Crafton Wallace Muay Thai Fighter Wins Fight with TKO in Round 1

Crafton Wallace was able to win this bout in just 1 round. Crafton Wallace Male StrykerzCrafton is from Naples, Florida. This fighters starts the match with a flurry of kicks and strikes. His relentless pressure overwhelm the opponent. This pressure was enough to allow him to sneak strong hits and knock out the opposition in record time.  He dominated the fight. He also use few clinches, that allow him few knee strikes to the body and core.

This Shin Do Kumate Bout was intense  – Muay Thai fights in Florida.  This fight took place at Shin Do Kumate VI in Florida. Master Mehrdad founded the Shin Do Kumate fighting system. Shin Do Kuamate system is based of the superior stand up striking discipline. It uses strikes, stand up clinch, kicking strikes, stand up throws, and boxing skills. Master Mehrdad has a lifetime of intense training under the teachings of prominent grandmasters in Persia, Far East and Europe. He is an 8th Dan Black Belt.

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