Rick Roufus vs Master Mehrdad
Master Mehrdad - Shin Do Kumate Champions
Master Mehrdad vs Rick Roufus
Master Mehrdad - MKM Knockouts Promotions Founder - Mixed Martial Arts


Master Mehrdad is a world class Muay Thai champion. He started his quest as a Martial Artist by training in multiple disciplines. He train in boxing, Muay Thai, Persian Wrestling, Kushti Kaj, Hapkido, Chi Kung, Yoga, Tae Keuk Do, and many more. Form these disciplines, he had two icons that he follow as mentor. Gholamreza Takhti The Persian Jahan Pahlavan and Burce Lee.   In December 1991, he decided to combine his Martial Arts and Combat Sport knowledge and created the art of Shin Do Kumate.

Master Mehrdad has an impressive professional fighting record. His record is 39 Wins, 5 Loses, with 35 KO’s. His success is not just in the ring. He has also have success in various business ventures. He is the owner and Master of Master Mehrdad Martial Arts & Muay Thai dojo, Strykerz TV, WSDKA Sanctioning Body, and Muay Thai Classic. He is also a founder of the non-profit Fighting For Children.

Master Mehrdad’s Fighting Experience

  • Master Mehrdad fought six-time World Champ Rick Roufus at Shin Do Kumaté IX.
  • Master Mehrdad was the winner of Heavyweight main event against Lane Collyer, ISKA & IKF Southeast title holder at Shin Do Kumaté II.
  • Selected to fight in K1 Elimination Tournament at Melbourne, Australia.
  • Toughman Contest in Lakeland, Florida – Winner by brutal KO against Jay “Jiggy” Thompson
  • Finalist of Sabaki Challenge Championship. A full contact, no pads, no gloves bout. He was selected as 1 of the 10 Heavyweights picked worldwide in Denver, Colorado
  • Champion for five years consecutive for Ancient Persian Wrestling at Sari, Iran


  • 2006 Shin Do Kumate XI Runner up
  • 2006 Shin Do Kumate IX Runner up
  • 2003 Shin Do Kumate II Champion
  • Ancient Persian Wrestling − Champion for five consecutive years
  • Grand Master Park − Tae Kwon Do “Open Style” Championship Winner of Black Belt Division
  • Winner − Best of the Best World Full Contact Championship Same rules of Ultimate Fighting Championship

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