Muay Thai Fight Promotion

Unifying the Muay Thai Promotion Industry

Muay Thai Fight Promotion 

MKM Knockout Promotion is eager to make Muay Thai better known and widespread in the United States. Our promotion has been in existence since 2002 and in that time period we have brought Muay Thai to Florida through the Muay Thai Classic for our amateur fighter and Shin Do Kumate for our professional fighters. With so many talented fighters not only in North America, but the world, MKM Knockout Promotions is aligning itself to be the major Muay Thai Fight Promotion to bring the Muay Thai industry together. Unification is the key to success for the sport of Muay Thai.


Every person who studies or fights in the Martial Art of Muay Thai knows how exciting, artistic and brutal a Muay Thai bout can be. The passion for the sport is what makes skilled fighters so mesmerizing to watch. Unfortunately, with no unified league or commission for Muay Thai many fight fans never get to see the beauty of a hard hitting Muay Thai bout. Most professional sports have leagues and promotions already associated with them to the point they become synonymous such as Professional Football and the NFL or Professional MMA and the UFC.  What these major leagues and promotions offer are benefits and exposure that athletes couldn’t normally obtain on their own.


There are many benefits not only to the promotions and leagues representing these sports, but also for the athletes. With a more organized fight promotion, a more coherent Muay Thai community will emerge leading to increased exposure. A unified sanctioning commission and solid promotion helps to ensure safety regulations and standards are consistently met, which in turn protects the athletes. Making sure fighters are matched up evenly is also important so that athletes can continue to test themselves and audiences remain entertained. It is no secret that in all major sports, sponsorship is the driving generator of income for most athletes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, promotions also rely heavily on sponsorship funding to help pay the cost of high quality professional athletes and for event productions.  Sponsors and fight fans heavily value unified leagues because their exposure is dramatically increased.


There is power in numbers and when the Muay Thai fight community comes together as a whole more people will stop and take notice. A more unified Muay Thai Fight Promotion will help not only lead to more defined regulations and rules but also to increased exposure.  Increased standards and exposure are the keys to enhancing fighter match ups, statistics, improving safety measures and to generating more funding for the sport.

 Muay Thai Fight PromotionIt takes an expert in the industry to properly promote and excel the Muay Thai fight industry to the next level.  MKM Knockout Promotions is that expert and we are excited to continue our journey to enhance and unify the Muay Thai community in 2016 so all practioners can benefit. Strykerz TV is only the beginning of what we have in store for the coming years and the success of the industry.



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