Michael Stripling vs Chris Burgett - Shin Do Kuamte XVII

Strykerz presents Top World-Class fighters at Shin Do Kumate XVII this Saturday at 7pm at the Bradenton Area Convention Center – The Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior features high caliber professional Muay Thai fighters such as Cyrus Washington, Alex Berrios, Tony Leone, Pedro Cassoma and more.

Experience an exciting night filled with technical skills and knockouts. Strykerz Shin Do Kumate XVII brings  a new element to the combat sports world that MMA cannot bring to the arena. The co-main event is an anticipated grudge match between Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington, a fighter with over 100 fights, and Alex Berrios, another high caliber Muay Thai fighter from Tampa, Florida. The main event features Tony Leone vs. Pedro Cassoma, two highly talented strikers, whose hunger for the win will generate a climatic finale to the show.

Some of the most popular combat sports today are Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, wrestling, Judo, and mixed martial arts. Shin Do Kumate XVII offers an all pro bout card with a tremendous line up, this will be a great opportunity for fight fans who have yet to experience the true art and culture of Muay Thai and to watch it full force at a professional level. Muay Thai as a combat sport is the art of 8 limbs (8 points of contact). In addition to the jab and cross, there is also the left and right knees, elbow strikes, and leg kicks. In Muay Thai there is no ground fighting or grappling, just striking and clinches.

You can watch this exciting combat sport live if you live in the Tampa Bay or Manatee County area in Florida. This event is also available live Pay Per View via FITE TV internationally. Purchase Strykerz Pay-Per-View for $14.95. Click Here To Watch Shin Do Kumate XVII.

“We Don’t Tap Out, We Knock-Out”.


Strykerz Shin Do Kumate XVII - Top World-Class Muay Thai Fighter - Combat Sports Pay Per View Fight

John "Musclebot" Rivera - Muay Thai fighter and Boxing Instructor - John Rivera

John Rivera is not new to the ring. He has a vast amount of experience as strikers and Muay Thai fighters.  He has fought over 135 matches in the ring. His skill, determination, and passion has mold him to take on any difficult challenge. He is not just a Muay Thai fighter, he is also a boxing instructor, and personal trainer. John Rivera will be participating in future Shin Do Kumate events, and his charisma will bring fans of Muay Thai to the ring.

John Rivera Fight Record

John Rivera- Pro Record: 26-4
Amateur record: 99-10

What attracted John Rivera to Muay Thai?

I was first introduced into Muay Thai by my original Coach Steve Bruno of American Top Team Coconut Creek – This individual transformed me into a machine. There was no stopping of goals nor training he’s pushed me to limits above and beyond life’s imagination then along came along my 1st Kru. Kru Rungmueangnook Chutiphat aka Master Cha he took me as his personal disciple and believe you me I did not truly know what a disciple was until I met Master Cha. He would train for hours on end and I’m talking about 2-3 hrs straight. I felt his love and passion for this beloved art and so did I. Once my Kru left the state of Florida I regained another teach by the name of Alan Bowonthamachakr. He bestows humility, kindness to the art of Muay Thai which I dearly love. For him I give my solitude in holding the pride of Muay Thai.

Tell us about John Rivera (single/married, kids, career, hobbies).

I’m a full time boxing instructor and personal training. I work at title boxing club Nashville and help people get in shape. I fight professional Muay Thai on the side and also train full time.

What surprises people about you?

My fight name stands for it’s self – John “The Musclebot” Rivera – The Musclebot signifies a Machine of Muscle that does not know when to stop or how to stop. I just keep going and going even at my present age probably you can say senior version of the Energizer Bunny – lol…..

How long have you been training in Muay Thai?

I’ve been training in Muay Thai since 2007 when I first came to Florida so you can actually say approximately 9 yrs.

What drives and motivates you as you train for your fight and what is it about Muay Thai that inspires you?

My family – MOM & DAD they have always been my inspiration they’ve been through so much in life and the changes that I’ve made has made them proud of me. I have turned negatives into positives and what parent wouldn’t want that for their children. I’ve always been a surviving fighter in life’s ordeal and one thing I can actually say not once have I given up. For my parents never gave up on raising us children so why should I give up on them.

