Rick Roufus vs Master Mehrdad
Rick Roufus - Shin Do Kumate Champions - Muay Thai Tournament
Rick Roufus vs Gary Turner


Rick “The Jet” Roufus is an American Muay Thai champion. Rick Roufus was fighting out of Phoenix, Arizona from TNT Mixed Martial Arts Training Center. He is one of the most famous american kickboxers and has also participated in boxing and mixed martial arts events. He has won various championship in various weight classes such as super middle weight, light heavyweight and heavyweight. Roufus has hold titles for most of the major kickboxing associations such as (PKA, IKF, ISKA, FFKA and KICK), and he is known for his excellent boxing skills and powerful kicks techniques. Rick is one of the world class fighters that represents the art of Shin Do Kumate, and has fought 3 Shin Do Kumate events in 2006 and 2007. He fought against Master Mehrdad, Gary Turner, and  John James.

An interesting fact about Muay Thai champion Rick Roufus, is that he started his Martial Arts career by learning Taekwondo, and he quickly rose through the National Karate system. Rick has participated in three Shin Do Kumate bouts. He is holder of the kickboxing titles below

Rick Roufus Kickboxing Title

  • 2007 Shin Do Kumate XII Winner
  • 2006 Shin Do Kumate X Draw
  • 2006 Shin Do Kumate IX Winner
  • 2003 K-1 World Grand Prix 2002 Preliminary USA runner up
  • 2002 K-1 World Grand Prix 2002 Preliminary USA runner up
  • 1999 I.K.F. International Rules Heavyweight World Champion
  • 1998 K-1 USA Grand Prix ’98 champion
  • 1996 ISKA Full Contact Heavyweight World champion
  • 1994 IKF Full Contact Light Heavyweight World Champion
  • 1991-94 PKC Light Heavyweight World champion
  • 1991-94 ISKA Full Contact Light Heavyweight World champion
  • 1990 FFKA Light Heavyweight World champion
  • 1989 FFKA Super Middleweight World champion
  • 1987 KICK Super Middleweight World champion
  • 1986-89 PKC Middleweight U.S champion
  • 1986 PKC Light Middleweight U.S champion