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Fighter Life Stories – MKM Knockout Promotions Signs Partnership Deal

Excited to announce that MKM Knockout Promotions has partnered with well known company to produce documentary fight series and backstory of Shin Do Kumate Strykerz pro fighters to be aired and distributed on Strykerz TV and other Pay Per View channels and cable operators in global markets.

One of our programs will be about the strength, courage, determination, and discipline that it takes to become a Shin Do Kumate Strykerz Pro fighter. This show will explain the background of our Pro fighters and what it took for them to achieve their goals. It will go in-depth on their ideals, life stories, and how some of our fighters fight for children.

Our other show will cover about the story behind Muay Thai (the art of 8 limbs), and how this art can benefit and improve your life in the ring and out the ring. This show will featured known martial artist and art of 8 limbs practitioner as Master Mehrdad and others while they cover the philosophy behind the art and the benefits of learning or mastering it.

Our productions will also features live broadcasting of Shin Do Kumate fighting events and per-recorded broadcast of our bouts. Stay tune for more information.



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