All of the Muay Thai fighter are professional fighters with experience coming from a variety of Martial Arts disciplines, but their main focus is Muay Thai. Each of the fighter that participated at the event has been legally contracted by MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC to compete against his opponent in their designated weight class. The fighter have provided required blood test results and eye exams in advance and are required to make the limit weight of his class division in order to participate in Shin Do Kumate XVI.

The Main Event fighters, Stephen Cummings and Vincent McGuinnes, will have to meet the requirement for their division. The co-main event fighters, Lloyd walton and Warren Thompson, will have to make the require limit weight.  All the other undercard bouts have their own weight requirements.

The following pro Muay Thai fighters will have to meet the required weight for their class division. Jimmy Alexander vs Mitchell Chamale, Amos Merriweather vs Johncy Lindor, Jason Valles vs Michale Stripling, Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin, Tony Leone vs John Morehouse, and Kendrick Miree vs Bogdan Moroz.

Strykerz Shin Do Kumate, one of the biggest Muay Thai events in the United States, has a variety of weight divisions. With this vast variety of weight divisions, all the bouts will have Muay Thai fighter with different techniques and skills by strikers. The Strykerz Shin Do Kumate XVII weigh-in is overseen by the Florida State Boxing Commission.