Shin Do Kumate VI - Crafton Wallace

Shin Do Kumate VI Results – Crafton Wallace and Christian Toleque

The USF Marshall Center in Tampa provided the perfect setting for the recently held Shin Do Kumate VI Full Contact Martial Arts “Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior” venue.

The crowd was enthusiastic with a mix of both Boxing and Martial Arts sports fans in attendance. I attend Professional Boxing matches wherever and whenever I can, as well as Martial Arts Kickboxing events, but this was my first Shin Do Kumate full contact fighting event.

The Shin Do Kumate full contact venue is just that. FULL CONTACT! I loved it! It was so exciting to watch! Plenty of tough, physical, nonstop action for both types of fight fans!

Shin Do Kumate VI fights are so tough, they are only scheduled for four rounds. (Quite a few are knock outs, and may not even make it past one round).

In the regular Kickboxing events, you won’t see kicks below the waist, but, in the Shin Do Kumate full contact, it’s in the traditional combat Muay Thai style. This is stand up fighting, with plenty of the punches that we see in the Professional Boxing style, and kicks are permitted from head to toe, coming from the front, back, and sides, with deadly knees to the body and head, and spinning back fists thrown in for good measure.

The fighters have a variety of Martial Arts and fighting experience in their backgrounds, ranging from Muay Thai, to Kickboxing, Karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do, just to name a few.

Stefan vs RenatoIn the Co-Main Event, and definitely the most exciting bout of the evening for the Super Light Weight Title, Stefan ButinBik, of Crystal River, FL, upped his professional record to 9-4, 2 KO’s in a rematch with his friend and nemesis, Renato Guinn, from Eugene, Oregon, who is now 2-1.

In the first round, both fighters came out exchanging punches, kicks and kneeing each other to the body, constantly moving and using the entire ring. It didn’t matter where you sat. You had plenty of nonstop action to watch! Stefan had the edge when the first round ended.

In the second round, ButinBik and Guinn went right back at it again, punching and kicking each other with abandon. However, it was evident that Stefan was the more experienced fighter, not only with his punches and kick combinations, but also with his evasive maneuvers, as he’s very light and mobile on his feet in the ring.

Stefan vs RenatoIn the third round, ButinBik was throwing some pretty awesome knees, kicks, and punch flurry combinations to Guinn, who looked like he was in trouble, when suddenly, with less than a minute left in the round, Renato connects with a lighting quick spinning back fist and breaks ButinBik’s nose.

You could tell that ButinBik was stunned by this huge hit, to say the least, and he told me after the fight that he was “Out on his feet” at this point. Renato instantly went into attack mode while Stefan was in this daze, but Stefan recovered enough to make it to the end of the round.

The fight Doctor checked ButinBik out, and Stefan wanted to go back in for the fourth and final round, and he did. What a gutsy guy!

Unbelievably, Stefan comes out and knees Renato to the head, and Guinn goes down to the mat! Guinn gets back up and they resume the bloody battle. (Guinn’s nose has also been bleeding since the third round).

Then, Renato gets in a flurry of punches on ButinBik, but it’s the left hook, according to Stefan, that actually straightens out his broken nose! ButinBik then takes his turn and gets in a big kick to the face of Renato, who starts bleeding even more profusely.

These two warriors battled it out until the end of the round, with Stefan ButinBik declared the unanimous winner of the Super Light Weight Title. Congratulations to Stefan ButinBik on his hard fought win!

In the other Co-Main bout of the evening for the Cruiserweight Title, the winner was Christian Toleque of Sunrise, FL now at 24- 0, 1 KO with a decision win over Gavin Neil of Canada, now 2-1-0 (Amateur record 10-2-1).

Shin Do Kumate VI – Fighter Arm Snapped in Half

Remy Bonnel Another fighter to watch Shin Do Kumate VI is the very tall, lean and mean Remy Bonnel, now 45-7-11 (21 KO’s)with his win over Hiroshi Takamatsu, now 8-6, 4 KO’s (Amateur 30-8, 20 KO’s). With Remy’s height and reach advantage, his legs reminded me of two baseball bats, just pummeling away at the height deprived Hiroshi. The brave Hiroshi tried, but couldn’t make it back for the third round. Bonnel was declared the winner.

In his Pro Middleweight Debut, Rob Bailey of Orlando Fl, won with a second round KO vs. Brent Carraway, out of Miami, FL.

crafton_wallaceMiddleweight Crafton Wallace of Baltimore Md. won in the first round vs. Sheldon Brown of Jacksonville, Fl.

James Berto from Winter Haven, FL won the decision in his Pro Debut vs. another Deb, Alberto Rojas of Miami, FL.

In the Amateurs, Kate Meehan of Denver CO, and Frances Pettitt of Canada, battled to a draw. Terance Winn of Orlando Fl., won by TKO in the first round over Vitala Singh when the ref stopped the fight. Winning his Debut fight by decision was Christian “The Scorpion” Leon, student of Master Mehrdad in St. Petersburg, FL. vs. Joseph Brown.

The next Shin Do Kumate VII Full Contact event is scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2005, once again at the USF Marshall Center. This promises to be even more exciting event than the last one.

Look for eight time World Champion Kickboxer and prior Shin Do Kumate Warrior winner Erik Marshall from Bradenton, FL to be reunited in a vengeance rematch against arch rival Joel Collins of St. Petersburg, FL. It’s a fight you won’t want to miss!

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