Shin Do Kumate III Results – Pedro Fernandez versus Lane Collyer

Shin Do Kumate III – The third Shin Do Kumaté fight was held at Special Events Center on the campus of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, the 12th of June 2003. The crowd arrived early for the event, which included three amateur bouts and five professional bouts sanctioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission, including the main event of Pedro Fernandez versus Lane Collyer. The winner of the main event will face Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi at Shin Do Kumaté IV on the 18th of October 2003.

Prior to the fight, Shin Do Kumate III founder Master Mehrdad was asked who he favored for the main event. Master Mehrdad said that because he has recently developed a friendship with Collyer, who he defeated at the second Shin Do Kumaté, he would prefer to fight Fernandez. He also remarked that several big name fighters who want to fight him have been in contact and that he expects to take them on one at a time and beat them all.


Speaking from the ring, Master Mehrdad once again stressed his commitment to establishing Muay
Thai fighting as the greatest competitive fighting style in North America. He brought all of the fighters into the ring, bowed to them, and wished them luck.

Kurt Curley versus Rubin Pepperkamp (‘John Doe’)

Amateur Heavyweight – Shin Do Kumate III


The first bout of the evening was an amateur match between Curley of Jacksonville, Florida, and Doe of Amsterdam. Amateur bouts differ from professional matches in that fighters wear shin and foot pads and the fight only three rounds. At the bell, both fighters came out with flurries of punches and kicks that seemed to do little damage. Curley moved in with a knee below the belt and was warned by the referee. Despite a lot of activity, neither fighter received significant blows.

In the second round, Doe came out with several good jabs and Curley returned with a series of knees that resulted in another below-the-belt warning from the referee. From this point on, the referee made an effort to keep the fighters further apart to prevent additional low knees. Curley became more aggressive but didn’t manage to land any serious punches or kicks. The strain of the match started showing on the face and movements of Doe, but he managed to squeeze in a few good connections.

Curley came out aggressively for the third round but failed to adequately defend himself. He threw several knees, which met responding knees from Doe. Doe took a more defensive stance, choosing to throw only when he expected to connect. Near the end of the round, Curley’s aggressiveness paid out as he worked Doe against the ropes with a series of strong punches and kicks that gained him the winning decision from the judges.

James Mason versus Lars Letonoff

Amateur Heavyweight – Shin Do Kumate III


The second amateur bout began with huge punches and kicks from both fighters, who moved in close to trade punches, then distanced themselves for kicks. Letonoff, who fights out of Jacksonville, Florida, threw an impressive jumping roundhouse at Mason, from Dunedin, Florida, but failed to connect for serious damage. Both fighters were extremely aggressive, with simultaneous attacks that excited the audience. This aggressiveness started to have an effect, however, and at one point Letonoff slipped and fell to thecanvas.

Letonoff returned to the second round with more impressive kicks, then switched to punches as
his energy level once again died down. Eventually his guard dropped, opening up an opportunity for Mason to pummel him with a series of punches that Letonoff was unable to defend against.

With Letonoff exhausted, an energized Mason dominated the third round and was able to land nearly every attack he threw. A right hook to Letonoff’s ribs sent Letonoff to his knees. At that point Letonoff told the referee he could not continue and Mason was awarded the TKO.

Suzie Montero versus Andrea Ortiz

Amateur Middleweight – Shin Do Kumate III


Two young women went head-to-head in the third and final amateur bout of the evening. Suzie Montero of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, brought her experience to the ring against newcomer Andrea Ortiz, a sixteen-year-old college student from Crystal River, Florida. Montero started strong and looked determined to end the fight early. At one point, Ortiz bounced off the ropes and straight into a punch that sent her to the canvas. The slip was not ruled a knockdown, however, and the action quickly resumed. The round was dominated by punches with very few kicks thrown. Although Montero controlled the round, Ortiz was able to sneak in a few jabs of her own.

As the second round began, Ortiz came out throwing and landed a good punch to the mouth of Montero, who quickly realized that she had forgotten her mouthpiece. After correcting the situation, Montero regained control of the round. Ortiz looked impressive, however, with a punch-and-run style that helped her land several good connections.

The third round saw both fighters punching furiously and mixing in some kicks as well. Ortiz began to slow down and opened herself up to several punishing kicks and punches from Montero. Overall, Ortiz made an impressive showing, but failed to gather enough points for a win. At the end of the third round Montero was awarded the

Sheldon Brown versus Christian Toleque

Professional Light Heavyweight – Shin Do Kumate III


The first professional bout of the night pitted the relatively new fighter Brown (one win by knockout) of Jacksonville, Florida, against the #7 nationally ranked Toleque of Davie, Florida. Toleque came out strong with huge knees to the stomach and ribs. The opening action was followed by a lull in which the fighters sized each other up. Toleque worked Brown into a corner and delivered another series of knees that Brown was unable to defend against. With Brown against the ropes, Toleque continued his punishment with several roundhouse kicks and punches. Brown responded with some punches of his own and caught Toleque off guard. With his feet too close together, Toleque lost his balance and fell to the mat and hit his head. The fall was ruled a slip and the round ended soon after.

