Name: Master Mehrdad "Persian Warrior"
For Persian history and culture, visit:
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 235 lbs
Style: Shin Do Kumate' Hapkido − Kung Fu − Muay Thai & Persian Wrestling
Team: MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Fighting Record: 39 − 5 − 0 − 35 KO (44 Fight Total)
Skills & Defending Art: 6th Dan Kong Shin Bup Hapkido, 8th Dan Shin Do Kumate' & Ancient Hapkido/Kung−Fu - Destructive Kicker −Boxing with powerful knockout skills Master of submission & pressure point joint−lock, Master of grappling, Persian wrestler (Persian Kushti Kaj)

Persian & Iran History & Culture

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Fighting Experience

March 4, 2006 Shin Do Kumaté IX, Professional Full Contact Martial Arts, Tampa, Florida. Master Mehrdad fought six-time World Champ Rick Roufus. The fight was stopped in the third round due to Master Mehrdad's left knee buckling. Re-match is currently in the works for Shin Do Kumaté X.
February 15, 2003 Shin Do Kumaté II, Professional Full Contact Martial Arts, Tampa, Florida.  Master Mehrdad Winner of Heavyweight Main Event against Lane Collyer, ISKA & IKF Southeast Title Holder.
February, 2002 Selected to fight in K1 Elimination Tournament, Melbourne, Australia
July 7, 2001 K1 European Elimination Full Contact Championship, Istanbul, Turkey (Fight cancelled due to Turkish economy). Re−scheduled to fight in K1 Elimination championship, February 2002, Melbourne, Australia
May 19, 2000 Toughman Contest, Lakeland, Florida Winner by brutal KO against Jay "Jiggy" Thompson
March, 1999 Selected to fight in K1 Grand Prix, Osaka, Japan However, due to short notice, was not successful in obtaining passport renewal and Visa in time for the fight.
October, 1997 Finalist −Sabaki Challenge Championship Full Contact, No Pads, No Gloves Selected as 1 of the 10 Heavyweights picked worldwide − Denver, Colorado
June, 1997 Winner − Best of the Best World Full Contact Championship Same rules of Ultimate Fighting Championship − Winter Haven, Florida − Promoter: Berto Dieuseul
1989 − 1990 Grand Master Park − Tae Kwon Do "Open Style" Championship Winner of Black Belt Division − Continuous Full Contact Fighting − Toronto, Canada
1977 − 1982 Ancient Persian Wrestling − Champion for five consecutive years − Sari, Iran


March 21, 2001 World Shin Do Kumate' Association, Inc. 8th Degree Black Belt
by Ancient Hapkido/Shaolin Kung−Fu Association
May 15, 1995 Hapkido 6th Degree Black Belt "Master" Certification by Grandmaster In Suk Pak
March 1, 1994 Hapkido 5th Degree Certification by Grandmaster In Suk Pak
March 15, 1991 Hapkido 2nd Degree Certification by Grandmaster In Suk Pak

Training & History

2004 − Present Master Toddy's Muay Thai Training Camp, Las Vegas, Nevada − Trained under Master Toddy, Master Look Chan, and Master Chan. Master Toddy: "A Trainer of World Champions" −
2003 − Present Bobby Robare of Diamond Dutch Muay Thai 42 Yrs. Of Martial Arts Training & 23 Yrs. Of Muay Thai
1980 − 1991: Student of famous Chakuriki Dojo Amsterdam
1989: Earned Muay Thai Instructor Diploma by Mr. Pud Pad Noy Worawoot, the Greatest Muay Thai Fighter of all time
2003 − Present Michael Hoffman, Pro Kickboxing Sparring Partner Former European Kickboxing Champion − Germany/Dunedin, FL
2000 − Present Jason Clark, Pro Boxing Sparring Partner  St. Petersburg, FL
1997 − Present Londo Vivone, Pro Boxing Trainer President Dunedin Boxing Club, Dunedin, FL
Lead five state championships in Des Moines, Iowa
Named Head Coach of All−Iowa Golden Gloves at"National Tournament of Champions"
1987 − Present Intense Kicking Trainer Master Reza Ghasy − 6th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Three time World Tae Kwon Do Champion Canadian National Team Coach
1984 − 1995 Traditional Eastern Martial Art Training Trained by Grandmasters throughout Asia, Europe and North America
Grandmaster In Suk Pak
Grandmaster Luyen Van Hoang
Grandmaster Choon Lee
1990 − 1991 Hapkido Master Hwang − Appeared in movie with Chuck Norris/Bruce Lee
Co−starred in movie "Drunken Master" with Jackie Chang
Actor in Hong Kong
1986 − Early 1987 Trained in various schools in Amsterdam, Holland Dutch Thai Boxing and Wrestling
1970 − 1984 Trained under Ostodd jamshedi, Moustafa jalilzadah; Persian Wrestling; Kushti Kaj; Bare Knockle Karate Championship; Iranian Kung Fu

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