Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results – Samir Seif, Patrick Barry, Tofan Pirani

On December 8, 2006 MKM Knockout Promotions held the “Battle of the Heavyweights” Shin Do Kumaté XI at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL. 2006 brought the Shin Do Kumaté Professional Full Contact Martial Arts and Muay Thai event to the forefront of the Muay Thai scene in North America. SDK XI is the third Kumaté to be broadcast on TVN Entertainment Video On Demand. Some of the best Muay Thai fights to ever take place in America could be found in this ring.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #1 – Paul Marfort vs. Matt Sulya

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

At the same height and weight of 6’1 and 175 lbs, the first fight of the night started out slow for Paul Marfort of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai and Matt Sulya of Inferno Muay Thai keeping him in a clinch. Both fighters landed lots of hard combinations. But Marfort couldn’t keep Sulya off him. Marfort kept going up against the ropes letting Sulya get his punches in. Unexpectedly, late in the first round, Marfort knocked Sulya to the ground, dazing him. In the second round Marfort knocked Sulya to the ground again with a hard right hand and Sulya did not beat the count, giving Paul Marfort the win by KO.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #2 – Rami Ibrahim vs. Haender Rodriguez

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

The second fight of the night was Rami Ibrahim of Philadelphia, PA and Haender Rodriguez of Miami, FL. Ibrahim came in having a record of 20-3-1 (6 KO’s) and Rodriguez stepped in with a record of 4-1 (1 KO). Many favored Ibrahim because he had more experience. This was a hard fought war that was close all night. Late in the first round, Rodriguez hit Ibrahim with a right hand that came from the back of the arena. So hard did he get hit, that when Ibrahim rose to his unsteady feet, he put his head against the referee’s chest and stumbled forward on the Ref’s command. Surprisingly, the ref let the fight continue. For the next two rounds, the fighters would throw an exchange and then wrestle each other to the ground. Haender proved to be a worthy opponent in the ring and putting everything he had on the line. In the end it paid off with a win by unanimous decision.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #3 – Stefan Butin Bik vs. Amphone Pommacheck

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

Coming in next was Crowd favorite and 3x Shin Do Kumaté Title holder Stefan ButinBik of Crystal River, FL and Amphone Pommachek of Boxford, MA. At the sound of the bell ButinBik came out and put on a clinic. Taking this as an advantage, ButinBik pounded kick after kick to Pommachek’s lead leg and eventually knocked Pommachek to the canvas in the end of the second, giving Stefan ButinBik the win by TKO and Pommachek a dead leg like no other.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #4 – Michael Mananquil vs. Shane Campbell

Fourth fight of the night was Michael Mananquil of World Team USA in San Francisco, CA and Shane Campbell of Iron Tiger Muay Thai in Toronto, Canada. This was the first fight of the night that had Full Muay Thai rules. Both fighters came out strong and were landing some heavy elbows in the clinch. Campbell landed a right elbow, opening up a cut on the eyelid of Mananquil. After a quick check by the doctor, the fight continued with Mananquil being the aggressor and landing a nice elbow of his own, but a few seconds later, Campbell hit Mananquil with another well timed elbow that caused the cut to bleed. The corner was able to stop the bleeding to let their fighter continue, but the referee had decided that the fight would not. Neither corner understood why the referee made the decision to stop the fight when it was clear to everyone that Mananquil was able to continue. A sad ending to what was looking to be an excellent fight. The referee gave Shane Campbell the win via TKO

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #5 – Chrisanne Reseliep vs. Julia Budd

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

Late into the night came the first female fight between Chrisanne Roseliep of Denver, CO and Julia Budd of Gibson Pankration in British Columbia, Canada. Coming into the ring Julia Budd looked to be in tremendous shape and appeared that she could give Roseleip a run for her money. When the bell sounded Julia Budd pushed her around for two rounds. Roseliep gave up a good effort and came back in the third, but couldn’t win against Julia Budd’s aggressive nature. Julia Budd won by decision.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #6 – Keri Taylor vs. Jeri Sitzes

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

Next up was the second female fight of the night and the first ever Female Full Muay Thai rules fight sanctioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission. Keri Taylor of World Team USA in San Francisco, CA and Jeri Sitzes of Budokai Ringsports Int’l in Springfield, MO came into the ring preparing for war. Sitzes came in at a perfect 10-0 in kickboxing and held several Professional boxing World Titles, while Taylor was making her Professional debut. Taylor looked to use the rules to her advantage, bombarding Sitzes with a barrage of elbows. Adapting well, Sitzes blocked the elbows and managed to throw some of her own. During the seconded round Keri was having problems trying to get by the great hands of Sitzes and she was getting tired. She couldn’t dish back what Sitzes was dishing out. Taylor showed great poise and amazing heart throughout the whole fight and also showed that she deserved to be in the ring with such an experienced pro. After 3 rounds of intense action, Jeri Sitzes pulled out the split decision.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #7 – Tofan Pirani vs. Anthony Brown

