Muay Thai Bouts – Shin Do Kumate VIII Results

Muay Thai Bouts Shin Do Kumate VII Results
September 17th, 2005USFMarshallCenter,Tampa,FL
by: Joel Collins

September 17, 2005 – Tampa , Florida was filled with a night of concerts, sporting events, and entertainment, but Shin Do Kumaté VIII still pulled in a full house to witness action packed Professional and Amateur full-contact Martial Arts and Muay Thai bouts. These fights featured male and female fighters from the U.S and Canada.

Prior to kicking off the pro bouts, an announcement was made that the Florida State Boxing Commission wouldn’t allow James Sisco to fight against Master Mehrdad in the Heavyweight Main Event title fight. James Sisco showed up at the weigh-in the night prior with an air-cast on his left arm. He was the 4th opponent lined up to fight Master Mehrdad for this fight alone, and the 8th opponent to withdraw in the past 4 events. Nevertheless, the night was filled with excellent bouts and proved to be an eventful evening ending with Master Mehrdad’s fury, as he undoubtedly is “more than ready” to fight anybody who is willing to accept his challenge.


Muay Thai Bouts #1 Maro Kim vs. Dominique Simmons

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The first bout featured Maro Kim of Orlando, FL against Dominique Simmons of Daytona , FL. Simmons came into the fight almost 6 inches taller then Kim! The advantage made little difference to Kim however, who dominated the whole fight and finished the fight with a flying punch to Simmon’s head to win by TKO in the 3rd round. This bout got the crowd so pumped up, that the energy carried through to the last fight of the night.

Muay Thai Bouts #2 Natalie Keene vs. Casey Bohrman

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Next on the Card was an Amateur Middleweight Female Championship bout between Natalie Keene of Tampa , FL and Casey Bohrman of Philadelphia , PA. Natalie came out like a firecracker, throwing everything she had at Casey. She sure did stun Casey a few times and definitely won the first round, but by the start of the second round it was evident that she had nothing left. Casey Bohrman was able to hit her at will and inflict a ton of damage. Bohrman won the fight by unanimous decision and was awarded the belt. Although Natalie lost, she proved to be a true warrior by withstanding the continual blows and kept her hands up to not allow Casey the knockout she was going for.

Muay Thai Bouts #3 Vivian Leung vs. Emily Bearden


The last amateur fight had the crowd on their feet! Vivian Leung of Saskatchewan, Canada fought Emily Bearden of Brooklyn, NY for the Amateur Female Lightweight Championship. These female warriors pounded each other with everything they had for four rounds straight! Every time Vivian punched, Emily came right back with a kick. Each time Emily punched, Vivian punched harder. By the end of the fight, Emily Bearden looked like she had been through a battleground, and Vivian Leung’s left eye was swelling shut. The judges saw that although both fighters were battered, Vivian Leung had better exchanges and they awarded her the fight, along with the title. This was surely the most exciting fight of the night. We are all looking forward to seeing Vivian back for the February 25th card, where she will possibly face Sarah Ponce of Texas.

The Intermission between Amateurs and Pros showcased Carrollwood Black Belt Academy Martial Arts Demo Team of Tampa, FL, with head instructor Jean-Louis Miranda. The demo featured an outstanding kid’s performance to the song “Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting” followed by an exciting pad drill to Mortal Combat. Their performance got them a standing ovation.


Muay Thai Bouts #4 Shamal McMillian vs. Duane Hart

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The phenomenal Elaina Marrero sang the National Anthem to kick off the Shin Do Kumaté VIII Professional bouts. The first pro bout was between Shamal McMillian of Tampa, FL and Duane Hart who is also from Tampa. This was the shortest fight of the night, as Shamal knocked out Duane Hart with one brutal right hook to the head. Duane hit the canvas hard and was out cold for about one minute, which had the crowd on their feet wondering if he was okay.

Muay Thai Bouts #5 Travis Crawford vs. Ben Dauck

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The next fight of the night was between Travis Crawford of Tampa, FL and Ben Dauck of Hinsdale, IL. Both fighters looked good early on, but Travis Crawford was losing steam as the fight progressed and his corner was forced to stop the fight in the 3rd round, giving Ben Dauck the win by TKO.

Muay Thai Bouts #6 Michael Kuhn vs. Christopher Baten

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The third pro fight of the evening featured the big boys. Christopher Baten of Tampa, FL, who weighed in at 206 lbs, against Michael Kuhn of Reddington Beach, FL, who weighed in at 255 ¼ lbs! Both fighters came out determined to show they were the best heavyweight. Their exchanges often led to clinching and Kuhn throwing his opponent to the canvas. Halfway through the first round, Kuhn let go with a flurry of punches and a knee to the face of Baten. Unfazed Baten came back, and out of nowhere, hit Kuhn with a lunging right hand that knocked the bigger guy to the canvas and down for the 8 count. Christopher Baten won his first pro fight in exciting fashion.

Muay Thai Bouts #7 Kate Meehan vs. Jenypher Lanthier

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Shin Do Kumaté VIII ended with an explosive pro bout between MKM Elite Fighting Team member Kate Meehan of Denver, CO and Jenypher Lanthier of Toronto, Canada. These two ladies didn’t hold back, as they were fighting for the Shin Do Kumaté Female Lightweight Championship. The energy in the ring was felt by everyone! Kate Meehan has long been a crowd favorite, known for her inexhaustible energy and ability to throw kicks and punches for the whole fight. Round one started out with Meehan constantly moving and picking her shots. Lanthier did well to defend herself and dished out some of her own shots. When the second round started, it was apparent that Meehan had the upper hand in this bout. Meehan made it known that she was in total control of the fight. I have to give credit to Jenypher Lanthier though, she hung in there and showed great heart, but by the start of the fourth round, Lanthier couldn’t answer the bell, giving Kate Meehan the win and the title, accompanied by a confetti shower in the middle of the ring.

Overall, the night was a huge success. You won’t want to miss Shin Do Kumate IX scheduled for February 25, 2006 in Tampa, FL. Rick Roufus has been signed to fight Master Mehrdad “The Persian Warrior” in an explosive Heavyweight Main Event.



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