Mixed Martial Arts interview with Master Mehrdad and Tim Burns promoting Shin Do Kumate II tournament. In the interview Master Mehrdad the founder of Shin Do Kumate explains how this art will help you grow as a person and fighter. He goes ahead and explains the difference between boxing, kickboxing, and Shin Do Kumate. Mehrdad also shows the determination and passion you need to be a successful Muay Thai fighter. The interviewer ask Mehrdad what Shin Do Kumate means. He explain that it stands for the way of the fighting spirit.

Tim Burns and Mehrdad also explain that one major key difference between boxing and Muay Thai. Shin Do Kumate is a full contact Martial Arts. Where elbow, knee, shin kicks can be target to various body part and you have to be ready to block and defend against them. In order for the fighter to defend and counter it, they will need intense training and dedication. They also explain that Shin Do Kumate is a real mixed martial art, where it will help you in the ring and out of the ring.

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Master Mehrdad and Tim Burns TV Interview Video About Mixed Martial Arts