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

In the last Full Muay Thai rules fight on the night, Tofan Pirani and Anthony Brown were having their rematch, one that Pirani wanted badly. Last time Pirani fractured his shinbone and was not able to answer the bell for the second round. Both fighters were hungry, but Brown came in the hungrier of the two. In the first round Anthony Brown got in with a left high shin kick to Pirani’s neck and dropped him to the canvas. After beating the count, Brown came in like lightening and again hit Pirani with a left high shin kick to the same spot, felling him like a tree. Not being able to beat the count, Anthony Brown by a highlight reel KO.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #8 – Master Mehrdad “Persian Warrior” vs. Ethan Cox

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

The eighth fight of the night was the one everyone was waiting for. The Persian Warrior, Master Mehrdad Moayedi, against Ethan Cox of Long Beach Kickboxing. Coming into the fight, both fighters were brimming with confidence and fire in their eyes. When the bell sounded the fire in their eyes showed through their punches and kicks. Ethan Cox had Moayedi in the corner and was throwing haymakers until Moayedi took a knee and a count. Once the action resumed, Cox pushed Moayedi against the ropes and again started to unload a barrage of punches into the guard of Moayedi. Cox was starting to get tired as all of his punches were going into the gloves of Moayedi when all of a sudden the referee jumped in the middle and stopped the fight, claiming that Moayedi was not defending himself. Immediately the crowd went into an uproar of jeers towards the referee for the premature stoppage. Looking very unsure of himself, the referee raised the hand of Cox for the win by referee stoppage.

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #9 – Patrick Barry vs. Scott Lighty

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

With the crowd now wanting to see more action, Heavyweights Patrick Barry of Duke Roufus Kickboxing and Vos Gym squared off against Scott Lighty of The Pit in San Luis Obispo. Patrick Barry has been trained by 5x K-1 Grand Prix Champion Ernesto Hoost, while Lighty is a training partner of UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell. Both fighters held nothing back as they were hitting each other with everything they had. By the end of the second round, Barry had hit the lead leg of Lighty so much that it was starting to look like ground beef. Then in the 3rd round Barry hit Lighty with a high right shin kick that could be heard from across town. Lighty didn’t even have time to lift a hand as his body just slumped to the ground and didn’t move. With the medical staff and ring doctors immediately going to his side, Lighty was able to regain consciousness after a heart stopping minute. Lighty stayed on the ground while doctors looked at him for a good 15 minutes. The crowd gave a great roar when Lighty was able to regain his feet and walk out of the ring like a true warrior. Give credit to Patrick Barry for the Knockout of the Year!

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight #10 – Gary Turner vs. Samir Seif

Shin Do Kumate XI Fight Results

The main event saw Gary Turner of Farnborough, England and Samir Seif of Iron Tiger Muay Thai in Toronto, Canada. Both fighters came out strong. With both fighters tipping the scales at 225 lbs, the ring looked very, very small. Even though they were heavyweights they came out and danced around the ring throwing kicks and punches with ease. Gary Turner was able to get Seif up against the ropes but then Seif would clinch and then there would be a war of knees. After three rounds of heart pounding action Gary Turner was declared the winner by decision.

Another great event was put into the books and now everyone turns their attention to the next action packed event. 2007 promises to be a year that will let the whole world know who and what Shin Do Kumaté is as MKM Knockout Promotions has been in talks to get the event d istributed internationally so that Muay Thai fans all over the world can be a part of this dynamic fighting event.

In a side note from Master Mehrdad, the Founder of the Organization, Master Mehrdad wants to express how extremely disappointed he was by the Florida State Boxing Commission and how they handled the sanctioning and officiating of Shin Do Kumaté XI. For the past 10 events, MKM Knockout Promotions has worked with a core group of great officials and referees that were well experienced in this type of event, and has helped to make Shin Do Kumaté the most elite Stand Up Fighting event in North America. For this event, the Boxing Commission brought in a group of referees and judges that had no experience in the Muay Thai or MMA world and it showed in the premature stoppages and decision. Master Mehrdad hopes that the Florida State Boxing Commission will rectify this problem as it can hurt not only this organization’s events, but also any professional event in the state of Florida.

Shin Do Kumate’ returns to the St. Pete Times Forum in 2007.  Subscribe to Strykerz.TV to watch all Shin Do Kumate fighting events.



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