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Sweet Wheat and Fighters Testimonial

Organic Nutritional Wheat Grass Making a Revolutionary Healthy Impact in the world of Muay Thai and Strikers

My name is Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi and I am an 8th Dan Black Belt.  My history in the Martial Arts goes back 40 years, learning traditional fundamentals under the greatest Grand Masters from around the world.  17 years ago I started teaching traditional Martial Arts in the Tampa Bay area and have since developed my own unique style of Martial Arts under my organization World Shin Do Kumaté Association, Inc.  In 2002, I founded an international fighting sport “Shin Do Kumaté that is produced for television and distributed worldwide.

Growing up in the Far East provided me the privilege of eating a very nutritious and organic diet. I have lived in the West for the past two decades where it’s very hard to eat properly with our fast paced lives and the lack of nutrition in my body was frustrating because I was not accustomed to this lifestyle.  As a very active individual, my body craved nutrition and no matter how healthy my diet or how many supplements I tried to fill the void, it was not enough because as an athlete I needed more than what I could get from food or a protein shake.

As a professional fighter with a rigorous training regimen, I do not believe in putting creatine, steroids, performance enhancements, or anything in my body for a quick fix.  I am too old schooled for that and I only seek nutrition in its purest form.  That is why I was so happy I came across Sweet Wheat, a wheat grass nutritional supplement of the purest form.  And of all the wheat grass supplements I have found, Sweet Wheat is the only product I have found that can be ingested at a point where it provides the most effective results and I can feel it immediately and it’s effects are long-lasting because it contains the nutrients my body needs.  I feel rejuvenated and energetic all throughout the day.  Even my daughter says she noticed my legs are more defined than ever since I started Sweet Wheat.

I believe in this product so much that my company has partnered with Sweet Wheat and I strongly recommend it to all my athletes that I personally train to take the product daily, including my family.  I proudly endorse Sweet Wheat and urge all people, whether you’re an athlete or not, try this product.  I promise you will feel the difference in your body and be well on your way to a healthier life.

Sweet Wheat and Fighters Testimonial – Shin Do Kumate

My name is Soudabah Moayedi and for over 13 years I’ve been training and fighting in the art of Muay Thai as well as traditional martial art training under my father Master Mehrdad. With an amateur record of 12-3 and current holder of the 2007 Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Classic Lightweight Champion. I was constantly looking for supplements that would give me energy; since my family is also very health conscious we wanted something natural that would be good for us. I take Sweet Wheat every morning and for the rest of the day I have the energy I need. It gives me my full energy potential in the gym too where I need it the most when I’m training for a fight. Before I was able to do five rounds on the bags then two sparring then two more on Thai pads or focus mitts. But I would be huffing and puffing and wouldn’t be able to go at it to my fullest potential, just enough to get me through it and I didn’t want that. I wanted to go through the rounds and not feel like I was dying afterwards. With Sweet Wheat I’m able to do all that and still have some energy left over. Sweet Wheat not only has given me more energy but it’s also made my muscles more toned and defined. I have Sweet Wheat to thank for my focus and new found energy and would recommend it to anyone.

Travelle Mason – Light Heavyweight (2009) IKF and (2007 & 2008) Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai ClassicI Champion.

I am an athlete and train 6 days a week as a Muay Thai fighter, and I feel it’s important to provide my body with the best quality foods and supplements.  I wake up in the morning and start my day off with a prayer, a multi-vitamin and a teaspoon of Sweet Wheat to fuel me for my 6 mile run.  Since starting Sweet Wheat, I have noticed my energy level go up and my timing has improved significantly.  I take the powder and its easily dissolvable.  My preference is taking it with grape juice and my body absorbs it right away.  I definitely recommend this product to athletes, and especially to those who don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in their body by food alone.

Gaines Slocum – Muay Thai Amateur Fighter from Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts & Fitness

I’ve never been the type who puts much stock in the endless array of supplements available to athletes today.  When it comes down to it, very few of them provide any long term benefit.  They simply churn them out so quickly that you can’t possibly keep up with the validity of the endless new product claims.  Sweet Wheat is one of the few products that I’ve come across that I feel lives up to its claims and then some.  For long term development, I’ve always found that proper nutrition and ample rest were the only two components outside of my workout that truly affected my progress.  So when I find a product that helps with the absorption and utilization of the fuel I’m already putting into my body, I’m sold and Sweet Wheat does just that.  The first thing you will notice when taking it is increased regularity.  This will soon clear out build up and toxins enabling you to absorb more of the nutrition you are already trying to get into your body.  Soon you will notice an increase in energy levels throughout the day and a quicker recuperation during and after your workouts.  Really a great product, almost like you are cleaning the fuel injectors of a car, in that you are able to burn your fuel more efficiently and get a better gas mileage out of what you put in your body after routine use of the product.

My name is Shahnaz Moayedi, I am a fifteen year old Muay Thai fighter with an amateur record of  14 wins 1 loss and 1TKO.  I’m not your average teenage girl.  While training for a fight I’m in my father’s gym six days a week; (www.mastermehrdad.com) my training including lifting weights, sparring, hitting the bags, working the Thai pads and boxing the focus mitts. With all the training and my everyday school work, my body needed more than just protein shakes to keep from crashing, and to shutting down.  About a month ago my dad started my sister and I on a supplement called Sweet Wheat. A pill we would take in the morning to keep us focused at school earlier in the day, and energized and strong while we worked out in the evening. Sweet Wheat not only helped my internally, but externally as well. I started to notice within the first week how my arms became more shapely and also how muscular and strong my legs were. I thank Sweet Wheat for giving me the tools to become a better fighter and a better student and I will continue to recommend this excellent product. For more testimonials check out www.mkmfights.com

My name is Desiree Samson. I am 27 yrs old Female Amateur Muay Thai Fighter. I train daily @ Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai. I am always looking for something to give me that extra edge while training and throughout the day. A week before my last fight, my trainer Master Mehrdad introduced me to a product called Sweet Wheat. I have tried lots of different ways to make my weight on many occasions. I started taking Sweet Wheat 4xs A day For about three days. Between eating healthy and Sweet Wheat I am here to tell you I lost 5lbs in that time period. Not only has Sweet Wheat helped me with my weight. I have noticed my energy level rise, as well as my stamina and endurance.

Apart from being a Muay Thai fighter I am a Journeyman Carpenter Local 140 Tampa, And a Maintenance Tech for PCHS. My trade requires me to use my hands a lot. Always handling different types of materials. This cause a lot of wear and tear. Cracking, Dryness, Cuts, Slivers. ECT. Whenever this happens which is often i mix my Sweet Wheat with water like a paste. Place the Sweet Wheat on effected area and instantly Sweet Wheat starts to work. The pain latterly goes away! I have watch this product heel my skin almost completely in about an hour.

Sweet Wheat is truly an amazing product. I would not only recommend Sweet Wheat to Athlete’s or People working in a Trade, But to everyone! I think there is something about this product that can offer something to every type of person. Don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself and u will see!



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