Master Mehrdad's Muay Thai Classic XXIII

Muay Thai Classic XXIII

Main Event
Dustin Robbins Malick Watson Smith 155-160Ibs (Title)

Dustin Robbins trains out of Crystal River, Florida
under Stefan ButinBik and Malik Smith trains
out of Chicago under Ricardo Perez. This was definitely the bloodiest
fight of the night. Dustin’s nose was bleeding after the first
round. Malick used amazing Muay Thai techniques to
execute multiple strikes all over his opponent.
Bloodied Dustin continued to press forward and challenge Malick but
it wasn’t enough. Malick won the fight by decision and gain
the WSDKA amateur lightweight title. This was a great final bout
and brought the crowd to their feet
throughout the whole bout.
Under Card Bouts
Aaron Estes Mohamed Fikry 170 lbs.

Estes trains under Master Mehrdad and Mohammed Fikry trains out Ali
and UFS in St. Petersburg. Fikry had an extremely unorthodox style
of fighting. It completely kept Aaron Estes off balance and he
was able to land strikes from all different angles. Aaron Estes
showed tremendous heart and landed some good punches, but Fikry fought
an excellent fight and was able to withstand any offense his opponent
threw at him. This bout went to decision which Fikry won unanimously.
Federico Dimante Juan Olmos 185-190

Dimante trains under Master Mehrdad and Juan Olmos trains under Gary
Swanson out of Michigan. This fight was the quickest fight of
the night after Juan Olmos landed a right straight to the jaw of Federico,
which floored his opponent and in his attempt to stand up lost his balance
and fell into the ropes. The referee had to stop the fight immediately.
This was a one punch knockout.
Curtis Boshears Antonio Alicea 150

Boshears trains under Gary Swanson and travelled from Michigan for this
fight. Antonio Alicea trains under Ali of UFS in St. Petersburg.
Curtis landed a lot of knees to Antonio’s
in the left thigh in the first round
and going into the final two rounds it was evident those knee strikes
left him hurt with the inability to
access his normal fighting style. Antonio
had to fight defensively and wound up losing a very hard fought decision.
Desiree Samson Amy Smith 145-150 (Title)

Samson trains under Master Mehrdad and Amy Smith from Chicago.Desiree from the opening
bell stomped on the gas pedal and dished out an unrelenting offense
that her opponent was not fit to handle. Desiree knocked her opponent
down a couple times by both punches and a knee strike to her opponent
which ultimately ended the fight as Amy Smith couldn’t get up from
that strike. Desire won by KO. And gain the WSDKA amateur middle
weight title
Tyler Gershowitz Nathan Hile 135-138

Gershowitz trains under Master Mehrdad and Nathan Hile trains under
Stefan ButinBik. Super fast paced fight.
Both fighters taking big risks throughout the entire fight.
Fight went to a split decision giving the win to Nathan Hile.
This is one bout we would all like to see rematched. Great non-stop
Ron Cranker Brandon Pressnell 170

Ron Cranker out of XFC and Brandon Pressnell Real Cage FightingRon came out with all the
energy and was definitely pressing all the action. It turned into
a blood and guts type fight as neither fighter would let down.
The referee stopped the fight twice because of what seemed to be
a shoulder injury on Brandon Pressnel; however, he shook the doctors
off twice and continued to fight. Pressnel through his opponent
to the ground in the 3rd round and Ron Cranker
was just out of gas and couldn’t continue the fight giving Brandon
a gutsy win by TKO.
Ryan Jury Joe Smith 135-140

Jury trains out of USA Muay Thai with Stefan ButinBik
and Joe Smith trains out of UFS with Ali Tareh’s Gym. Both of these
fighter where first time stepping into the ring and they show their
heart all the way, but at the end Joe Smith from UFS come out victory
by desion.
David Hollister Jessy Cross 185-194

Hollister out of Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts and Jessy Cross out ofReal fast paced fight right
off the bat. Dave was able to land big punches and hurt his opponent
badly. Dave landed a huge upper cut that knocked his opponent
down and then landed another strong upper cut that knocked his opponent
out in less than one minute into the first round.
Avery Mcphatter Andrew Lichaciovas 165-170
out of XFC with John Prisco and Andrew out of
Team Toro Muay Thai train with Ricardo Perez
Avery great boxing. Easily dictated the pace of first 2 rounds
winning them both. However, his opponent came out and charged and pressed
all the action in the 3rd round, but it was
too little too late as a lot of damage had already been done and he
would have needed a knockout to win it. Avery Mcphatter fought
with a smile on his face the whole time on his way to a unanimous decision.
Victor Kulykavaski Adam Hilarie 145-150
out of Ali Tareh’s Gym with UFS and Adam out of Real Cage Fighting
school. This was Adam Hilaire’s first fight and you can tell Victor
Kulykavaski came out of his corner with more comfort and confidence.
Victor took round 1 but then in rounds 2 and 3 Adam came around and
dominated each of those rounds and coming out with the win by unanimous



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