Shin Do Kumate VII Results – Remy Bonnel vs. Trevor Smandych

Shin Do Kumate VII Results

June 11th, 2005 USF Marshall Center, Tampa, FL
by: Joel Collins

In the largest Shin Do Kumaté to date, a crowd of 1200 spectators saw some of the best Professional Martial Art and Muay Thai fights in the country. With such fighters billed to fight as Remy Bonnel, Trevor Smandych, Hiroshi Takamatsu and Kate Meehan, this night promised to be nothing short of spectacular.

Shin Do Kumate VII Shin Do Kumate VII

Shin Do Kumate VII Fight #1 Mozzam Khan vs. Brandon Clark

In the first amateur fight of the night, Mozzam Khan of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai in Orlando faced Brandon Clark of South Daytona Submissions in Daytona , FL. This fight was dominated in all 3 rounds by Mozzam Khan, who showed more experience and better stamina then Brandon Clark. Khan won by majority decision.

Shin Do Kumate VII Shin Do Kumate VII

Fight #2 Maro Kim vs. Alexander Fantauzzo

In the second fight of the evening, Maro Kim of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai took the first round to figure out the style of Alexander Fantauzzo of the Carrollwood Black Belt Academy. Fantauzzo brought a more martial art style into the ring, as opposed to the Muay Thai style of Maro Kim. Once Kim figured out that Fantauzzo was more of an above the waist fighter who used a lot of side kicks and spinning kicks, Kim capitalized on using his low kicks to win each round and the overall bout convincingly.

Shin Do Kumate VII Shin Do Kumate VII

Fight #3 Natalie “Bone Crusher” Keene vs. Marilyn Vallejo

In this amateur bout, Natalie Keene from World Shin Do Kumaté Association, under Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi faced off against Marilyn Vallejo of Denver , CO .

As Master Mehrdad had predicted before the fight, Vallejo brought more of a boxing style against Keene . Being Keene ’s first fight, she was taken abit by nerves and a small case of stage fright. Having said that, Keene trained 6 months for this fight and was slated to fight 3 different opponents who all backed out of her fights for various reasons. This fight was a very exciting fight that went the distance and allowed Keene to show her heart and determination against a more experienced fighter. Even though the hometown crowd was heavily behind Keene , the judging was fair and the right winner was announced in Vallejo . Watch out for September 17 th when Master Mehrdad predicts a rematch between the two in which he is confident that Natalie Keene will deliver a win.

Shin Do Kumate VII

Fight #4 Duane “Lion” Hart vs. Todd Cutler (Pro)

In what was undoubtedly the shortest fight of the night, Duane “Lion” Hart, under the guidance of Master Mehrdad Moayedi, only took one minute and thirty seconds of the first round to drop Todd Cutler of South Daytona Submission to the canvas with a barrage of knees to the stomach. The referee administered the standard 8 count to the downed fighter, even though Cutler tried to convince the referee that it was a low blow. The referee was not to be fooled and counted Cutler out while he stayed down, making Duane Hart win by KO with knee strikes. As the referee brought Cutler back to his corner, the fighter then spun around and tackled Hart in the middle of the ring, causing pandemonium to follow. Both corners jumped in, along with the Florida State Boxing Officials and also the referee to break up the commotion. Finally, when all the chaos subsided, Hart walked away with the victory and Cutler walked away with a lifetime suspension by the Florida State Boxing Commission.


Shin Do Kumate VII Shin Do Kumate VII

Fight #5 Mikey Gomez vs. Thiago Alves

Mikey Gomez of the Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai had his hands full with Thiago Alves of American Top Team. Thiago came out from the start of the bell with more energy and better ring savvy. All four rounds saw Alves with a commanding presence in which Gomez could not take away his lead. The judges saw this and awarded Alves the unanimous decision.

Shin Do Kumate VII Shin Do Kumate VII

Shin Do Kumate VII Fight #6 Kate Meehan vs. Suzy Montero

Kate Meehan, from Denver Colorado showed that experience is definitely a deciding factor in winning a fight. Throughout the whole fight, Meehan kept it in the middle of the ring against Suzy Montero, from Lauderdale Lakes , FL. Both fighters kept up a constant exchange of punches and kicks, but with Meehan coming out with the better exchanges. This was the best shape that we have ever seen Meehan in and it showed in her explosiveness and constant activity. Montero showed great poise in her Pro debut, but was not able to handle the more active and efficient Meehan. Kate Meehan won on a Majority decision by the judges.

Shin Do Kumate VII Shin Do Kumate VII

Shin Do Kumate VII Fight #7 Hiroshi Takamatsu vs. Paulo Barros.

Hiroshi Takamatsu hails from Team Toro Muay Thai in Bolingbrook , IL , while his opponent, Paulo Barros made the short drive from American Top Team in Coconut Creek , FL. This fight started off a bit hesitant as both fighters were feeling each other out in the first round, much to the disapproval of the crowd. However, as the fight moved into the next round, the action picked up, and so did the crowd. The fight was even most of the way, with both fighters staying active and landing a lot of good combinations. It seemed to the crowd that Takamatsu was winning the fight, but as everyone knows, the outcome can change in a blink of an eye, or in Takamatsu ’s case, a knee to the forehead. As Takamatsu slipped a right hand by Barros, he ducked a little bit too low and was met by Barros’s knee to his forehead. The bleeding was heavy, giving evidence that the cut on his forehead went all the way to the skull. The ringside doctor immediately called the fight and Barros won by TKO.

Shin Do Kumate VII Shin Do Kumate VII

Shin Do Kumate VII Fight #8 Light Middleweight Main Event Remy Bonnel vs. Trevor Smandych

In what was the most anticipated fight of the night, and also on the year, Remy Bonnel of USA Extreme Challenge squared off against Trevor “TNT” Smandych of Mike Miles National Kickboxing.

The first round saw both fighters giving a lot of respect to each other and feeling each other out. As they went deeper into the round, both fighters loosened up a bit and became freer with their strikes. Bonnel started to fire his trademark kicks, but Smandych’s defense was excellent and the kicks didn’t even move him, he just kept coming forward. Bonnel was having a tough time figuring out the style of the shorter Smandych in the first round, but he kept his cool.

The second round saw Trevor Smandych come out on a mission to put a hurting on Remy Bonnel. Smandych was using his left hook to his advantage following up with good shin kicks. Halfway through the second round, Smandych hit Bonnel with a low kick that knocked him down, although the referee called it a slip. Clearly, Smandych came out with the second round in his favor.

The third round saw Remy use his height to his advantage by working the clinch and leaning against Smandych to wear him out. Trevor’s defense was awesome against Remy’s kicks. Towards the end of the round, Smandych hit Bonnel with a left hook the head that opened a cut over Bonnel’s left eye, but Bonnel was the more active fighter and landed more shots.

Round 4 started off with both fighters coming at each other with everything they had. After every strike Bonnel threw, Smandych answered, and vice versa. Even a front kick to the face couldn’t stop Trevor “TNT” Smandych. The crowd was definitely behind Smandych and you could hear it when they voiced their opinion when the decision was announced…..Remy Bonnel by unanimous decision.

This fight lived up to the hype that surrounded it. It was a war of two of the best North American fighters. Could there be a rematch for the Shin Do Kumate VII title? Only time will tell.

Shin Do Kumate VII

MKM Knockout Promotions and Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi would like to thank all the fighters, trainers and staff who helped Shin Do Kumate VII be a huge success. Look out for September 17 th when Master Mehrdad will defend his Shin Do Kumaté Heavyweight title against Patrick Barry of New Orleans .

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