Muay Thai – Shin Do Kumate VII Results at USF Tampa, Florida

USF Tampa – Only in America could an Iranian foreigner arrive in America with barely more than change in his pocket, but a vision in his mind and in his heart, and in a few years time have a squadron of adoring students and fighters come from around the world to fight on his Kumate Full Contact Martial Arts fight cards.

If you love fighting action, there was plenty to be found at the recently held Kumate VII Search for the Ultimate Martial Arts Warrior, orchestrated by the ultimate master himself, Master Mehrdad of MKM Promotions out of St. Petersburg, FL.

The evening at USF Tampa, Florida began with three amatuer fights, but you never would have known it. Josan Kahn was the lightweight winner in his three round duel vs Brandon Clark, with plenty of kicks and punches and head gear flying off in the ring, and Josan with a take down sweep in the first round on Brandon.

Another set of lightweights featured the ferocious Mauro Kim as the winner in his three rounder vs. Alexander Fantuso. Both of these fighters lost their head gear on several occasions, with Kim taking down the much taller Fantuso in the first, second and third rounds.

Kim also drew blood from Alexander, but Fantuso kept coming back and made it through a standing eight count to the bell in the third round. Great fight guys! Congratulations to Kim and Josan and their trainer “Bobby” the Diamond Dutchman out of Orlando, FL.

The third fight of the evening saw the ladies come out and go at it with abandon for all three rounds, with Marilyn Vallejo drawing blood from the nose of Natalie “Bonecrusher” Keene, in the third and final round. Marilyn’s trip from Colorado was worth it, as she was declared the winner in a unanimous decision over St. Pete’s Keene.

USF Tampa - Tampa Muay Thai - Shin Do Kumate VII In the most bizarre, “Jerry Springerish” one-round match that I’ve ever seen, Duane Hart, of Tampa FL was declared the winner vs. Todd Cutler of Edgewater FL, when Cutler took a hard knee to the stomach from Hart and went down for a count and didn’t get back up.

The refstopped the fight, and then Cutler went berzerk! Todd actually ran across the ring and tackled Duane, and started punching him, with the ring officials climbing into the ring and pulling the heavyset Cutler off of Hart. I don’t know what Todd was thinking, but if you don’t get up before the 8 count, you’re out! (Maybe he thought it was 10?).

A tough act to follow after that excitement, but Thiago “The Pitbull” Araujo of Brazil in his fourth round unanimous decision win vs. Mikey Gomez lived up to his name and showed the crowd what they really wanted to see-combination
full contact martial arts Muy Thai style fighting, not football.

USF Tampa - Tampa Muay Thai - Shin Do Kumate VII - Thiago “The Pitbull” Araujo Thiago showed off his fighting skills against the much taller Gomez, who you would have thought had the advantage due to height, but that was not the case. “The Pitbull” was tenacious and was able to get in round after round of mixed combinations of kicks to the thighs, head kicks, and formidable boxing rights and left hook hits to Mikey, who, try as he might, just didn’t have
enough experience under his belt yet to ward off such a foe.

Thiago’s best friend, Paulo Barros, the former 2002 Muy Thai Brazilian Champion was also successful in his TKO win in the fourth round vs. opponent Hiroshi Takamatsu.

Paulo, with a formidable record of 20-1, 15KO’s, vs. Hiroshi’s 12-6, 7 KO’s, just annihilated Hiroshi, beginning with two first round knock-downs from his arsenal of head kicks and punches.

The second and third rounds were more of the same, with Paulo’s cat-like strikes so quick that Hiroshi’s attempt to throw a spinning backhand resulted in Barros getting in several punches and kicks to Takamatsu instead.

In the fourth and final round, Paulo set up Hiroshi with a big left to the body and pushed him into the ropes. Hiroshi comes off and steps right into two right shots, and then Paulo kicks Hiroshi to the forehead, then just stopped and turned and walked away, while motioning to the referee and the fight Doctor and pointing to Hiroshi.

Now, at first, all eyes were on Paulo when he walked away- what’s he doing? Then, the ref, the Doctor, and the crowd finally saw what he was pointing to-the bloody Hiroshi, who is standing there, and bleeding so profusely, it looks like a waterfall of blood streaming down his face and out of his mouth.

