Shin Do Kumate IX Fight Results – Rick Roufus, Ajahn Suchart

Shin Do Kumate IX Fight Results Tampa, FL – On March 4, 2006, MKM Knockout Promotions, Inc brought their 9th event of the Shin Do Kumate IX to an energetic and frenzied sold out crowd at the Bob Martinez Sports Complex in the University of Tampa. Shin Do Kumate IX, Battle of the Warriors. Sponsored By Tiger beer, Women Kickboxing, Man-Magazine, Real Fight Gear, Bright House Networks, dazzled spectators with a great light and sound show and the most exciting fights to come to Florida in a long time. With such great fighters as Dan Rawlings , Stefan ButinBik , Kate Meehan, Rick Roufus and Master Mehrdad, this event was nothing short of spectacular.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #1 − Travis Crawford vs. Craig “The Hammer” Oxley

Shin Do Kumate IX Shin Do Kumate IX

In the first professional fight of the night, Craig “The Hammer” Oxley of the Wolf’s Den in Jacksonville , FL stepped into the ring against Travis Crawford of Diamond Dutchman/Griffon Rawl MuayThai of Tampa , FL. Both fighters came out very aggressive with Crawford going to the body with his kicks and Oxley using his boxing skills to his advantage, snapping back Crawford’s head with some good straight left hands. Crawford was using his knees inside the clinch, but Oxley was very effective in blocking them.

The fast tempo of the first round kept up for the rest of the fight. Neither fighter backing down but going toe to toe. Crawford used his knees relentlessly in the clench and Oxley repeatedly used his hands to make Crawford pay. During the later rounds, Crawford used his inside leg kicks to repeatedly knock Oxley to the ground, making the difference and giving Travis Crawford the hard fought decision.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #2 – Vivian “Machine Gun” Leung vs. Jenypher Lanthier

Shin Do Kumate IX - Vivian "Machine Gun" Leung vs. Jenypher Lanthier Shin Do Kumate IX - Vivian "Machine Gun" Leung vs. Jenypher Lanthier

In the 2nd pro fight of the night and making her professional debut, Vivian Leung of Scheer’s Martial Arts in Saskatoon , Canada , made short work of Jenypher Lanthier , representing Siam #1 in Toronto , Canada . At 1 minute into the first round, Leung fired off a rapid 1-2 combination followed by a crushing knee to the stomach of Lanthier, dropping her to the canvas and earning her first pro win by KO.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #3 – Dan Rawlings vs. Hiroshi “El Samurai” Takamatsu

Shin Do Kumate IX - Dawn Rawlings Shin Do Kumate IX - Dawn Rawlings

Dan Rawlings of GriffonRawl Muay Thai in Brooksville , FL came in against Hiroshi Takamatsu of Team Toro Muay Thai in Bolingbrook , IL . Rawlings entered the ring and performed the traditional Wai Kru / Ram Muay ceremony before the fight, bringing some tradition into his fight and the Shin Do Kumaté ring.

The fight started with both fighters feeling each other out and having very crisp and clean techniques. Rawlings was in control of the tempo and opened a cut over the left eye of Hiroshi in the first round. Rawlings kept pushing inside to work his hands and even got in a flying punch on Hiroshi against the ropes. At 1:30 into the second round, the referee stepped in to examine the cut and the ringside doctor found that Hiroshi was unable to continue, rendering the fight a No Contest, much to the dismay of Dan Rawlings and his corner.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #4 – Kate “The Killer” Meehan vs Mercedes Medina

Shin Do Kumate IX Shin Do Kumate IX

In the second female pro fight of the night, MKM Elite Fight Team Member Kate Meehan showed why she is one of the top female fighters in North America as she knocked out Mercedes Medina of Valdez Kickboxing in East LA with a blistering shin kick to the body at 1:54 into the 1st round. Kate Meehan is scheduled to fight on April 15th in Holland against Dutch Dynamo Soumia for the 54 kgs WPKL World Title and will be represented by Master Mehrdad and MKM Knockout Promotions, Inc.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #5 – Stefan “Shindent” ButinBik vs. Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepauprai

Shin Do Kumate IX - Ajahn Suchart vs. Stefan Butin BIk Shin Do Kumate IX - Stefan Butin Bik vs. Ajahn Suchart

