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What attracted you to Muay Thai?

I became attracted to Muay Thai over eight and a half years ago at the time I had no idea what I wanted to pursue as a career. I had no real passion for any specific thing and wasn’t acceptably great at anything. I watched a documentary back in about 2007 about Muay Thai, the show was specifically about women fighters. I seen them training and bloody elbows from pushing their bodies beyond the limits that they even knew they could achieve. While watching that, something in me just knew that is what I wanted to do. The next day I found a gym started training and had my first fight after 6 months. I was hooked.

Crystal Lawson - Muay Thai FighterWhat was one of your favorite fights?

My favorite fight for me had to be a rematch of a girl I had fought when I first started and lost to. She had talked very negative about me and her trainer talked a lot of trash so it was a very emotional fight knowing I had already lost to this person. To date, that fight was the best performance I ever had, it think because I knew I had a lot to prove and I did it through skill and not trash talking. (Which I don’t do anyway, I’m all about respect.)

How long have you been training?

I’ve been training about 8½ years now.

What is your favorite part about training?

My favorite part of training is pad work and learning new tricks that I think I cant do:-)

What is the hardest part about training for a fight?

To me the hardest part about training for a fight is definitely just belief in myself. Just knowing that I am as good as everyone else see’s me. I am my own worst critic, so it’s definitely all about confidence.

What are your goals?

I don’t have any specific things in fighting that I wish to achieve besides just getting better every single time I step into the ring.

What inspires you?

So many things inspire me. I am literally inspired by anyone breaking barriers and doing things that people didn’t think they could. People who step outside of comfort zones and who don’t give a freak what anyone thinks about them! People who dance in public, women who wear no makeup and sweat pants and public, and children because they are so free and happy and haven’t let the world get them don’t yet!

How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

Muay Thai made me believe in myself it gave me an outlet to have control over my life. There are other of things we don’t have control over but I know in that ring or training it’s all on me I don’t have to ever depend on anyone but myself. Muay Thai showed me that I was actually good at something. I tried cross country in school and SUCKED!!! I had no idea I was even capable of being an athlete until the first day I stepped into the gym…then I was like whoooooa!

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I’m sure my friends would say there are a lot of fun facts about me ha:-) but my favorite animals are not like cats and dogs and stuff…I love Pterodactyl’s, Yeti’s, Nessie (lockness monster) and Foxes…pretty much all those creatures, but not Big Foot (I definitely don’t believe he’s real, he’s lame)



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