What are your goals?

My goals are to help others achieve the unachievable. We tend to stop short of what and who we truly are before we actually begin. I just want to show others that if you have the will to do something that there is nobody in God’s world that can stop you from reaching your goal. I want no fame, no glory just a humble smile in knowing that I’ve pushed other’s to be whatever they wanted to be in life….

How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

Muay Thai has made me more humble and to see the tranquility of life’s offerings is what I might say is priceless. The beauty of Muay Thai has transformed me into more of a spiritual individual for Muay Thai is about peace not about constant battle nor ego. For ego and battle are the twines of darkness. I thrive to the white light and the path of clear thought of humility, justice and peace.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Well that I love to dance at any given moment as soon as I hear some Salsa Music. And I’m always a clown and practical joker especially when training….

DJ Miller is a great Muay Thai fighter, that will be fighting in future Shin Do Kumate tournaments. His skill, determination, and passion has prepare him to take on any new challenge. He has a vast amount of experience  in striking and a career in the art of 8 limbs. D.J. Miller created a lifestyle that allows him to immerse himself in the sport of Muay Thai. Since the first time that D.J. stepped foot in a Muay Thai gym and fighting ring, he knew that Muay Thai was going to become a lifestyle.

Below is his fight record, interview and highlights.

DJ Miller Fight Record

DJ Miller – Pro Record: 2-1 with 2 ko’s at 155lbs.
Amateur record: 26-6

Title: 13 – Two time Team USA fighter competing in Brazil and Canada.

What attracted DJ Miller to Muay Thai?

I watched a movie about it “The Protector” and I never really was interested in mma. Muay Thai is more than a sport, it has culture and tradition

Tell us about yourself (single/married, kids, career, hobbies).

I’m a full time boxing instructor and personal training. I work at title boxing club Nashville and help people get in shape. I fight professional muay thai on the side and also train full time.

What surprises people about you?

My sense of humor and kindness.

How long have you been training in Muay Thai?

Been training since 2008

What drives and motivates you as you train for your fight and what is it about Muay Thai that inspires you?

My teammates and fans motivate me. They always expect nothing less of the best from me.

What are your goals?

To be one of the greatest American fighters if all time.

How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

It gave me self esteem and confidence. I was a victim of high school bullying.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I’m right handed but I fight as a southpaw.

MMA Fight Fans
MMA Fight Fans Attending Muay Thai Fights. On UFC Fight Night? Saturday, August 20th is THE night for fight fans. Interestingly, instead of MMA fight fans heading to the nearest sports bar to watch the UFC Pay Per View broadcast, they’re buying up tickets to Strykerz Muay Thai fights.  This is good news for the Muay Thai industry. It’s becoming clear that fight fans are now steering towards a new style of fighting… the Art of Eight Limbs.

Shin Do Kumaté Strykerz is an all pro bout card featuring top world-class Muay Thai fighters. The upcoming fighter line up includes Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington vs Alex Berrios. Both of these high caliber Muay Thai fighters have trained in Thailand and have an extensive fight record competing in amateur fights along with having strong pro fight records. This will be a bout that will go down in history in the international Muay Thai community, as word has it that this may be a grudge match between their fight camps. Other strong fighters on the Strykerz fight card include Tony Leone, Pedro Cassoma, John Morehouse, Vince McGuinness, Michael Stripling, Johncy Lindor, and many more. Total bouts of the nights are 9 bouts.

MMA Fight Fans Are Drawn To Stand Up Elbow Fights

MMA fight fans are evidently drawn to full contact stand up fights with elbows. August 20th Strykerz bouts will be a test of technique, striking skills, knees, and elbows to the head and body. The Shin Do Kumate slogan “We Don’t Tap Out, We Knockout” is finally turning heads.

Local papers are including write ups. Here’s an article David Wilson from Bradenton Herald title Muay Thai Coming to Local Ring. For tickets to the August 20th live event at the Bradenton Area Convention Center, visit ShinDoKumate.com

Alex Berrios using a Muay Thai Technqiue

Alex Berrios will be fighting on Shin Do Kumate XVII. He will be facing no other than an experience and well known Muay Thai fighter Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington. The event will be taking place at Bradenton Area Convention Center. The date of the event is August 20th at 7pm. This fight will show the determination, passion, and skill that these two Top World-Class fighter have attain. Tickets are on Sale Now!

