MKM Knockout Promotions

Professional Muay Thai Fight Rules & Regulations

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1. All pro fighters must be at least 18 years of age when fighting in a Shin Do Kumaté Bout.
2. The following items must be submitted to MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC within 10 days of signing contract.
➢ Hepatitis B & C Test Results (must have been tested within 12 months prior to event)
➢ HIV Test (must have been tested within 12 months prior to event)
➢ Dilated eye exam (must have been tested within 12 months prior to event)
➢ Federal ID Card as required by the State Athletic Commission
➢ Fighter over 40 years of age must have an EKG and MRI of the head
➢ Fighter Bio
➢ Completed Fighter Questionnaire
➢ Signed Contract & Liability Release Form
➢ Photograph (5 X 7 Color) For Promotional purpose
➢ 5 Minute Video Tape – Most Recent


1. Men
➢ Lightweight – 130 to 135 Ibs.
➢ Super Lightweight – 135 to 140 lbs
➢ Middleweight – 150 to 160 lbs.
➢ Super Middleweight – 170 to 180 lbs.
➢ Light Heavyweight – 185 to 195 lbs.
➢ Heavyweight – 205 to 255 lbs.
2. Women
➢ Lightweight – 115 to 120 lbs.
➢ Middleweight – 125 to 130 lbs.
➢ Heavyweight – 145 to 155 lbs.


1. The Shin Do Kumaté consists of 3 rounds of 3 minutes each with 1 minute breaks.
2. Mandatory 8 count on all knock downs except flash knock downs, it will be the discretion of the referee.
3. Three knockdown rule is in effect/ 3 knockdowns in any one round the bout will be stopped.
4. Each round consists of a 10-point must system.
5. Fighter receives one (1) point deductions if knocked down by opponent.
6. Flash Knockdowns are in effect. A flash knockdown is when a fighter is hit with any technique (either punch or kick) and falls to the canvas but immediately regains his feet and is not visibly effected by the hit. This ruling will be used at the referee’s discretion.
7. Fighter cannot be saved by the bell in any round including the last round.
8. Kumate (fight) may be stopped by: the referee as the ref is the sole arbitrator of the ring. The fighter’s corner may stop the fight by notifying the commission inspector or climbing up on the ring apron.
9. Promoter provides fighters with 10 oz. gloves
10. 10 yards gauze 2 inch, 5 yards tape 1 inch on each hand. No gauze or tape can be applied over the knuckles except for thin strips of tape between the knuckles which connect the backhand wrap to the palm-side of the wrap. No Pads permitted under gloves other than the glove padding itself. State Inspector must inspect and approve all wraps / gloves.
11. Certain fights, under the discretion of Promoter and upon the quality and ranking of fighters, shall be allowed the use of Elbow Strikes.


1. Fighters are required to wear a mouthpiece (single or double) and must have a second one in their corner.
2. Groin cup for men.
3. Females must wear a sports bra, and protective cup (pelvic girdle) to cover ovaries and coccyx side of hips.
4. Glove size up to and including 154 lb. fighter male or female will be 8 oz. and above 154 10 oz.


1. All hand strikes must be executed with a closed fist.
2. Spinning backhands; Backhand strike; Jab; Hook punches; Straight punches; and Uppercut punches.
3. Neck wrestling allowed if followed by a technique. This does not mean strikes to the throat or trachea nor is grabbing of either allowable.
4. Types of neck wrestling allowed are: Two-hand clench around the neck or Single-hand clench and reverse back of the hand behind the neck pull-down.
5. Roundhouse kicks to entire body; Hook kicks to entire body; Standing sweeps to lead leg, rear leg, and inside & outside leg.
6. Sweeping while holding leg is only permitted while using a technique and must let go of leg when fighter falls to the floor.
7. Knees are permitted to the body and head; not to groin or any joints.
8. Front kicks, side kicks, front sleeper foot check, and spinning back kick to the quadriceps.
9. Holding or clinching is permitted for a maximum of 5 seconds if followed by a technique. If 5 seconds have elapsed, the referee will break the action and restart. If continued holding resulting in breaks occurs, the referee may warn, deduct points or disqualify the person holding for excessive holding.
10. Elbow Strikes (Only certain fights, with discretion of Promoter)


➢ Low kicks can be strikes to inside/outside thighs, quadriceps, and hamstrings, inside/outside shins, calves, hips and side of buttocks.


