Shin Do Kumate V Fight Results – Remy Bonnel, Gina Carrano

The Shin Do Kumate V bouts were held in the USF Marshall Center in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, July 24, 2004. All professional bouts were sanctioned and officiated by the Florida State Boxing Commission and all amateur bouts were sanctioned by World Shin Do Kumaté’ Association. We were proud to have Master Reza Ghasry from Toronto, Canada – originally from Iran and longtime friend of Master Moayedi. With over 20 years of experience in the Martial arts and World and Canadian Tae Kwon Do Championships, Master Reza brought a fresh perspective and a great message of the true meaning of Martial Arts to the commentating of Shin Do Kumate V for our audience and viewers at home. We are glad to say that Master Reza will continue to work with all of our Kumaté fights.

This explosive event featured 8 bouts cumulating in the main event, which pitted Remy Bonnel against Josh Cooper.

Shin Do Kumate V Bout # 1

Shin Do Kumate V Fight Results

The first amateur bout on the card was a rematch between Lars “The Hurricane” Letonoff of Master Mehrdad’s Shin Do Kumaté Dojang in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and James Mason of the Tom Burke Muay Thai School in Jacksonville, Florida. This was Mason’s third Shin Do Kumaté bout. In Shin Do Kumaté III, Mason defeated Letonoff by a TKO in the third round. However in tonight’s bout, Letonoff showed his determination to prove that he could defeat Mason by throwing dozens of strong shin kicks and excellent boxing technique, winning the fight by decision.

Shin Do Kumate V Bout # 2

Shin Do Kumate V Fight Results

This evening’s second amateur fight pitted Shin Do Kumaté veteran Andrea Ortiz against newcomer Melanie Kohler. The fight started with both fighters rushing each other and landing many strong kicks, punches and knee strikes during the first minute. Both fighters were very strong in the clinch, jockeying for position, and more often then not it resulted in the fighters throwing each other to the canvas. The referee definitely had a busy night in this fight! All in all, it was a very exciting fight with Kohler edging out Ortiz to win by decision.

Shin Do Kumate V Bout #3

Shin Do Kumate V Fight Results

The Third bout of the night featured Gina Carrano vs. Suzie Montero. Gina fights out of Master Toddy’s Muay Thai School in Las Vegas, NV, while Suzie trains with Christian Toleque in Sunrise, FL.

This fight was also another action packed fight that went the distance. Both fighters are very strong fighters who are also very aggressive. Gina showed very good strength with her front kick and her punches, while Suzie was snapping off very good low shin kicks. After 4 rounds of intense action, Gina Carrano was declared the winner by Judge’s decision.

Shin Do Kumate V Bout #4

Shin Do Kumate V Fight Results

The fourth bout of the night featured Claudia Vidaurri. Kate is fighting out of Denver, while Claudia is out of John McPhail’s Muay Thai in California.

The fight started out with both fighters very cautious and feeling each other out. Early in the first round, Meehan took charge of the fight and set the tempo, continuously charging Claudia and putting pressure on her with a lot of low and high shin kicks.

The second round started off where the first round left off with Meehan continuing her relentless attack of Claudia. This was another fight that was full of exciting action and went all four rounds, with Kate Meehan winning by Unanimous decision.

Shin Do Kumate V Bout #5

Shin Do Kumate V Fight Results

The First Pro Male fight on the night was a Middleweight bout between Brent Carraway from Miami, FL whose record is 4-2 and James “Mad Lion” Routson from Altamonte Springs, FL whose record is 4-0. Routson is a veteran of the Shin Do Kumaté I and II who is known for ending his fights with devastating knees to the head.

Round One started with both fighters circling each other and clinching. Routson established his superiority early on with his knees and low kicks, forcing Carraway to cover up. Carraway began to use his front kick to keep Routson at bay.

Round Two began with both fighters standing toe to toe and boxing with each other until Routson forced his way into a clinch and showed his skill with the knees once again. 1:27 into round two, Routson dropped Carraway to the canvas with a knee to the ribs. Carraway could not answer the 8 count, rendering James Routson the win by TKO.