What attracted Alex Berrios to Muay Thai?

As a child I always looked up to boxers. When my family moved to East Asia, my father would tell me stories about Thai boxing on his travels to Thailand. It seemed like something out of reach and too hard for most people. I love the fact that I can compete in an art that I hold to such high esteem.

Tell us about yourself (single/married, kids, career, hobbies).

No children yet, and unmarried. Which leaves me with more time to tinker with my motorcycle, spend hours in the gym and hobbies including flying airplanes, learning computer programming, trail biking, and cooking. I really enjoy my day job as a mechanical engineer. I love that I design products thousands and thousands of people use everyday and overseeing the manufacture of my designs with a great company.

What surprises people about Alex Berrios?

I am very optimistic and fun loving. People would probably be surprised to learn that I am a full-time mechanical engineer and an instrument rated private pilot.

How long have you been training in Muay Thai?

I have been training Muay Thai since 2005.

What drives and motivates you as you train for your fight and what is it about Muay Thai that inspires you?

I am driven by the fact that I have one life to live and training muay Thai is the closest I can imagine coming to reaching my fullest potential as an athlete. There is a satisfaction and zen-like therapy associated with devoting myself to maximizing my abilities as a Thai boxer in the training for a fight. The benefits are manifest in every aspect of my life.

What are Alex Berrios goals?

Glory is seductive. It takes an ambitious person to devote themselves to fighting muay Thai in America for a tiny fraction paid to other professional sports that don’t work as hard or don’t have as much of their health on the line. I want to be a household name for my fighting achievements in this pioneer environment.

How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

I’ve never been more challenged physically and mentally than training and fighting in Muay Thai. It has enriched my understanding of myself. I used to think that things were inaccessible to me before I started fighting and now I have a supreme confidence in myself, probably to a fault. But I feel it has made me a respectful and happy human.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Fun fact: I lived in Puerto Rico right before moving to Japan where I learn to fly airplanes on a military base. I can speak English and Spanish and conversational Japanese. Okay so maybe more than one fact in there 🙂

Cyrus Washington with the Fight Academy

Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington Ranked #8 in the World is Making a Statement at Shin Do Kumate XVII Fighting Against Alex Berrios

Top World Class Fighter – Cyrus Washington is ready to win his bout at Shin Do Kumate XVII versus non other than another Top World Class fighter. Alex Berrios a multiple title holder and well rounded  Muay Thai fighter representing Tampa Muay Thai. This match will take place at the Bradenton Area Convention Center on August 20th, 2016. Tickets are also available at Ticketmaster and Strykerz.com. For military, student, and city employee discounts, contact our corporate office at (727)573-8533. This match will determine who is ready for the Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior.


Top World Class Fighter – Cyrus Washington aka Black Dynamite

Top World Class Fighter - Cyrus Washington - Muay Thai Ranked #8 in the world Black Dynamite – Cyrus Washington who is currently ranked # 2 in the US and # 8 in the world. ‘Black Dynamite’ has won various titles which include the WKA world championship, WMF Intercontinental Championship, Bare knuckle Championship in Myanmar and is a Former US WBC Super Middleweight Champ.

“My background in traditional martial arts has made me who I am today. As far as my wins by knock outs, which I do have a lot of knock outs from a back kick, which is not really a part of Muay Thai, but all the hard work and dedication to the sport. All the hundreds of kicks I throw a day, the Knees & Teeps, that is what I feel has moulded me in to the fighter I am today.”

