Shin Do Kumate XIV Competition Fight Results – Clifton Brown

Shin Do Kumate XIV

Shin Do Kumate XIV Ancient Ones − Clifton Brown wins with an explosive elbow strike!

It was an evening of great Muay Thai fights on August 9th at the Bob Martinez Sports Complex in Tampa, FL. Shin Do Kumaté was back at it again with their 14th event − “Ancient Ones.” Two bouts headlined the card. The Co−main event was Between Remy Bonnel and Fernando Calleros. This was a good fight as Fernando was able to continuously push inside to negate Remy’s low kicks and reach, however, Remy was able to
work some effective boxing and use his knees in the clinch. Remy Bonnel came away with the Unanimous decision after 3 rounds of fighting.

The Main Event saw WMC World Champion Clifton Brown of Siam #1 in Canada take on the explosive and powerful Crafton Wallace of Inferno MMA in Florida. This fight started off with Crafton the aggressor and landing shots while Clifton was patient and seeing what his opponent had to offer. Two minutes into round One, Clifton had Wallace against the ropes and unleashed a right hand that dropped him to the canvas and through the ropes. But amazingly Crafton Wallace was able to beat the count and hold on to the end of the round. Then what a great battle that ensued. Crafton was a very game opponent who not only was able to take the punishment, but he was able to dish it out as well, until the third round, Clifton had Wallace against the ropes, found an opening and delivered an upward elbow that caught Crafton on the forehead and split it open, immediately stopping
the fight. An exciting fight that showcased the true talent of Muay Thai.

In the undercard bouts:

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Felice Herrig vs. Jessica Sanchez

Felice HerrigFelice Herrig vs Jessica Sanchez - Shin Do Kumate XIV

Jessica showed tremendous heart and stood toe to toe with Felice for 3 rounds, but was not able to handle the energy and experience of Felice. Felice Herrig (Team Toro)defeated Jessica Sanchez via UD.

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Rami Ibrahim vs. Bruce Sesseman

Rami Ibrahim vs Bruce Sesseman - Shin Do Kumate XIVRami Ibrahim vs Bruce Sesseman - Shin Do Kumate XIV

Round (Low kicks) Rami was able to figure out Sesseman’s style and attack his lead leg repeatedly with low kicks, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Rami Ibrahim (Sitan Gym) defeated Bruce Sesseman via TKO.

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Paul Marfort vs. Chris Cristini

Paul Marfort vs. Chris CristiniPaul Marfort vs. Chris Cristini

(Scorpion Muay Thai) via UD. In Marfort’s toughest test yet, he showed that he is able to adapt and fend of the attacks of a bigger, stronger fighter. Cristini was making his pro debut, but had an extensive amateur career, medaling in the IAMF World Championships and taking 2nd place at the IKF World Championships last month. Paul Marfort (Diamond Dutchman/LA Boxing) defeated Chris Cristini.

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Aaron Castellvi vs. Shane Wiggand

Aaron Castellvi vs. Shane WiggandAaron Castellvi vs. Shane Wiggand

(Gladiator’s MMA) via UD. In the first fight of the night, these two technical fighters put on a great show. Castellvi came out on top and got the evening off on the right foot. Aaron Castellvi (Siam #1) defeated Shane Wiggand.

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