Master Mehrdad visit the Daytime Show to promote the upcoming show Shin Do Kumate X. Toofan Pirani was part of the bouts and he accompany Master Mehrdad to the Daytime show. The event will have fighters from all over the world. Shin Do Kumate X will take place in Florida.  He is the founder of Shin Do Kumate fighting system. He has over 40 years of experience and currently teaches classes at Master Mehrdad Martial Arts & Muay Thai. You can sign up for his classes at

Shin Do Kumate is a Martial Arts discipline taught by Master Mehrdad. This discipline is unique and only taught by him. The unique style was developed from a combination of well rounded disciplines that stem from his deep rooted training of Kung Fu, Hapkido, Muay Thai, Tae Keuk Do, Wrestling, and Persian Martial Arts.

Other important aspect of the Persian Warrior that is important to note is that he has a style and an unique methods of body conditioning. It also helps you to prepare you for any challenge.  No matter where the challenge is: in the Dojang, on the mat, in a boxing ring, in a cage, or on the street.

Daytime Show with Master Mehrdad Teaching Martial Arts