Amateur Muay Thai Classic Fight Rules:

World Shin Do Kumaté Association is based on the fundamentals of traditional martial arts.

  • Amateur bouts consist of 3 rounds of 2 minutes each for both Men and Women with 1 minute breaks.
  • Proposed Title bouts may go up to 5 rounds of 2 minutes each
  • All fights are single elimination – no tournament style.
  • 10 Countdown Rule on all matches which renders a KO.
  • 3 Knockdowns in a round whereas the fighter is not defending him/herself renders a TKO.
  • Flash Knockdowns are in effect. A flash knockdown is when a fighter is hit with any technique (either punch or kick) and falls to the canvas but immediately regains his feet and is not visibly effected by the hit. This ruling will be used at the referee’s discretion.
  • Flash knockdowns do not score points on judges’ scorecards, but will be considered by judges if bout goes to decision.
  • Standing 8 counts does not result in a knockdown.
  • Each bout consists of a 12-point must system.
  • Fighter cannot be saved by the bell in any round including the last round.
  • Fight may be stopped by the Referee or Physician at anytime. In addition, the fighter’s corner may stop the fight by stepping onto the ring canvas if they feel their fighter cannot continue.

Muay Thai Classic Fight Rules – Legal Strikes:

All Boxing techniques are allowed.

  • All hand strikes must be executed with a closed fist.
  • Spinning backhands are allowed with gloved area only.
  • Roundhouse kicks to entire body (above the knee).
  • Front kicks, Sidekicks and Hook kicks above the waist only.
  • Catching kicks is permitted, but fighter may not take more than two steps without throwing a
    technique. After throwing 1 technique with a caught leg, you must let go.
  • Throws and circle of the clinch allowed at any time.
  • Knees to the body as agreed upon by WSDKA and Event Promoter. (Based on WSDKA approval
    / determination based on fighter experience and amateur record)
  • Elbow strike allowed to the body only. (Based on WSDKA approval / determination based on
    fighter experience and amateur record)
    Low Kicks & Clinching:
  • Low kicks can be strikes thrown to the inside/outside thighs, quadriceps, and hamstrings.
  • Fighter has 5 seconds to execute hard and effective clinch techniques, otherwise they will be
  • Fighter may not hold onto opponent in tight neck wrestling or clinch while throwing weak knee
    strikes to opponent (no point) and will be separated by referee. All clinches need to be executed
    by proper technique and directly executed strikes.

Muay Thai Classic Fight Rules – Illegal Strikes / Conduct:

  • Head Butting
  • Eye Gouging
  • Biting
  • Strikes to the back of the head or spine
  • Strikes to the Kidney area.
  • Elbow Strikes to Head
  • Knee Strikes to Head
  • Spinning Elbows to the Body
  • Hair pulling
  • Neck cranks or holding
  • Wrestling holds or arm locks
  • Fish hooking
  • Spiking opponent to canvas on his/her head
  • Throwing opponent out of ring
  • Tripping or sweeping. No contact to opponent’s lower leg with the side of foot.
  • Spitting at an opponent.
  • Holding the ropes to attack or defend
  • Grabbing the lower back in clinch
  • Offensive Language
  • Strikes to the throat
  • Strikes to the groin
  • Any kicks to the knees (from any angle).
  • Ground fighting or Grappling not permitted
  • No striking before/after the bell or when referee intervenes during match
  • Disregard of instructions by the referee.
  • Intentionally spitting out your mouthpiece
  • Interference by corner.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  • No ground grappling, no hitting when the fighter down on the ground and no judo throws.
  • Timidity or turning your back – Referee will warn 1 time, 2nd time results in point deduction, 3rd
    time results in TKO win to opponent.

Match Results

  • KO
  • TKO
  • DQ
  • Winning by majority decision of the judges.
  • Forfeit/NO CONTEST

Muay Thai Classic Fight Rules – Penalties:

Accidental illegal strike or head butt:

  • Referee decides whether or not bout will continue – with or without consultation with
    ringside physician.
  • If match cannot continue before 2 rounds have been completed, the outcome will be a

Muay Thai Classic Fight Rules – NO CONTEST

  • If match cannot continue after 2 rounds have been completed, the outcome will be
    determined by the scorecards including partial rounds if initiated.
  • Accidental Low Blow
    • If accidental low blow occurs, fighter can take up to 3 minutes recovery time and warning
      will be issued
    • Accidental fouls will result in a warning followed by point deductions as determined by the
      referee based on the severity of the impact of the foul. Continued fouling may result in

      • First foul = Warning by Referee
      • Second foul = Point deduction
      • Third foul = Disqualification.
        • Intentional fouls will result in a 2 point deduction with disqualification if repeated.
        • Unethical Conduct will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification
Muay Thai Classic
Muay Thai Classic
Muay Thai Classic
Muay Thai Classic Fight Rules
Muay Thai Classic
Muay Thai Classic Fight Rules
Muay Thai Fight Rules
Muay Thai Classic
Master Mehrdad's Muay Thai Classic XXIV

Fighter Equipment

  • Fighters are required to wear a mouthpiece (single or double).Shin pads are mandatory (cloth pads are not allowed).
  • Head gear is mandatory (open face)
  • Only 12 oz. Boxing Gloves are allowed to be used for adult fighters.
  • Glove weight for Minors will be under 12 oz. and glove size depends on weight and age of
  • Muay Thai Shorts are mandatory for all fighters or traditional Martial Arts Uniform. No
    shorts, Spandex, etc. allowed.
  • Groin cup is optional for all male fighters.
  • Breast cup protection is optional for all female fighters.
  • Fighters may wrap feet/ankles with gauze/tape.
  • Gauze and Tape:
    • Gauze should be the soft-stretch or soft type, and may not exceed two inches in width.
    • Tape shall be soft adhesive and shall not exceed 1.5 inches in width.
    • May use up to one ten yard roll of gauze, and not more than two yards of tape for each
    • Gauze shall be used for the protection of hand only.
    • Tape shall be used to hold gauze in place only, and may not be placed over the knuckles
      or used for protection. Only one strip of tape may be placed between fingers.
    • Up to twelve feet of tape may be used to wrap each foot and ankle.
    • The inspector must inspect all hand and foot wrappings, and must sign across each hand
      before gloves are secured on hands.
    • The wrist of each glove is then taped, and inspector must sign the tape on each glove.

Fighters are required to provide their own:

  • corner supplies including gauze, tape, and water
  • at least two white cotton towels
  • mouthpiece plus spare
  • shin pads
  • groin cup
  • breast cup protection for females
  • sealed pregnancy test for females, to be brought to official weigh-in

By Muay Thai Classic fight rules no rings or jewelry may be worn during match. All body piercings must be removed. Approved elastic joint supports may be worn on ankles and/or knees.