MKM Knockout Promotions Presents
Crystal Lawson - Female Muay Thai Striker

Crystal "Bear" Lawson - Female Striker

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 112 -118 lbs

Age: 33

Nationality: United States


She has been training Muay Thai since 2007. She started under Ajarn Rick Davis. The past four years, she has trained under world ranked Kevin Shane Brooks. She is under team Suua Khai and Ajarn Kevin Jakub. Crystal Lawson was attracted to Muay Thai in 2007 when she saw a documentary about the art of 8 limbs.

After that she proceed to sign up for a gym and have her first amateur Muay Thai fight after 6 month. She has been training and practicing Muay Thai since 2007. Her main inspiration is seeing people break barriers and obstacles.

Muay Thai made Crystal Lawson believe in herself. It gave her the tools and an outlet to have control over her life. There are so many other things we don’t have control over, but once she steps on the ring or training it’s all on her.  She doesn’t have to ever depend on anyone but herself.

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Crystal "Bear" Lawson
Crystal Lawson
Crystal "Bear" Lawson
Crystal "Bear" Lawson
Crystal "Bear" Lawson
Crystal "Bear" Lawson