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Remmy Bonnel


Remy Bonnel is a 41 year old light middleweight Muay Thai champion from France. He has an excellent professional Muay Thai record of 43 wins, 7 loses and 0 draws. He trained at USA Extreme Kickboxing in Miami, Florida. One of his first biggest bouts in USA was in Las Vegas versus Muay Thai fighter Duane Ludwig. Remy was victorious in this fight at K-1 max. Remy gained International Prestige by beating some of the best fighters in the world.

Remy has an interesting outlook on Muay Thai. He sees Muay Thai as a complete athletic sports that requires a lot of endurance, determination, and strategies to be successful. This combat sport has everything from strength, suspense, and techniques. Remy is one of the Muay Thai champion that represent the art of Shin Do Kumate, and he participated in various Shin Do Kumate competition. Remy Bonnel fought the following fighters Fernando Calleros, Josh Cooper,  Hiroshi Takamatsu, and Trevor Smandych. He was victorious in every single Shin Do Kumate fights.

Muay Thai Titles Hold by Remy Bonnel

  • 2008 Shin Do Kumate XIV Winner
  • 2005 Shin Do Kumate VII Winner
  • 2005 Shin Do Kumate VI Winner
  • 2004 Shin Do Kumate V Winner
  • 3 times French Thai Kickboxing Champion
  • 2 times USA Extreme Challenge Lightweight Champion
  • 3 Times Shin Do Kumate Champion.

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