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Shin Do Kumate Muay Thai Trials and Tribulations – Dec 2006

Shin Do Kumate Muay Thai Trials and Tribulations

Shin Do Kumate this weekend was a summation of a year full of Muay Thai trials and tribulations for Team USA. We tested two of our very best at Shin Do Kumate – Keri against someone with almost 6 times the amount of ring experience as herself and Michael against someone who is naturally 15lbs heavier than he is. Furthermore, both fighters fought full Muay Thai rules. Despite having the cold and being plagued with minor injuries, Michael and Keri fought with so much heart this weekend. Their losses are tests that would be their greatest learning experience and Muay Thai trials.

Keri’s fight with Jeri Sitzes was predicted to be a KO by Jeri considering how strong and experienced she is. Keri trained hard and stepped up to the plate, doing what most other fighters would not do. The fight was action packed with Keri answering every one of Jeri’s offense. While Jeri may have stunned Keri with her punching, Keri gave Jeri a taste of Muay Thai by landing a devastating flying knee. What might have winded Keri were the four times she was thrown to the ground by Jeri, with no warning from the ref. Nonetheless, Jeri dominated with her boxing skills and the judges awarded her with the split decision.

Michael agreed to fight reknowned fighter Shane Campbell at 147lbs but understood that Shane was naturally about 160lbs. Besides the promoters being unable to find anyone else for Michael, a fight with Shane would test Michael at a different level. Both fighters came out very strong but shortly into the first round Shane cut Michael with an elbow that forced the doctors to stop the fight (certainly reminiscent of Michael’s TKO over Shawn Yacoubian). The two fighters both sustained cuts with Michael’s being the one that ended the fight. Had the fight continued, it would have been one of the best of the night as these two are fresh young talent. Shane Campbell certainly impressed all with his skills and when Michael is ready to fight at a heavier weight class, these two should give it another go.

Congratulations to Michael, Keri and Kru Sam for their dedication, hard work and passion. We are proud of their fights for the result certainly did not truly reflect the greatness with which they fought. They remain true champions unafraid to test themselves and learn from their losses. We are also grateful to MKM Promotions, Master Mehrdad and Joel Collins for putting on this impressive show and accommodating our team.

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