Fighting For Children Charity Fight Event

Muay Thai Classic XXII - Charity Fight EventThis exciting Muay Thai fight was hosted by Master Mehrdad and his team to benefit Fighting For Children, Inc. This was another great night filled with amateur muay thai fighters from all over the state of Florida competing for WSDKA titles. In this combat sports charity fight event, Gaines Slocum vs. Danny Lauchaire.

Winner: Gaines Slocum by decision for Middleweight WSDKA Florida Title. Tyler Gershowitz vs. Zack Lane: Draw. This was one of the best fights of the night and these great Muay Thai fighters are only 14 years old! David Hollister vs. Llyod Walton. Winner: Lloyd Walton by decision for the Middleweight WSDKA Florida Title. Muay Thai Classic XXII - Charity Fight EventDesiree Samson vs. Jennifer Kambhampati. Great Exhibition Fight packed with non-stop action. Jordan Otis vs. Rabih Tabbara. Winner: Jordan Otis by decision. Great amateur debut by Jordan Otis! Master Mehrdad only trained Jordan for only one month for this fight fight and went up against a great competitor Rabih Tabbara who had 3 fights under his belt.

Both fighters went all out. Erica Eberly vs. Tania Powell. Winner: Tania Powell by decision. Mark Bevacqua vs. Robert Mosier. desiree-6Winner: Mark Bevacqua from Olando Riviera Gym by Knockout for the Lightweight Florida WSDKA Title. Victor Kylakovskyi vs. Matt Hageman. Winner: Victor Kylakovskyi from Ali Tareh Ultimate Fighting School by TKO