Sweet Wheat & MKM Knockout Promotions Present
Amateur Fight Event – Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic XXIV

Bout # 1: Preston Styles 15 year old from Master Mehrdad’ s Martial Arts and Fitness only trained Muay Thai for 2 month with Master Mehrdad’s Kickboxing gym with some minor prior experience in Boxing. Wins his fight by decision against MMA fighter Devan Kidd from XFC, with wrestling and grappling background. This was a great bout with a lot of exchanges and Preston dominate the fight by Martial Arts kicking techniques which almost knockout his opponent. This was a exciting with high energy and both fighters did very well.

Bout #2: Eric Brown From Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Gym, took this fight on 3 day notice against Carlos Gutierrez from Action Fight League. Eric Brown won the fight by knockout and put up a very smart and techniqual fight as a true warrior.

Bout #3: Soudabah Moayedi 17 year old, fight was against the fighter Sally Braddon 25 year old from Chicago, IL with Team Toro Muay Thai. Sally was great fighter with a good record of 8-1-0 / 4. This match was the one of the best fight of the night with some hard boxing and kicking exchange form both and Soudabah came out with some hard body shot and double kick combination. This was a fast paste fight from begging to the end.

Bout #4: Shahnaz Moayedi 15 year old fight against Natalie Yip 27 year old won the Championship title. Natalie Yip from Canada, train with Grandmaster SUCHART one of the respectful Muay Thai trainer in the world. And this was North American Lightweight title fight for WSDKA of Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic XXIV. These two female Muay Thai fighter came out with power and had one thing in their mind to win that title. Shahnaz use her powerful leg kick, and her superb boxing skills which made Natalie Yip bleed from the nose but Natalie never give up and keep pushing and showing her heart. But in the end Natalie Yip could not keep up with 15 year old young Muay Thai boxer because of her hard kick and punches.

Bout #5: Desiree Samson one of the Master Mehrdad new and exciting Thai boxer who is currently making a name for herself in female kickboxing world and this was her fight number 4 and her 3 pervious fight end up in KO. This time she had very tough and well experience fighter name Margaret Mrozwiecz. She also from Canada and train at the same gym that Natalie Yip train at. Margaret Mrozwiecz came very hard and did very good by scoring some great kick against Desiree, but Desire came back by some fast and hard boxing skills which her opponent did not except also Desiree start catching all Margaret Mrozwiecz shin-kick follow by counter punch. This was a good match for both and they show heart and skills but in the end Desiree Samson won the fight by majority decision.

Bout #6: Mario Hurtado from master mehrdad fighting school with record of 1-0 and his last fight was July of 2009 and had few month of lay off from training. And his match was against a very good Muay Thai fighter Malick Smith from Team Toro Muay Thai gym under the Ricardo Perez. Malick came out very strong at first but find out very quick that Mario is great fighter with some good counter techniques as well, so he start fighting a bit smarter in next round but Mario did not have any more gas in his tang but still he perform very well against such a young 17 year old fighter and with great fighting record. Mario lost on decision but at last he compete against a very good fighter.

Bout #7: Gaines Slocum vs. Lloyd Walton it was a main event non title fight which end with quick knockout. Walton won the fight with Ko.


Bout #8: Andrew Lichaciovas vs. Avery Mcphatter. This was a rematch bout. Both fighters previously fought in February at the MMMTC XXIII where Avery McPhatter won by decision. Andrew Lichaciovas is from Chicago and Avery Mcphatter is from Tampa. Avery Mcphatter won match again against Andrew by decision.

Amateur Fight Event Bout #9: Alyssa McNabb vs. Brittannie Collins – Both of these fighters train out of the Tampa Bay area. This fight was Alyssa’s 2nd fight and Brittanie’s debut. Both fighters fought their heart out and brought the audience to their feet. Alyssa dominated the clinch movement, which is a very important element in Muay Thai techniques and won the fight by decision.

Amateur Fight Event Bout #10: Daniel Shelly vs. Joseph Cintron – Daniel Shelly is from Tampa, FL and Joseph Cintron is from Miami, FL. This was an exciting bout that went the distance. Joseph Cintron won by decision.

Amateur Fight Event Bout #11: Troy Taylor vs. Luis Rodriguez – Troy Taylor is from Tampa, FL and Luis Rodriguez is from Miami, FL. Both fighters threw great exchanges taking the fight the distance. Troy Taylor won by decision.

Last Amateur Fight Event Bout: Warren Holder vs. Sammy Rodriguez – Both fighters are from Tampa Bay, Florida. Sammy Rodriguez has an amateur MMA background where he prominently fought using grappling techniques and this was his Muay Thai debut fight where he could only use striking techniques. Both fighters threw great exchanges but Sammy Rodriguez dominated the fight and won by decision.