The second to last fight saw Stefan ButinBik of USA Muay Thai in Crystal River, FL and the Shin Do Kumaté Male Lightweight Champion take on Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepauprai of Siam #1 in Toronto , Canada . Ajahn Suchart took this fight on less then 2 days notice when the original opponent, Christian Allen , ripped his ACL. When asked if he was ready to fight on such short notice, Ajahn Suchart replied with a smile and said, “I am always ready!” Ajahn Suchart is a former Lumpinee Stadium Champion and his last fight was a bare knuckle fight in his home country of Thailand . The fight started off with ButinBik being very cautious and circling constantly. Ajahn Suchart was very relaxed in the ring and even playing to the crowd, dropping his hands and shaking his body whenever ButinBik connected. ButinBik seemed a little uneasy as Ajahn Suchart continued to press his attack. Then out of nowhere the fighters clinched and Ajahn Suchart picked up ButinBik and body slammed him to the canvas! Apparently, the slam seemed to relax ButinBik as he was now able to move more agile and let his hands go. The crowd was definitely getting into the fight as the noise was almost deafening. ButinBik had an excellent game plan of constantly moving in and out and never staying in one place for too long, so as to not allow Ajahn Suchart to land his very powerful kicks. Even with his moving, Ajahn Suchart landed some strong kicks against ButinBik, which we later found out broke the skin on ButinBik’s hip, causing it to raise a nasty contusion and start to bleed. The 3rd round saw ButinBik become a lot more aggressive and catch the shin-kicks of Ajahn Suchart and then hitting him with a strong hook to the head dropping Ajahn Suchart to the canvas, rendering ButinBik a TKO.

Shin Do Kumate IX Pro Fight #6 – Main Event – “Persian Warrior” Master Mehrdad vs. Rick “The Jet” Roufus

Shin Do Kumate IX - Master Mehrdad vs. Rick Roufus Shin Do Kumate IX - Rick Roufus vs. Master Mehrdad Shin Do Kumate IX

The crowd was explosive as the earlier fights had built up the anticipation for the main event between Master Mehrdad “The Persian Warrior” of St. Petersburg , FL and Rick “The Jet” Roufus of Tempe, AZ. There has been some animosity building up between the fighters as both of them assured everyone that at the end of the night, they will be victorious. The first round saw Roufus wanting to go toe to toe with the Persian Warrior until he took a couple of hard shin-kicks to the arms and legs. After that, Roufus seemed more cautious and reverted to his style of staying outside and peppering shots in to Master Mehrdad.

The 2nd round saw the Persian Warrior work his leg kicks and some hard kicks to the arms. Roufus was able to push in his left hand, timing the round kick from the Persian Warrior. Up to the third round, both fighters had knocked each other down earning opponents knockdowns and the tempo of the fight was increasing. Roufus was moving a lot more, trying to stick and move as Master Mehrdad, with a great look of determination on his face, was walking him down.

Once the 3rd round started, both fighters came out with no hesitation. Master Mehrdad continued to use his leg kicks, not letting Roufus get inside. Roufus was forced to stay outside and use his left hand. At 1:36 into the 3rd round, Master Mehrdad took a left hand to his shoulder while delivering a kick to the inside leg of The Jet. As Master Mehrdad stepped back, his left knee buckled under him and gave way. The referee saw the knee buckle and would not allow the Persian Warrior to continue, giving Roufus the win. This fight was packed with action and excitement and no one wanted to see it end the way it did.

On a special note from Master Mehrdad, he writes:

Shin Do Kumate IX

“I would like to thank Rick Roufus for coming to fight on our card. I respect him for stepping into the ring against me. I am not saying that I am the baddest fighter in the world, but after all my other opponents backed out, Rick Roufus stepped up and fought me. I wish him the best of luck in the upcoming K-1 USA and I look forward to the opportunity to fight him again at the St. Pete Times Forum. This rematch is pending the Jet’s outcome in K-1 and we will announce it in May once the contracts are signed.

I’d like to also thank Mr. Tofan Pirani of Sweden who flew in to train me for 10 days for the Roufus fight. Tofan will be fighting on our next card at the St. Pete Times Forum under full Muay Thai rules.

In the undercard bouts of the evening, even though they fight under the title of Amateurs, these fighters showed tremendous heart and true potential.

In the first Undercard bout, Maro Kim of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai in Orlando , FL stopped Chad Johnson of World Class Martial Arts in Tampa , FL in the 3 rd round with some devastating knee strikes to the stomach. Kim was in control of the whole fight and in the end Johnson couldn’t withstand the onslaught.

The next undercard bout saw local Amateur fighter Lars Letonoff of World Shin Do Kumaté Association under Master Mehrdad take out Gregorio Simmons of 360 Mixed Martial Arts in Daytona FL. A cut was opened up right above the left eye of Letonoff and once he smelled his own blood, he took the fight to Simmons, stopping him in the second round.

The last undercard bout of the evening saw Brian Sheaffer, who also fights under the banner of Master Mehrdad’s World Shin do Kumaté Association win a controversial decision over Brian Eckstein of Diamond Dutchman Muay Thai in Orlando . The deciding factor of this fight was a knockdown in the first round when Sheaffer hit Eckstein on the side of the head with a powerful right hook.

On September 9th, 2006, you do not want to miss the biggest Muay Thai Event ever to hit North America as Shin Do Kumaté X, Championship Night”, comes to the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL.

You can catch the Shin Do Kumate IX on Pay Per View, Video on Demand, premiering on March 18th at Midnight.

For more information and Pay Per View schedules check your cable listing.



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