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Stefan Butin Bik - Muay Thai Champion - Dutch Muay Thai


Stefan Butin Bik is Muay Thai fighter from Holland. He specialize in Dutch Muay Thai style of fighting. His weight class ranges from 130lbs to 135lb. He trained at Maeng Ho gym in Breda Holland in Muay Thai. His amazing professional record was 12-5 with one of his last fight being an under card match at Da ‘Caged Combat. Stefan Butin Bik also has an impressive amateur fight record of 61-7, he started his professional Muay Thai career with MKM Knockout Promotions in 2002 as a main event bout and fought against Kirk Bovell. He fought 6 times in Shin Do Kumaté and won the light weight title against Renato Guinn in November 19, 2004 on rematch. He is a fighter with a vast amount of experience. His experience in the ring and off the ring. He is a successful entrepreneur that owns Florida Fishing & Hinting Safari, and Butin Bik Combat Sports (USA Muay Thai Kickboxing). He is also knowledgeable in the field of nuclear engineering.

Stefan Butin Bik is one of the world class fighters that is currently representing the art of Shin Do Kumate as a Muay Thai champion.


Kickboxing Titles

  • Shin Do Kumaté XI Lightweight Winner
  • Shin Do Kumaté IX Lightweight Winner
  • Shin Do Kumaté VI Lightweight Champion
  • Shin Do Kumaté V Lightweight Runner Up
  • Shin Do Kumaté IV Lightweight Runner Up
  • Shin Do Kumaté III Lightweight Winner
  • Shin Do Kumaté II Lightweight Winner
  • Shin Do Kumaté I Lightweight Runner Up
  • 2000 IKBO National Lightweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 2000 USKBA World Lightweight
  • Welterweight Muay Thai Champion
  • 2001 IMTC Warriors Cup Lightweight Champion

Stefan Butin Bik vs Renato - Muay Thai Champion - MMA

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