Christine Toledo - Female Muay Thai Fighter

Christine Toledo at Shin Do Kumate Fighting Event

I can’t exactly give a play by play, but only as I recall.

First off, great job to all the ladies that fought on the card. Lots of talent in the house Saturday night Shin Do Kumate fighting event. Thanks to Master Mehrdad for helping to promote more women kickboxing bouts. It was a very entertaining evening, as the fights were all exciting to watch.

Casey Borhman vs Natalie Keene was the first women bout of the evening. Great match. I was so impressed with Casey’s performance, as it was her first fight. This was Keene’s second fight. Borhman showed great technique and poise and was able to use her reach to her advantage. Natalie was a warrior and did great the first round, but seemed to have come out too aggressive without pacing herself, not having the same energy in the later rounds, giving Borhman the advantage to execute her strikes effectively and dominate the fight. Borhman wins by unanimous decision.

Emily Beardon vs Vivian Leung was the second women bout. Leung completely dominated the fight from the very first round of a 4 round bout. Leung fought strategically against Beardon’s strengths and was able to avoid Beardon from effectively using her front kicks, for the most part. Leung knew how to guage her distance, and close the gap to fight inside with punch combinations, also she was very effective in the clinch and was explosive with her knees. Each time Leung got inside, she managed to keep the pressure on Beardon, sometimes leaving Beardon unable to find an opening. The fight went the distance. Beardon gave what she had and was able to deliver strong strikes when she had the opportunity to. Leung managed to bloody up Beardon’s face in the middle of the fight, which continued to bleed until the last bell. The crowd loved this fight. Both ladies fought hard with skill and heart. Leung wins by unanimous decision.

Christine Toledo at Shin Do Kumate Fighting Event Video

Kate Meehan vs. Jennypher Lanthier was the main event, the last bout of the evening. It was Lanthier’s professional debut. Meehan dominated the fight entirely. First round, both ladies paced themselves to feel eachother’s fight game out. Lanthier seemed to be very relaxed, had a great guard, and was good in countering Meehan’s strikes, but Meehan initiated more and didn’t hesitate to throw anything. Second round both ladies were more aggressive, but it was obvious at this point that Meehan had total control of the fight. Meehan was precise with her high and mid roundhouses, she also was very effective landing inside leg kicks to Lanthier’s thighs, which began to show some bruising in the later rounds. Meehan had excellent footwork that appeared to throw Lanthier’s game plan off. She also landed some strong front kicks to Lanthier’s body and to her face. Meehan threw great combinations, had excellent timing, and was very good at following up to finish an attack. Lanthier hung in there and held her own for as long as she could, but was unable to answer to the 4th round. Meehan takes the victory by TKO at the end of the 3rd round.

Again, great job ladies! What a show!

Christine Toledo

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