Brown came out aggressively for the second round and threw some impressive kicks and an unsuccessful sweep. Toleque responded with numerous connecting kicks and punches that nearly sent Brown to the canvas.

Toleque controlled the third round with varied bursts of punches and kicks. Brown was showing serious exhaustion. Toleque connected with a knee to the chest that left Brown completely stunned and unable to defend himself. The referee moved in to declare a TKO in favor of Toleque.

Roberto Hannon versus Travis Crawford

Professional Lightweight – Shin Do Kumate III


In a short rematch from Shin Do Kumaté II, Crawford of Orlando, Florida, dominated over Hannon of Jacksonville, Florida. The bout began slow as the fighters measured each other up. Hannon began with a brief flurry of punches that resulted in a grappling match. Crawford’s technique of attacking with powerful knees, broken up by occasional punches, proved too much for Hannon. Crawford threw a quick left, followed by a solid right to the chin that sent Hannon straight to the canvas and nearly out of the ring. Doctors immediately rushed to the aid of the fallen fighter who eventually rose unsteadily and sat down on a stool. After a few minutes, Hannon was able to stand for the announcement of the winner, Crawford by knockout. This was great match. We can’t wait what will happen in the next match at Shin Do Kumate III

Roy C. Phillippy versus Timothy Bryant

Professional Light Heavyweight – Shin Do Kumate III


Two widely different fighting styles came head-to-head in the third professional bout of the event as Phillippy, who fights out of Jacksonville, Florida, took on Bryant of Plant City, Florida. Bryant came out with a flurry of punches that had little effect on the primarily defensive Phillippy. Phillippy spent most of the round blocking punches while throwing a token punch here and there. Once Bryant had worn himself down, Phillippy moved in with a series of knees that cut open Bryant’s left cheek.

Unmoved by the blood on his cheek, Bryant started the second round with another burst of attacks, though again with little damage. Phillippy concentrated on wearing away Bryant’s legs before delivering two brutal knees to the chin that sent Bryant to the canvas. After a mandatory eight-count, the referee declared Phillippy the winner by TKO.

Eric Haycraft versus Stefan ButinBik – Shin Do Kumate III

Professional Super Lightweight


Shin Do Kumaté II winner ButinBik of Crystal River, Florida, took on opponent Haycraft from Louisville, Kentucky, in an exciting bout. Both fighters started strong with lighting-fast kicks. ButinBik, wearing his trademark Batman shorts, threw a kick that was so high he fell to the canvas. The first round was incredibly intense and fast paced as the similarly styled fighters delivered blow after blow with a seemingly unending supply of energy. Towards the end, Haycraft finally started showing signs of fatigue which ButinBik was able to capitalize on. ButinBik landed a hard right, then focused his attention on the reddening bruise that was developing on Haycraft’s left leg.

ButinBik came out to finish as the second round began. Haycraft held his own until a kick to his bruised thigh rendered him unable to continue. ButinBik was declared the winner by TKO.

Pedro Fernandez versus Lane Collyer – Shin Do Kumate III

Professional Heavyweight


High stakes were riding on the main event. The winner will go on to fight Master Mehrdad at Shin Do Kumaté IV on the 18th of October 2003. Having already fought and lost to Master Mehrdad in Shin Do Kumaté II, Collyer, who fights out of Atlanta, Georgia, was out to prove that he had what it takes to go against Master Mehrdad again. Only Pedro Fernandez of Tijuana, Mexico, who holds an impressive record that includes twenty two knockouts, was standing in his way.

Collyer chose an interesting start to the bout – three roundhouse kicks – the same technique
used by Master Mehrdad that contributed to Collyer’s loss at the previous Shin Do Kumaté. However, in fewer than 30 seconds,
Fernandez landed a powerful left jab that sent Collyer to the canvas. Collyer immediately jumped back up, but was soon backed
against the ropes as Fernandez pummeled him. Collyer managed to move into the middle of the ring, only to be worked into the
corner. Fernandez delivered an uppercut, followed by an inside thigh kick. Then, a mere one minute and sixteen seconds into
the bout, he finished the fight with a terrifying knee to the chin.

Shin Do Kumate III

A smiling Master Mehrdad stepped into the ring to congratulate Fernandez and hand him the
winner’s trophy. Both men then raised their hands in the air, a reminder of their eventual showdown at Shin Do Kumaté IV in



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