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Shin Do Kumate IV Resutls – Kate Meehan, Stefan Butinbik and more

Shin Do Kumate IV – Stefan Butinbik, Kate Meehan and more Muay Thai Fighters – The fourth exhilarating tefanhin Do Kumaté fights were held on the 18th of October at the University of South Florida Marshall Center Special Events building. An excited crowd cheered on sixteen fighters throughout four amateur and four professional bouts. The entertaining event also featured appearances by Miss Tampa USA, Ann Poonkasem, who sang the national anthem, and singer Jessica Ramos, who performed during the intermission.

Master Mehrdad, the host of the event, apologized for his canceled fight against Pedro Fernandez. A late cancellation from Fernandez left Master Mehrdad without an opponent. Master Mehrdad promised to fight at Shin Do Kumaté V, to be held on the 13th of March 2004.

A moment of silence was observed to commemorate the life of Alex Gong, the Muay Thai kickboxing legend who was recently murdered in San Francisco during a confrontation with a car thief.

James Steele versus Joel Brock – Shin Do Kumate IV

Amateur Lightweight

The night kicked off with a short and bloody battle between two spirited lightweights. Steele spent most of the first round chasing down Brock, who slipped and fell twice in his efforts to evade Steele’s fists. Brock suffered a severe bloody nose during the opening minute and began a profuse bleeding that lasted throughout the fight. A standing 8-count gave Brock time to regroup, but to no avail. Steele was able to land several more punches on Brock’s injured nose while Brock was only able to kick as he turned away from Steele. The referee eventually called a time out so the doctor could check Brock’s nose.

The second round saw more punishment from Steele until the fight was stopped by the referee at 44 seconds. Steele was declared the winner by TKO.

Joshua Mendenhall versus Jamal McLennan – Shin Do Kumate IV

Amateur Middleweight

Mendenhall of Crystal River made his fight debut against McLennan of Jacksonville. Riding on a previous victory, McLennan was prepared to add another win to his résumé. This fight was dominated by in-close fighting, controlled by McLennan, who sent several painful knees into Mendenhall’s midsection. McLennan finished the round strong with several well-placed kicks and jabs.

Mendenhall was able to maintain more distance during the second round, which allowed him to land many more punches. McLennan still controlled the round, however, and successfully maneuvered Mendenhall against the ropes for another series of hard knees. Towards the end of the round, Mendenhall’s corner began complaining that McLennan was holding the ropes in order to trap Mendenhall.

The third round began with more action than the previous two. The referee kept both fighters close to the center of the ring. Eventually both fighters began showing signs of fatigue. Mendenhall’s defenses lowered and he kept his attacks at a minimum.

McLennan exploded into the fourth round with more brutal knees. Mendenhall responded with a strong knee of his own and the two returned to the close-quarters fighting style of the first two rounds. Near the end of the fight, Mendenhall finished strong with a brief flurry of attacks that caught McLennan off guard.

A surprising and unpopular decision from the judges made this bout a draw.

James Mason versus Troy Couture – Shin Do Kumate IV

Amateur Middleweight

James Mason from Philadelphia, a winner at Shin Do Kumaté II, took on Troy Couture of Sarasota, Florida, in an energetic bout. Both fighters were very active, but their attacks were not damaging. The referee called a brief time out so Couture could fix his shin guard, which had begun to come free. Mason landed a solid punch to the face, but overall the round was uneventful.

Couture came out quickly for the second round, but the pace soon slowed considerably. Couture controlled the round until a flurry of punches from Mason stopped his momentum and brought a roar from the crowd.

Couture once again controlled the pace in the third round, but most of the best punches were thrown by Mason. In order to maintain distance, Couture threw several kicks which were largely ineffective.

Mason came out to finish in the fourth round. Couture remained energetic and showed an impressive variety of attacks including punches, kicks, knees, spinning roundhouse kicks, and spinning backhands. When Mason delivered a series of harsh punches to Couture’s face, it looked as if the fight would soon end. Couture stood firm, however, and even managed to put Mason against the ropes for the bout’s conclusion. In a close decision, the win was awarded to Mason.

Roberto Hannon versus Craig Oxley – Shin Do Kumate IV

Roberto HannonProfessional Lightweight

A 44-second fight between Hannon and Oxley, both of Jacksonville, began with a flurry of punches from Hannon that put Oxley into the corner. Oxley bided time until he saw an opening, then delivered a series of powerful, close punches that sent Hannon to the mat. Hannon remained down until the full 10-count was concluded.