Cyrus Washington’s accomplishments:

  • Black belt in WTF Taekwondo
  • Myanmar/Burma Bare knuckle Champion
  • 2 time PK-1 international champion
  • 1 time WPMF champion
  • Fought in Kings Birthday/cup 2008,2009
  • Queens birthday 2009
  • Toyota tournament 2010
  • Enfusion Kickboxing Reality muay thai Series
  • The challanger Reality muay thai series
  • The list of countries Cyrus has competed in includes; Suriname, America,
  • Australia, Russia, China, Thailand, Uzbekastan, Hongkong, Malaysia,
  • Myanmar/Burma

Additionally Washington ‘Black Dynamite’ has competed against some of the biggest names in the sport, including Jomhod Kiatadisak, Cosmo Alexander, Kaoklai kaennorsing, Nieky holzken and more.

About Top World Class Fighter – Cyrus Washington

I started Kenpo karate at around 5 years old with a friend of my moms who was into it and had been doing it a while. I was hooked even before that because I loved martial arts flicks; yes the wing chun kung fu ones. At 10 years old I was signed up as a birthday gift into WTF taekwondo and did that for 3 years – obtained my first degree black belt. After that my focus was split somewhat on girls, the streets and school sports (which I was always an above average athlete so regular sports were easy). In 7th grade i remember we did that thing where they say: “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” my answer was clear – “kickboxer”.

During this time my uncles (all 3) were boxers and one was a former pro boxer, he taught me to box – just the basics and then in 12th grade I started boxing at a local community center for about a couple months. I did more boxing about 5 years later and an amature boxing match which I won.

I did alot of training with a guy who “suggested” I could be ready for K-1 max in a year but he was full of shit – and was making money off me. This was my first lesson in the fight game and doing things for yourself.

While in school and then after school was finished i was getting into trouble like my peers and that was just normal for us, in our lives.
I got in to lots of trouble got sent to the Handlon Michigan Training unit for a while ,it was a place for troubled young men, got there and at first I was on the same path until after a while I started to change and realized there was a whole different world out there that I didn’t know about and wanted to check out. I decide K-1 was what I wanted to do, to be with the big boys. At this time I was 202 lbs from eating good meals and going to college and lifting like an animal. I could squat 505 lbs for 2 reps,real squats not half way or sissy squats.

I got home in 2005 turned pro in 2006 and have been in Thailand Fighting for the past 3 years. Ive had over 50 pro fights now and still have a lot to achieve and more fights to have. I am 43 wins 13 loses in Pro Muay Thai career – Including Fights at the Kings Cup, Bangkok and even Bare Knuckle fights in Burma (won a bare knuckle Burmese fight championship title),2-time wpmf pk-1 international champion.

Stephen Cummins vs Vincent McGuinnes - Shin Do Kumate XVI

In this great Friday evening, various dreams and goals will clash in battle at Shin Do Kumate XVI Return of Ancient Ones. You could feel the passion, drive, and dreams of all the fighters and strikers present at the Bradenton Convention Center. All fighters had a great story, one of which that made a strong impression was Skyler Hastings. He was fighting for more than himself. He was fighting for his family, and future child. Skylar’s girlfriend was giving birth to their first child the very night Skylar made his Pro debut. Any other fighter would have canceled the fight, but Skyler did the opposite. He showed his professionalism as a fighter and attended the fight using his family as motivation to give all he had. His match was full of passion and heart.

He wasn’t the only fighter that had great respect. All the fighters this evening had an aura of respect and professionalism. It was great to see martial arts used as a way to become a stronger individual. Here is a recap of the bouts.

Before any bout took place, we were gifted to listen to a great artist (Elena) sing the American Anthem.

Jimmy Alexander vs Mitchel Chamale - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 1 – Jimmy Alexander vs Mitchell Chamale

This was the fastest bout of the night. The bout clock in at 58 seconds. This bout started with Mitchell energized introduction. You could see the energy and passion that this man had for this fight. In the other spectrum his rival Jimmy had a more passive approach.

The fighters both train in various Martial Arts techniques. Mitchell is a professional MMA Fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner who trains out of Tough as Nails in Oviedo, FL and Jimmy is a professional striker.

The fight started with Mitchell approaching Jimmy and using various low kick attacks; however, Jimmy’s strategy was relying on zoning Mitchell with strong strikes to the body and face. Jimmy mis-calculated Mitchell’s approach causing him not to block the first combination by Mitchell. At the 45 second mark.

