This is Chris Cristini first pro muay thai fight. Chris Cristini has a record of 14-5. As an amateur that fought in Thailand championship, he  has the experience needed to take on Paul Marfort. This might be his first pro match but he has the tools to be victorious. Chris has train for 7 years and his adrenaline, mindset, and responsibility are his motivator in Muay Thai. His adversary Paul is the fan favorite of this bout. Paul Marfort is originally from Argentina and his fighting style consist of movement and positioning that allows him to take advantage of his hands and opponent. He is an experience pro Muay Thai fighter and he started his pro career in 2006.

Chris Cristini vs. Marfort fight in Shin Do Kumate – Muay Thai Tampa promotions. His fight interview before the bout. http://www.strykerztv

Muay Thai Fight interview – Paul Marfort & Chris Cristini – Kickboxing