans will finally have a destination to connect with other fans and receive up to date information on industry news.

Muay Thai originated with the Thai people and far east as a hands-on, close combat style used on the battlefield.
The art form is engrained within the traditions of Thai lifestyle and has passed from generation to generation. It has been a combat style and beloved sporting pastime for six centuries. Steeped rich in tradition, today’s Muay Thai warriors continue to practice this century’s old, skillful fighting style. Once only a favorite pastime of Thailand, Muay Thai is quickly gaining a massive base of devoted fans and fighters from around the globe. The distribution of Shin Do Kumaté is also growing at a record speed due to the extraordinary caliber of male and female fighters and explosive knockout bouts. The Shin Do Kumaté brand was formed by Master Mehrdad and is currently the world’s leading professional Thai Boxing event produced for television.

Master Mehrdad who has practiced traditional Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Persian Kushti Kaj his entire youth founded
his own traditional professional fighting organization in 2002 and amateur Muay Thai Classic event in 1995 in a quest to bring together the most skillful fighters and masters. Master Mehrdad is thrilled to be able to partner with Wyndstorm to build a stronger community among Muay Thai and Martial Arts Fans. “Wyndstorm offers a unique solution I haven’t
been able to find elsewhere,” said Master Mehrdad. “Their combination of web development expertise and smart community management and social media marketing is going to provide a haven for Muay Thai and Martial Arts fans.”

“Wyndstorm could not be happier to announce a partnership with Strykerz.tv,” said President and CEO of Wyndstorm, Marian Sabety. “Strykerz.tv will showcase our ability to take a client to the next level via our community management and social
media marketing expertise.”

For additional information about Strykerz.tv and Master Mehrdad visit strykerz.tv. For information about upcoming fights including Master Mehrdad’s Thai Classic XXIV fight on Saturday, May 15th visit strykerz.tv or call (727) 573 – 8533.

About Strykerz.tv

Strykerz.TV (www.strykerz.TV) is the online presence for MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC. MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC is a professional and amateur fight promotion and entertainment company. It was formed in 2002 to promote all Shin Do Kumaté fighting events, which are held 6 times per year. The Shin Do Kumaté brand is the world’s leading professional Thai Boxing event produced for television. Owned and operated by MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Shin Do Kumate fight programs feature six events annually on Pay Per View and Video On Demand through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its pay television platform, Shin Do Kumate fight programs are distributed throughout the world in multiple international markets such as New Zealand, Australia, Germany, England, Korea, Israel, Romania, Africa, Middle East, Canada, and South America. The distribution of Shin Do Kumate is growing at record speed
due to the extraordinary caliber of fighters and explosive knockout bouts.

About Wyndstorm Corporation

Wyndstorm Corporation is a company of social media architects who provide integrated social media experiences for clients that range from non-profit advocacy organizations to boxing syndicates. Wyndstorm primarily develops web-based applications that include gaming, wireless messaging, social network deployment, social media marketing, online consumer entertainment and large-scale consumer marketing programs. Wyndstorm continues to stay on the forefront of technology by advancing their technical capabilities constantly. New advances include talking avatars, streaming video, 3-D virtual worlds, user-targeted multi-media push, music/video downloading, and ASCAP royalty tracking. These capabilities are what effectively make Wyndstorm three agencies (advertising, public relations and marketing) in one. Wyndstorm Corporation trades on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol WYND. For more information, go to www.wyndstorm.com.



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