In round 1, he attacked Jimmy with a high kick to the face. The kick connected and damaged Jimmy’s eye causing him to temporarily lose his concentration, balance, and vision.

The fight was stopped and Mitchell was declared the winner by TKO.

Amos vs Johncy Lindor - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Amos Vs Lindor - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 2 – Amos Merriweather vs Johncy Lindor

This fight started with Amos showing a lot of vitality and energy. Johncy’s entrance portrayed a high amount of confidence and strength. Amos tried in the first round using his unique fighting style to overwhelm Johncy, but he didn’t let it phase him and he took a defensive stance in order to wall Amos and tire him out. Amos realizing that the opponent was a threat, decided to taunt Johncy and bring him out of his focus; however, the taunting didn’t work and he stayed with his game-plan. Amos was able to land more blows and a surprise jump roundhouse kick on Johncy. The crowd went wild when the kick landed and shook Johncy strategy for a time.

Johncy decided to stay with the plan and kept the same pace at the end of the round Amos went for another jump kick, but this time he got countered throwing him off causing damage to his stamina & mobility.  Round two started with both fighters meeting each other with jump kicks and trading hits. Amos took the most damage from the trade and started to tire out.

Johncy took advantage and landed multiple hits and knees to the body. Round 3 started with Amos rushing Johncy and showing that he still had energy to out maneuver him. The adrenaline rush didn’t last enough and Johncy wins the match with a 3rd knockdown caused by a haymaker giving him a TKO.

Jason Valles vs Michael Strippling
Jason Valles vs Michael Strippling - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 3 – Jason Valles vs Michale Strippling

Both fighters had respect for each other’s traditional introduction and showed great sportsmanship. This is the first fight of the night to go all the way through three rounds. Round one is all about learning each other’s weaknesses and strength. By the end of the round Michael realized that his reach gives him a big advantage over Jason. He shifts his strategy into grabs and strong knee strikes to the body. Round two Michael utilizes his strategy and takes full advantage landing damaging blows to Jason.

By round three Jason realizes Michael’s game-plan, and decide to start moving more and counter attacking Michael’s grab attempts. He is able to thwart few attempts, but his exhaustion gets the best of him and Michael lands more knee strikes. The match ends with Michael Strippling winning by Unanimous decision.

Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin
Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 4 – Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin

This fight brought to the ring a crowd favorite, Skylar Hastings. He walked out into the arena surrounded by family and friends waiting to cheer him on. Skyler was fighting an Ace Combatant from Georgia, Joey “The Prodigy” Mullin. Round one starts with both fighters testing each other habits. Which turns into Joey grabbing Hastings into a clinch but, kept getting separated by the referee since he wasn’t kneeing the opponent.

He seems to be unfamiliar with the striking ideology in Shin Do Kumate. But he keeps up his aggressive maneuvers which kept Skylar from utilizing his technique. Round two starts and Skylar goes for more kicks in order to gain distance and damage Joey. Every attack by Skyler was countered by Joey’s tenacious and smart strategy.

As Skylar starts to tire out Joey takes that advantage to gain control of the second round. In round three Skyler starts with tremendous amount of energy trying to win the last and final round. With his fans cheering him on, he pushes himself to end the fight on a strong note. While Skylar put on an amazing show it was not enough to win the judges and Joey Mullin was the winner by unanimous decision.

Tony Leone Vs John MoreHouse - Tony Leone Vs John MoreHouse - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Tony Leone vs John Morehouse

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 5 – Tony Leone vs John Morehouse

This was one of the most exciting and full of action fight of the evening. The fight was between John Morehouse a Tae Kwon Do practitioner and Tony Leone a Muay Thai practitioner. Both of the fighters start with defensive approaches, every time Tony strikes John will be out of the way not letting Tony come close to him. Tony took an aggressive and assertive approach; however, this approach caused Tony to have a two point deduction by accidentally kneeing John Morehouse’s face as his knee hits the canvas, which is not allowed in Shin Do Kumate rules. Tony takes back the fight by landing a jab knee combo by the end of the round, but this combo wasn’t enough for him to win this round. Round two starts with both fighters trying to get in and be first. Halfway through the round John starts picking his spot and counter attacking Tony strikes. He starts landing more blows as Tony stamina starts decreasing; however, Tony was able to land a strong clean hit on John

Due to Tony winning that round John decide to strength his defense and land more counter attacks for round 3. Half way through round three Tony lands a strong overhead blow on John. This causes a retreat action and John decides to take a step back and take a breather by running into the other corner. Tony follows John and keeps controlling the pace of the match. Last 10 seconds of the fight, the first scramble ensues and the winner of the fight by unanimous decision is Tony. It was an even fight with two point difference.

