Muay Thai Sanctioning – World Shin Do Kumate Association Inc. (WSDKA) is an official governing body that oversees all amateur Muay Thai & Kickboxing competitions. WSDKA was appointed by the Florida State Boxing & Athletic Commission in 2002 to sanction the sport of amateur kickboxing and Muay Thai in the State of Florida. WSDKA is the leading Muay Thai sanctioning fight organization in Florida which governs and oversees rules and regulations for Muay Thai Classic Tournaments, as well as other kickboxing promotions.

The fundamental objective of WSDKA is to educate young fighters throughout the sport and to help them recognize the practice and the sport of Muay Thai as a basic principle of tradition, honor, loyalty, respect, and integrity of the Muay Thai culture and to help build the “Art of 8 Limbs” at both an amateur and professional level in North America, as well as around the world.

Master Mehrdad is the President & Executive Director of WSDKA with over 4 decades of experience in Martial Arts and Muay Thai and is recognized for exceeding milestones in the Muay Thai fight industry in North America. In 2002, his professional fight league (MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC) was the first fight promotion outside of Boxing licensed by the State of Florida to produce a Professional Martial Arts event.  Within his professional fight league, he was also the first to provide opportunities for female fighters to turn Pro while other promotions in the U.S. recruited females to fight without protective gear, giving the image of a professional bout but without fight purses. Master Mehrdad signed female fighters for Title Bouts and began gaining respect from fighters around the world.

WSDKA maintains a continued commitment to train and certify officials, while supporting a platform that recognizes up and coming fighters and world class contenders at a National and International level.

About WSDKA - Muay Thai
About WSDKA - Muay Thai