Dan Rawlings versus Ra’Karma Young – Shin Do Kumate IV

Dan Rawlings vs Young

Professional Lightweight

In what turned out to be one of the most exciting bouts of the evening, Rawlings of Brooksville, Florida, took on Young of Oakland, California for four rounds of non-stop action. Most activity during the first round came from Rawlings, but he was unable to do anything serious. Young threw a few strong punches, but each of them was countered by Rawlings. Overall, it was a strong round for both.

Both fighters returned with lively moves for the second round. A fall by Young was ruled a slip by the referee. While in close, Rawlings landed some good knees and Young responded by literally throwing Rawlings to the mat, for which he was warned. Both fighters gave and took many serious blows, primarily to the midsection.

With a seemingly endless supply of energy, both fighters started the third round strongly. After landing several impressive kicks to the face of Rawlings, Young became confident and allowed his defense to drop a bit. Young almost managed to finish the fight with a flurry of undefended punches to Rawlings’s face, but then once again threw Rawlings to the mat. Rawlings took a pounding in this round, but managed to impress the crowd by staying on his feet.

Neither fighter showing much fatigue, the fourth round began with Rawlings controlling the flow and Young looking for opportunities to take advantage of. A solid kick directly to the chest of Rawlings sent the surprised fighter to the mat. Young continued to dominate the round with several knees to Rawlings’s face, accompanied by several punches. The round concluded with Rawlings sending his own knees into Young’s stomach. Young earned the judges’ decision for his twelfth professional win.

Kate Meehan versus Lynda Loyce – Shin Do Kumate IV

Kate Meehan versus Lynda Loyce

Amateur Lightweight

Professional bouts were put on a brief hiatus as two female amateurs took to the ring for a vigorous bout. Meehan of Denver, Colorado, controlled the pace and traded non-stop blows with Loyce of San Francisco, California, through the first round. Loyce kept things relatively slow, but managed to land nearly every kick and punch she threw.

The second round was characterized by close-in fighting in which the two fighters traded knees to the body for the entire first minute. Meehan then resumed her control of the round. Loyce, however, began to show the strength of her technique by landing most of her well-timed kicks.

Meehan came out aggressively for the third round. Loyce maintained her look of intense concentration. Meehan’s fast and furious punches became less effective while Loyce’s attacks landed nearly every time.

The fighters locked up again at the start of the fourth round. The success gap widened as Meehan’s punches landed less frequently as Loyce’s well-placed attacks kept hitting their mark. Loyce was awarded the judges’ decision after four exciting rounds.

Stefan ButinBik versus Armando Ramos – Shin Do Kumate IV

Stefan ButinBik versus Armando Ramos - Shin Do Kumate IV

Professional Lightweight – Stefan Butinbik vs Armando Ramos

Stefan ButinBik of Crystal River, Florida, and winner at Shin Do Kumaté III returned to the ring to take on Armando Ramos of San Francisco, California, in an ill-fated bout that was over in less than one round. The fighters spent the first minute measuring each other up while launching a few calculated kicks and showing a reluctance to move in close. A hard kick from Ramos caused Stefan ButinBik to go to his knee and clutch his left arm. He stood up and tried to return to the fight, but he was forced to quickly go to his knee again and discontinue the bout due to a suspected broken arm. The fight was stopped during the first round at 2:01 and Ramos was awarded the TKO.

Roy Phillippy versus Christian Toleque – Shin Do Kumate IV

Kick Snap The Arm Shin Do Kumate IV
Professional Light Heavyweight

The main event of the evening began slowly as the two former Shin Do Kumaté winners sized each other up. Phillippy of Jacksonville, Florida, and Toleque of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, went head-to-head in a title match that ended quickly. Toleque concentrated on single, focused blows, then eased into combinations, but had trouble penetrating Phillippy’s tight defense. Phillippy spent quite a bit of energy on attacks that failed to land while Toleque kept a slow and steady pace that allowed him to land a higher percentage of punches. Toleque seized an opportunity to throw a powerful kick to Phillippy’s left arm that sounded a unsettling snap that was heard throughout the audience. Phillippy threw in the towel to take care of his suspected bone fracture and Toleque was awarded the TKO.

Despite the shortness of the final two bouts, Shin Do Kumaté IV was a huge success thanks to the spirited fights that preceded them. Once ButinBik and Phillippy heal, we expect to see more from the two heavy hitters. In the meantime, we’ll see you for more action at Shin Do Kumaté V in March 2004.




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