Kendrick Miree vs Bogdan Moroz - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 6 – Kendrick Miree vs Bogdan Moroz

This was the second shortest fight of the night and the first fight with blood. The match starts with full force aggressive approach by both fighters. They trade with knees, strikes, and elbows. In one of the trades Miree was able to corner Bogdan and connect multiple elbow strikes. This causes Bogdan to lose concentration and loss to much blood. The winner of the fight was Kendrick Miree by TKO. The fight lasted 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Lloy Walton Vs Warren Thompson - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Lloyd Walton vs Warren Thompson

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 7 – Co-main Event – Lloyd Walton vs Warren Thompson

Both fighters were respectable and had their rituals at introduction. Both of the fighters welcome each other and salute their coach.

Lloyd kept his distance by using his jabs and low inside leg kicks. This technique was keep Warren far enough away from him so Warren could not land any heavy hits and stun him early in round one. The first fight was a slow one letting each fighter get use to each other fighting style.

Round two starts with a corner trap by Warren, this gives him the lead at the beginning of the round. Lloyd trying to get the round back, goes for a kick, but now he is the one that gets blocked and hit with Warren’s counter attack. Warren is blocking every attempt that Lloyd takes. At the end of the round Warren goes for a strong double kick, but gets blocked as the bell rings. Round three begins with Warren taking the aggressive approach instead, he starts mixing up his kicks and jabs.

Lloyd goes for a high kick, and he misses. Thompson takes the chance and lands a strong mid kick to Lloyd’s body. They both go for a grapple and Lloyd gets the first hold, but they clash with knees. The match ends pretty even and full of suspense.

The winner is Warren Thompson.

Stephen Cummins vs. Vincent McGuinnes - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Stephen Cummins vs Vincent McGuinnes

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 8 – Main Event – Stephen Cummings vs Vincent McGuinnes

Before the Main Event Master Mehrdad took the opportunity to give a speech about the sport of striking, how every fighter is a star, and thanking everyone for their support of the show. He goes on to say that he believes Shin Do Kumate is destined for wonderful things. As Master Mehrdad steps out of the ring, the ring announcer calls out the Main Event fighters of the night.

Both fighters are excited and are in top shape. This is a fight between New York and Florida. The crowd is behind the Florida fighter fighting out of Tampa and cheer him on through the fight.

Right from the start Vincent has the range advantage over Stephen. If Stephen wants to overcome his range he will have to rely on heavy footwork and strategy. Stephen realize that Vincent weak-point was his legs, and he decides to land multiple blows to his legs. Vincent adapts quickly and starts protecting his legs and starts using his reach more to keep Stephen away. In one of the confrontation Stephen gets in but gets accidentally head-butt by Vincent.

The crowd start calling fault, but it was accidental and the match continues.  Round two starts with a scramble due to Stephen trying to get in range. Vincent corners Stephen; however, Stephen takes advantage and lands multiple hits on Vincent and he retreats back to the center of the ring. In the retreat Stephen commits to his approach and Vincent lands hits that lead to a devastating strike knee combo.  Winner is Vincent.

Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)

Shin Do Kumate XV – Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor

Shin Do Kumate XV - Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor Shin Do Kumate XV - Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise MellorShin Do Kumate XV - Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor

Amy Davis from Idaho Falls, ID fought a good fight against Denise Mellor of England. Both fighters came in strong. Denise took an elbow from Amy and Denise’s trainer made the decision to stop the fight giving Amy the win by TKO. Denise fought this bout with a knee injury she incurred during training, but still fought very well and gave it her all. This was a great fight with great technique and a good match. We look forward to seeing these two fighters again for a rematch in 2009.

