David Wilson’s Interview – Crossing Over from Boxing to Shin Do Kumate

What attracted David Wilson to Muay Thai?

David Wilson – As a Teen, I was a Dragon Ball Z Fanatic. I was involved in track and football since middle school, but never really considered any fighting sports. After excelling in both track and football, I also thought how well would I do in combat. I considered MMA, but thought it may be a little difficult due to grappling. I wondered If I had the skills to protect my self within a combative scenario. I tried a boxing class in Tallahassee Florida and enjoyed it.

Tell us about yourself (single/married, kids, career, hobbies).

As of right now, I am seeking a spouse, but we have not gotten serious yet. I have no kids, and I am currently a Laser ingraver at Spikes Tactical Rifle Company.

What surprises people about you?

That I enjoy learning.

How long have you been training in Muay Thai?

For three years.

What drives and motivates you as you train for your fight and what is it about Muay Thai that inspires you?

I am always willing to push myself just to see how far I can take it. I am inspired by the art form that exist within it.

What are your goals?

To become a fun fighter to watch and to gain financialy as much as my dilligence allows.

How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

I have found a way to vent.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I still enjoy activities that I did as an elementary student.

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