Main Event – Pedro Cassoma vs Tony Leone

The Main Event was one of the bloodies matches of the night. Pedro Cassoma consecutive strikes toward Tony Leone shin created massive damage to his shin area. This high pressure match, was a perfect example of a combat sports with sportsmanship, passion, and techniques.


Co-Main Event – Cyrus “Black Dynamte” Washington vs. Alex Berrios

The Co-Main event was one of the most anticipated matches of the evening. When two World-Class Muay Thai fighters meet. Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington rank #8 in the Muay Thai world vs. Alex Berrios an experience and title striker in the world of combat sports. Alex Berrios had one of the most active and interesting intro of the night.

Full Thai Rule Undercard Bouts – Avery McPhatter vs. Warren Thompson

Most of Shin Do Kumate XVII undercard bouts follow Full Thai rules with elbows. Avery McPhatter vs. Warren Thompson bout was a bout with two interesting entrances. Their entrances portray perfectly their personality. Avery McPhatter is a fighter that specialize in MMA and is moving to Muay Thai, while Warren Thompson specialize in Muay Thai. This was also Warren Thompson, second Shin Do Kumate event. This match was so close and even that the winner was decided by split decision.

Full Thai Rule Undercard Bouts – Maros Pacan vs. John Morehouse

John Morehouse is a striker in the combat sport world from Winsconsin. He is an experience fighter with knockouts. In the other side, Maros Pacan is making his pro deview from Slovakia. This match is a perfect example of how a striker’s technique can overcome range disadvantage. It was slow paced match, but very calculative since Maros Pacan had to get on range while being on a disadvantage.

Full Thai Rule Undercard Bouts – Michael Stripling vs. Chris Burgett

This undercard bout was the first of the evening with a great display of counter techniques. This was also the first bloody match of the evening.

Full Thai Rule Undercard Bouts – Johncy Lindor vs. Johnny Baldridge

Johncy “The Kickboxer” Lindor vs. Johnny Baldrige was an intense Muay Thai fight of the night. Both fighters had a great display of skill and movement that can be achieve in a combat sport. This great display of skill and power was the cause of the first TKO of the night.

Combat Sport – Undercard Bouts – Johnny “Speed” Garcia vs. Rich Grindle

This combat sport match was between to pro deview fighters. Both fighters specialize on speed and techniques. Since both fighters are based on speed, the winner will be decided by their stamina.

Undercard Bouts – Joe “Formiga” Cortez vs. Eric Peebles

This was the first match of the show. Joe “Formiga” Cortez  and Eric Peebles are two fighters that specialize on power. This match was fill with so much power and resulted on the first knockdown of the evening.

Calm before the Storm – Fighters Preparation and Interview