Shin Do Kumate XV – Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)

Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)


The bout between Aaron Castellvi and Justin Greskiewicz was the only fight that went the distance the whole night. This was a chest match between two fighters and they both brought a lot of great Muay Thai skills to the ring. There were great exchanges throughout all three rounds and Justin executed some great sweeps. The win was given to Justin Greskiewicz by decision.


Shin Do Kumate XV – Shane Wiggand vs. Ali Tareh

Shin Do Kumate XV - Shane Wiggand vs. Ali TarehShin Do Kumate XV - Shane Wiggand vs. Ali Tareh

Shane Wiggand and Ali Tareh brought a very unique fight to Shin Do Kumaté because Ali comes from a more Martial Arts background with the last few years competing in professional boxing matches. Shane has a Muay Thai background and although he originally fought MMA, his passion went towards Muay Thai and he spent some time training in Thailand. Round one started out with Ali leading using his boxing skills throughout the round and he took Shane down with a spinning back hand followed by a strong right punch, but Shane beat the count. In the second round Shane managed to close the gap and came in strong delivering a lot of hard and flying knees to the head. The referee stopped the fight due to a big gash above Ali’s eye giving Shane the win by TKO.

Shin Do Kumate XV – Simon Marcus (Won By TKO) vs. Aaron Meisner

 Muay Thai Champion Simon Marcus from Toronto, Canada - Combat SportsMuay Thai Champion Simon Marcus from Toronto, Canada

Simon Marcus has a strong Muay Thai training regimen and we knew he was going to use every skill and technique he could against his opponent. Aaron Meisner has more of an MMA background than Muay Thai and was featured on the Ultimate Fighter reality series. Both fighters started strong, but Simon dominated the fight with his combination elbow strikes and finished the fight in the second round giving him the win by TKO, as Aaron was unable to continue. Both fighters demonstrated an exciting bout.


Shin Do Kumate XV – Clifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen Richards

Shin Do Kumate XV - Clifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen Richards Shin Do Kumate XV - Clifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen RichardsClifton Brown vs Stephen

This main event featured Clifton Brown, a world champion from Toronto, Canada against Stephen Richards from Atlanta, Georgia. Clifton was originally matched to fight Tofan Pirani of Sweden, but Tofan contacted MKM 7 days before the fight stating he injured his shin during training. In a scramble to find Clifton a new opponent, Stephen Richards stepped up to the plate. Stephen is a very good Boxer and Muay Thai fighter and beat Sean Yarbrough of Las Vegas in a prior match. Both Clifton and Stephen came in strong and fought well against each other, but Clifton through his famous elbow strike that landed on the side of Stephen’s head causing a big cut on his ear, which ended the fight giving Clifton the win by first round TKO. Clifton Brown is a true Champion and Stephen Richards is a true warrior for taking this fight last minute and we look forward to seeing
both fighters again in 2009.

Shin Do Kumate VI - Crafton Wallace

The USF Marshall Center in Tampa provided the perfect setting for the recently held Shin Do Kumate VI Full Contact Martial Arts “Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior” venue.

The crowd was enthusiastic with a mix of both Boxing and Martial Arts sports fans in attendance. I attend Professional Boxing matches wherever and whenever I can, as well as Martial Arts Kickboxing events, but this was my first Shin Do Kumate full contact fighting event.

The Shin Do Kumate full contact venue is just that. FULL CONTACT! I loved it! It was so exciting to watch! Plenty of tough, physical, nonstop action for both types of fight fans!

Shin Do Kumate VI fights are so tough, they are only scheduled for four rounds. (Quite a few are knock outs, and may not even make it past one round).

In the regular Kickboxing events, you won’t see kicks below the waist, but, in the Shin Do Kumate full contact, it’s in the traditional combat Muay Thai style. This is stand up fighting, with plenty of the punches that we see in the Professional Boxing style, and kicks are permitted from head to toe, coming from the front, back, and sides, with deadly knees to the body and head, and spinning back fists thrown in for good measure.

The fighters have a variety of Martial Arts and fighting experience in their backgrounds, ranging from Muay Thai, to Kickboxing, Karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do, just to name a few.

