This kickboxing match between Bruce Sesseman and Rami Ibrahim. This was a high level, ad high pace Muay Thai match . From the red corner Bruce Sesseman, takes on the challenge. Bruce as a Muay Thai fighter has come from a tough lost from a previous match. In order to reclaim his pride and expertise, he will give it all in this match. Bruce Sesseman has tremendous record of over 60 martial arts fights and his expertise ranges from Muay Thai to Tae Kwon Do.

What makes this bout interesting is that both Muay Thai fighters have the same fighting style. Both are heavy pressure, aggressive and energetic fighters. His opponent is none other than Rami Ibrahim. Rami Ibrahim is experienced in multiple Martial Arts and is ready to take this challenge.

Muay Thai Fighters in Shin Do Kumate – Muay Thai Tampa promotions. His fight interview before fighting.

Rami Ibrahim & Bruce Sesseman Muay Thai Fighter Interview Video by WSDKA