Shin Do Kumate V Bout #6

Shin Do Kumate V Fight Results

The next Pro fight was a Lightweight bout between Renato “Ironlegs” Guinn of Eugene, Oregon who was making his Pro debut against Stefan “Shindent” Buten Bik of Crystal River, FL who was fighting in his 5th Shin Do Kumaté with a record of 6-3 with 3 KO’s.

The first round started with both fighters throwing out the pretense of feeling each other out and straight away started dropping bombs on each other. Butin Bik was the more mobile of the fighters, moving around and picking his shots, continuously hitting Guinn with right hands to the chin. However, Guinn kept coming on strong and working the low kicks.

The second round saw both fighters become more measured, using more punch and kick combinations. Butin Bik stunned Guinn with a sharp right hand to the chin and followed up with a left round kick to the head. Guinn answered with his own 1-2 combination and a low shin kick. Butin Bik started connecting with his front kick late in the round to push back the ever advancing Guinn.

Round three saw Guinn asserting his low kicks again as Butin Bik answered with more right hands to the chin. With :20 seconds left in round three, Butin Bik fired a right hand at Guinn’s chin, but Guinn answered with a low kick to the inside thigh of Butin Bik, sending him to the canvas for a knock down.

The final round of the fight saw the fighters stand in the middle of the ring throwing a flurry of punches and kicks and Butin Bik mixed in a flying knee. Guinn kept up with the punishing low kicks while Butin Bik kept answering with the Straight right hand. The Knock down proved to be the difference as Renato “Ironlegs” Guinn pulled out the Split Decision.

Shin Do Kumate V Bout # 7

Shin Do Kumate V Fight Results

This Bout featured an excellent Pro Female Middleweight fight between Keri “Crusher” Crothers of Victoria, British Columbia whose record is 8-3 and Chrisanne “Brickhouse” Roseleip who is making her Pro debut.

The first round started off with both fighters moving around and Roseleip being the aggressor. Crothers hit Roseleip with a spinning back fist that Roseleip shook off. Crothers was throwing flurries of punches and kicks will Roseleip was hitting Crothers with the harder shots, namely a Straight right hand and a right round house kick to the face.

The second round was much of the same as Roseleip was charging forward and Crothers was forced to back pedal to get out of the way. Roseleip was asserting her combinations more in this round with a 1-2 punch combo followed with a round kick to the body.

The Third round saw both fighters move around and become more active, but still Crothers was going backwards, allowing Roseleip to continually get inside and hit her with punches. Halfway through the round, Crothers came on strong with a High round kick that connect followed by a straight left hand. Not to be outdone, Roseleip answered with her own Left round kick to the head and followed it up with a Right round kick to the head that bent Crothers over, which helped her to narrowly avoid a third kick to the head. Crothers beat the standing 8 count.

In the final round, Crothers showed what great fighting spirit she possessed, but was not able to mount a sufficient comeback and therefore Chrisanne “Brickhouse” Roseleip won by Unanimous Decision.

Shin Do Kumate V Bout #8

Shin Do Kumate V Fight Results

The Final fight of the night was the Pro Light Middleweight Main Event featuring Remy Bonnel from Miami, FL whose Pro record is 43-7 and Josh Cooper of St. Albans, WV whose Pro record is 11-1 with 11 KO’s.

This bout was hyped to be the best fight of the night and it did not disappoint. The fight started off very fast with Cooper being the aggressor and charging Bonnel. Cooper landed a couple of straight punches and Bonnel answered with a blistering low kick. Cooper hit Bonnel with a straight right hand that knocked Bonnel down and rendered an 8 count. Bonnel came back with blistering low kicks which dropped Cooper to the canvas. Showing great heart, Cooper stood up and walked straight into a High round kick that dropped him yet again. Cooper rose to his feet again like before, charged in. Bonnel faked up high and then went down low with a devastating low kick that dropped him for the third and final time. All this took place in less than 1:19 into the first round to give Remy Bonnel the KO and his 44th Professional win.

The fifth installment of the Shin Do Kumate V was a great success for Master Mehrdad and MKM Knockout Promotions, Inc. The night was filled with great fights and promises a bright future for this organization and it’s fighters. Be sure to buy your tickets for the upcoming Shin Do Kumaté VI on Friday, November 19th, 2004!



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