The fight was then stopped officially, but I was impressed to see that Paulo had the good sense and the heart to stop of his own accord. When I spoke with him with his best bud Thiago interpreting, he said he knew Hiroshi had enough and that it wasn’t necessary to do any further damage to him. Congratulations to the boys from Brazil on both of their wins!

The ladies fight featured dynamo Kate Meehan, another Colorado gal, in her fourth round win vs. Suzie Montero, from Miami, FL who had to drop a few pounds the night before to make weight.(Whew! Sure glad it wasn’t me! It would never happen!).

Now, both of these gals came out what I call “woman style”, nonstop kicking and punching action for the entire round, proving once again that the Ladies Rule! Believe me, if a woman gets in the ring to fight, she’s serious, and wants to win, this is not just a lark.

USF Tampa - Tampa Muay Thai - Shin Do Kumate VIII noticed Suzie had a bad habit of dropping her arms every time she kicks, and Kate noticed it too, and timed her punches, which she was able to get in on the wide open Suzie. By the third round the punches and kicks had taken their toll and Montero started to run out of gas.

In the fourth and final round, both started out with their kicks, but then Suzie ran completely out of gas and Meehan finished the round up with a big head shot kick. I wonder if Montero would have had more energy if she hadn’t had to lose those few pounds the night before? I’d like to see these two fight again. Congratulations to Kate and her corner team!

In the final match of the evening, Canadian Champion Trevor “TNT” Smandych, now at 19-2, 1 Draw and 9 KO’s, was judged the loser to Remy Bonnel, the French Muy Thai champion who is now 46-7, with 34KO’s.

The young Canadian, coached by Mike Miles, was the agressor in the ring for the ENTIRE fight, and executed the perfect offense and defense against the great Remi Bonnel, who was obviously taken by surprise at the kicks and punches he was on the receiving end of throughout all four rounds.

I knew right from the get go in round one, when both fighters took each other to the mat SIMULTANEOUSLY with their very first kicks, that this was going to be something special. The crowd gasped in astonishment, and the stunned look on Remi’s face said it all.

This was not just another opponent for Remi to kick away at round after round with his long, baseball bat legs, which he relies on, this was a well-rounded Muy Thai Warrior, worthy of this challenge. After their first kicks, both got up and went at it, with Trevor being the agressor for the rest of the round. A shocked Bonnel made his way to his corner.

Smandych owned the second and third rounds, with Bonnel going down to the mat in both rounds from the kicks and boxing hits of the stalking Canadian, who had Remi backing away from him in all four rounds.

Bonnel is trying to get in his renowned kicks, but is unable to on Smandych, who is fighting the most perfect fight I have ever seen. He is incredible, with his coach Mike Miles encouraging him throughout each round. How can he lose? What a team effort! Very Impressive!

In the fourth and final round, Remi finally got Trevor with a kick to the head that he walked into as he was being the agressor. Trevor looked just like the “Terminator” and kept right on going. (Maybe he needs to change his nickname from TNT to the “Terminator”).

I saw Bonnel was bleeding, something new for this crowd to see, too, I’m sure. Trevor kept up the barrage on Bonnel, getting him with a big left hook, and then both grabbed and knee kicked each other this round.

USF Tampa - Tampa Muay Thai - Shin Do Kumate VIIIn the end, however, I’m sorry to say that here in the US, the true winners skills were not recognized. I believe that in any other country that is more familiar with this Muy Thai style of fighting, that Trevor Smandych would have
won in a huge upset victory over the long legged Remi Bonnel, who was effectively shut down to a few kicks in four rounds of perfectly executed
technique by the Canadian Muy Thai Champ and his coach, Mike Miles.

In a follow up interview with Trevor, he said he and his coach also felt that they won this match, were very disappointed, and also agreed that they would expect a different outcome in another country.

Smandych also told me that he has already been contacted about coming back for a “rematch” against Bonnel in the upcoming September 17th Kumate VIII but hasn’t made a decision yet.

Will he come back to St. Pete (USF Tampa) or wait for Remi overseas? It’s too soon to tell, but either way, be prepared to see more great action in September at the next Kumate Full Contact Search for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior!

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