MMA in FL: The First Licensed Professional Muay Thai Event

Submitted by: Joseph Cunliffe Posted On 08/04/2002

The Florida State Boxing Commission licensed its first professional (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts event on Sat 20, 2002. The first World Shin Do Kumaté Bouts were held at the Pinellas Expo Center in St. Peter Florida.


The Shin Do Kumaté’ Bouts were created by Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi, the founder, creator, the World Shin Do Kumaté Association. Also based out of St. Petersburg FL, this exclusive Martial Arts and MMA established in 1993.

Originally from Persia, Moayedi is the President of Kong Shin Bup Hapkido and a Disciple of Tae Keuk Do Grand Master Inn Shuk Pak as a 6th Dan Black Belt. Moayedi is also a 4th generation of Persian Kushti Ka defense and grappling art from Iran.

Moayedi has devoted over 30 years of study and active participation in these traditional martial art system addition, Moavedi is an active fighter in full contact fights. Moavedi has been selected three times f competition.

This MMA night started with an amateur fight between Amanda Calderon from Miami, FL and Dawn M from Bradenton, FL. Calderon, just 14-years-old, has 10 years experience in American Kenpo & Go junior Black Belt. She has been a student of Master Mehrdad’s for just under 1 year and specializes Kung Fu. She fought at 5’2′, 128lbs. Her record includes 1996, 1997, and 1998 FBBA State Championship fighting division. Montague, who comes to the ring from Hollobaugh Karate in Bradenton, FL is 25 5’3, 122lbs and has been training in Kickboxing for approximately 7 months with an amateur recor She is a mother of one.

The first two rounds of this fight were dominated by Calderon who knocked Montague down 3 time straight kicks to the chest. Montague however came on strong in the third round with several quick combinations which brought the final score to a draw.

The second bout of the evening was between Larry Jarrett and Travis Crawford. Jarrett is 30 came to the Kumaté from the Mike Hollobaugh Thai Boxing School in Bradenton, FL. He weighed in stands 5’10, and sports 39-9 record. Crawford came to the Kumaté from Bob Robare’s Diamond D Muay Thai gym in Orlando, FL. He fought at 6′, 163lbs, and is 28-years-old.

This was a fast moving bout with both fighters landing many kicks and punches. Jarrett however w aggressive fighter and demonstrated excellent blocking techniques. These skills were what resulted the win by decision.

The third bout featured James Routson and Michael Shoffener. Rouston, also from Bob Robare’ Dutchman Muay Thai gym in Orlando, FL fought at 173lbs. His record is 2-1, with both wins from K Shoeffener, who drove to Florida from his home in Mexico for the fight, weighed in at 180lbs. His r and he has fought in Tiger’s World of Martial Arts under Amateur Muay Thai rules. He specializes in MMA, Boxing/Shoot Fighting.

Shoffener came out aggressively and was working Rouston over well, although Rouston blocked m incoming blows and kicks. When Shoffener started to get slightly winded, Routson took advantage delivered 6 devastating knees to Softener’s head, the first one opening a 3-inch gash on his forehe ultimately ended the fight with a technical knockout in the first round.

The fourth bout was between Joel Collins and Eric ‘The Hurricane’ Marshall. Collins is from Las and is 145lbs and 19-years-old. He holds a Blue Sash in Shaolin Kung Fu from the World Shin Do K Association under Master Moayedi, and has fought in Tiger’s World of Martial Arts under Amateur M rules. Marshall came to the fight from Bradenton, FL, where he trains under Master Mike Hollobaug

Both fighters were very aggressive in the first round of this fight, with Collins delivering the more p effective hits. Two minutes into the round however, Marshall delivered a strong left hook which roc back, causing him to twist his foot – breaking it and damaging one of his tendons to give Marshall t TKO.

The fifth and most exciting bout of the evening was between Kedric Umaa and Dekin ‘The Drag fights out of Miami, FL where he trains at the Unified Martial Arts Academy under Dwight Woods, s Thai Kickboxing. In his 3 years of experience he has amassed a record of 4-1-0. He weighed in at holds a green belt in Hapkido from Master Mehrdad’s Shin Do Kumaté Association in St. Petersburg, FL fought 175lbs and is 28-years-old.

Although this was Dekin’s first professional fight, he was by far the most challenging opponent of t His natural abilities showed against Umaa’s much more experienced style. While Umaa was able to knees to Dekin’s face, Dekin countered several of Umaa’s kicks with takedowns. Umaa showed visi frustration with Dekin’s abilities and resorted to verbal taunts for which the judge warned him to st went the full 4 rounds, with the close decision going to Umaa.

The sixth and final bout was between Stefan ButinBik and Kirk Bovell. ButinBik is from Holland 135lbs and is 32-years-old. His record was 2-1 with his last fight being an under card match at Da ‘Caged Combat.’ He trained at Maeng Ho gym in Breda Holland in Maui Thai. His amateur record w impressive 61-7. Bovell came from Barbados to fight at 138lbs and is 24-years-old. His extensive t experience includes 7 years in Muay Thai and 3 years in Jun Fan Gung Fu Fighting, with an amateu 1 with 2 TKO’s and a professional record of 2-0-0 with both wins by TKO.

This fight was very evenly matched with both fighters landing many kicks and blows. ButinBik land pounding spinning back kick to Bovell’s midsection in the first round to set the pace for the remain fight. Bovell returned the favor with several hard roundhouse punches landing to ButinBik head. Al Bovell won the fight by a decision after four rounds, ButinBik was able to raise a massive welt on B thigh that would have taken a lesser man out of the ring.

The next Shin Do Kumaté Bouts is scheduled for October 26, 2002 at the Pinellas Expo Center in S Florida, in which Master Mehrdad plans to fight the Heavyweight Main Event title bout to promote h

The World Shin Do Kumaté Association is located at in Clearwater, FL telephone number is: 727-573-8533 More information can be found at




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