➢ Double cross arm block at the time opponent is pulling neck down
➢ Double elbow block from guarded position (elbows tucked in). Note: Defense cannot use elbows to strike opponents knees. Can only use elbows to protect the body.


1. Eye Gouging
2. Biting
3. Hair pulling
4. Fish hooking
5. Spiking opponent to canvas on his/her head
6. Throwing opponent out of ring
7. Spitting at an opponent.
8. Unsportsmanlike Conduct
9. Holding the ropes
10. Abusive Language
11. Strikes to the throat and groin
12. Any straight kicks to the knees (from any angle).
13. Ground fighting or Grappling not permitted.
14. No hits on ground.
15. No strikes when fighter is down, during rest period, under care of the referee or physician, or after the bell.
16. Disregarding referees instructions
17. Timidity
18. Interference by corner
19. No Head Butting
20. No Strikes to the back of the head or spine
21. No Strikes to the Kidney area.
22. No throws allowed at any time.
23. No knees to the back of the head.
24. No clinching opponent’s lower back


1. KO
2. TKO
3. Disqualification of opponent
4. Winning by judges majority decision
5. Opponent forfeits / No Contest


1. Two fouls will result in disqualification by Referee.
2. Accidental illegal strike or head butt. Referee decides whether or not bout will continue with or without consultation with a ringside physician. If the fight cannot continue before 3 rounds have been completed, the outcome will be a NO CONTEST. If the fight cannot continue after 3 rounds have been completed, the outcome will be determined by the scorecards including partial rounds if initiated.
3. If decision is made to continue fight after an accidental low blow, fighter can take 5 minutes rest time and the referee will deduct 1 or 2 points from the penalized fighter or disqualification (at the discretion of referee). If the injured fighter cannot continue, that penalized fighter loses by TKO
4. Unethical conduct will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification from all Shin Do Kumaté Bouts.
5. Intentional fouls will result in a point deduction followed by disqualification.
6. Accidental fouls will result in a warning followed by point deductions as determined by the referee based on the severity of the impact of the foul. Continued fouls may result in disqualification.


1. Fighter, along with corner men and/or manager, should be present.
2. If already licensed with the Florida State Boxing Commission as a fighter, corner man, or manager for the calendar year, you must bring your state license with you. If not, you must a picture ID to obtain a license.
3. Fighters, corners, and managers needing to be licensed will be required to pay a license fee. MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC is not responsible to the state for these fees and will deduct any unpaid fees from fighter purses on the night of event.
4. All fighters MUST make weight, within the weight range specified in your contract, or you will be disqualified and liable to MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC for any liquidated damages.
5. All fighters are required to submit Hepatitis B & C Tests results, HIV Test results, and a Dilated Eye Exam prior to event date in accordance with Florida State Boxing Commission regulations. If any results have not been submitted by the Weigh-In date, you will be disqualified and liable to MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC for liquidated damages. Contact Health Testing at 1.888.732.2348 for the nearest clinic near you. You may also visit their website at If you’ve been tested within 12 months prior to event date, those results will be accepted.
6. All female fighters must bring a sealed PREGNANCY TEST with you to weigh in.
7. Tardiness of Fighter may result in a fine and/or disqualification by the Florida State Boxing Commission. Fighter must check-in at weigh-in by the time specified in contract and may not leave the weigh-in until excused by the State Official.
8. All bout rules and regulations will be reviewed in a group setting at the weigh-in and this meeting will be conducted by the Florida State Boxing Commission.