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Moayedi sisters fight for family name

St. Petersburg, Fla. — Soudabah Moayedi always knew she wanted to be like her dad, Master Mehrdad Moayedi.

“He says when he put me in the crib to sleep and he would go in to work out, I would crawl out of the crib and he’d find me punching the walls,” Soudabah said.

Now instead of punching walls, she’s beating up on any and all competition in the light heavyweight division of Shin Do Kumate, which is a version of Muay Thai martial arts.

Moayedi Sisters

Moayedi sisters fight for family name - Shin Do Kumate

Master Mehrdad created the Shin Do style and is passing along his knowledge to his two daughters, 17-year-old Soudabah and 15-year-old Shahnaz.

“When you get asked about (learning from dad), you do take a step back and you look at everything he has accomplished in his life,” Shahnaz said. “We do. We follow his footsteps.”

“You know you’ve trained with the best Martial Arts and Muay Thai master,” Soudabah said. “No one can ever say you didn’t train with a good master.”

Shahnaz says she wants to pursue a professional fighting career.  Soudabah is taking the wait and see approach. Regardless, the sisters are making their dad proud by dominating the fighting style he made famous Travis Bell, 10 Connects Sports.




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