Mobile Carriers

Shin Do Kumaté fight videos programming is now available via multiple wireless and mobile providers: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint / Nextel, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Helio, and Ericsson. Fights are also available via our Strykerz Site. Experience great bouts and intense fights, and watch weekly tv series on our site.

Pay Per View – Shin Do Kumate brand is proud to be the leading brand in professional Muay Thai events. Experience the power behind Shin Do Kumate athletes and see for yourself the determination and passion our fights portray. Enjoy!

Where to Watch Strykerz Shin Do Kumate Pay Per View and Video On Demand Fights. All US, Canada and International Market 

US & Canada:

  • Charter Cable TV
  • Verizon FiOs
  • At&T


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About Shin Do Kumate Brand & Pay Per View Carriers

The Shin Do Kumaté brand is the world’s leading professional Muay Thai event and shows produced for television and Pay Per View. Shin Do Kumate is owned and operated by MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. Shin Do Kumaté programming is available via Weekly TV Series as human story, Pay Per View and Video On Demand through cable and satellite providers worldwide reaching millions of households.