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Only In America – Shin Do Kumate Largest Growing Muay Thai Event

One Man’s Dream Becomes Reality Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi passion leads to an honest reality

In recent years the Boxing industry has seen its reputation take some heavy blows to the body. This is possibly due to outcomes that are questionable and promoters being more concerned about money then re-establishing the sport’s image. But Don King’s famous coined phrase, Only in America, will always stay with me no matter were the sport goes. Those words stood true when I met Master Mehrdad, The Persian Warrior, of MKM Knockout Promotions. Master Mehrdad is an 8th Dan Black Belt and has studied martial arts for over 30 years and is the founder of the company that bears his initials. Master Mehrdad grew up with dreams of being a world renowned fighter like Muhammad Ali. Master Mehrdad has fought in hundreds of fights all over the world but found it hard to find worthy opponents and promotions that were trusty worthy of bringing honor to the sport. In 2002 MKM Knockout Promotions was created to promote Shin Do Kumaté The Way of the Fighting Spirit an international professional full-contact martial arts event. The Persian Warrior created the promotion with their mission to become the world’s premier fighting organization by establishing the largest professional Full Contact Martial Arts and Muay Thai event in North America.

Only In America – Shin Do Kumate Largest Growing Muay Thai Event

Since its creation Shin Do Kumaté has become the largest growing Muay Thai event in North America. Now Master Mehrdad is sharing his passion, honor and tradition for martial arts in the Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior. It is amazing to speak with the Persian Warrior and see his passion and drive in turning a one-time dream into such an exciting reality. Master Mehrdad has made it a personal mission to bring awareness, knowledge and tolerance towards the cultures of which martial arts descended from. The promotion also does charity work to help children who are underprivileged and in foster care with finding homes and legal assistance. Master Mehrdad has such a calming presence about himself; it’s amazing to think he could bring you to your knees with one kick. America was the opportunity but it was a mans will and determination to bring his vision into what we see today. What is even more amazing is that Don King was right, Only in America!

Come and see Master Mehrdad’s vision for yourself, Saturday September 9, at the St. Pete Times Forum at 7 p.m. Tickets available at MKM Knockout Promotions also holds amateur fight nights at the Cuban Club in Ybor City. For previous coverage of the amateur event check out



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