Stefan vs RenatoIn the Co-Main Event, and definitely the most exciting bout of the evening for the Super Light Weight Title, Stefan ButinBik, of Crystal River, FL, upped his professional record to 9-4, 2 KO’s in a rematch with his friend and nemesis, Renato Guinn, from Eugene, Oregon, who is now 2-1.

In the first round, both fighters came out exchanging punches, kicks and kneeing each other to the body, constantly moving and using the entire ring. It didn’t matter where you sat. You had plenty of nonstop action to watch! Stefan had the edge when the first round ended.

In the second round, ButinBik and Guinn went right back at it again, punching and kicking each other with abandon. However, it was evident that Stefan was the more experienced fighter, not only with his punches and kick combinations, but also with his evasive maneuvers, as he’s very light and mobile on his feet in the ring.

Stefan vs RenatoIn the third round, ButinBik was throwing some pretty awesome knees, kicks, and punch flurry combinations to Guinn, who looked like he was in trouble, when suddenly, with less than a minute left in the round, Renato connects with a lighting quick spinning back fist and breaks ButinBik’s nose.

You could tell that ButinBik was stunned by this huge hit, to say the least, and he told me after the fight that he was “Out on his feet” at this point. Renato instantly went into attack mode while Stefan was in this daze, but Stefan recovered enough to make it to the end of the round.

The fight Doctor checked ButinBik out, and Stefan wanted to go back in for the fourth and final round, and he did. What a gutsy guy!

Unbelievably, Stefan comes out and knees Renato to the head, and Guinn goes down to the mat! Guinn gets back up and they resume the bloody battle. (Guinn’s nose has also been bleeding since the third round).

Then, Renato gets in a flurry of punches on ButinBik, but it’s the left hook, according to Stefan, that actually straightens out his broken nose! ButinBik then takes his turn and gets in a big kick to the face of Renato, who starts bleeding even more profusely.

These two warriors battled it out until the end of the round, with Stefan ButinBik declared the unanimous winner of the Super Light Weight Title. Congratulations to Stefan ButinBik on his hard fought win!

In the other Co-Main bout of the evening for the Cruiserweight Title, the winner was Christian Toleque of Sunrise, FL now at 24- 0, 1 KO with a decision win over Gavin Neil of Canada, now 2-1-0 (Amateur record 10-2-1).

Shin Do Kumate VI – Fighter Arm Snapped in Half

Remy Bonnel Another fighter to watch Shin Do Kumate VI is the very tall, lean and mean Remy Bonnel, now 45-7-11 (21 KO’s)with his win over Hiroshi Takamatsu, now 8-6, 4 KO’s (Amateur 30-8, 20 KO’s). With Remy’s height and reach advantage, his legs reminded me of two baseball bats, just pummeling away at the height deprived Hiroshi. The brave Hiroshi tried, but couldn’t make it back for the third round. Bonnel was declared the winner.

In his Pro Middleweight Debut, Rob Bailey of Orlando Fl, won with a second round KO vs. Brent Carraway, out of Miami, FL.

crafton_wallaceMiddleweight Crafton Wallace of Baltimore Md. won in the first round vs. Sheldon Brown of Jacksonville, Fl.

James Berto from Winter Haven, FL won the decision in his Pro Debut vs. another Deb, Alberto Rojas of Miami, FL.

In the Amateurs, Kate Meehan of Denver CO, and Frances Pettitt of Canada, battled to a draw. Terance Winn of Orlando Fl., won by TKO in the first round over Vitala Singh when the ref stopped the fight. Winning his Debut fight by decision was Christian “The Scorpion” Leon, student of Master Mehrdad in St. Petersburg, FL. vs. Joseph Brown.

The next Shin Do Kumate VII Full Contact event is scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2005, once again at the USF Marshall Center. This promises to be even more exciting event than the last one.

Look for eight time World Champion Kickboxer and prior Shin Do Kumate Warrior winner Erik Marshall from Bradenton, FL to be reunited in a vengeance rematch against arch rival Joel Collins of St. Petersburg, FL. It’s a fight you won’t want to miss!

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