Bright House Sports Network Fight Weekly TV Show

Season 2 of Shin Do Kumaté “Strykerz” weekly TV show premiers September 20th. Muay Thai on Bright House Sports Network − Monday at 10:30PM and Sunday at 12:00AM

Watch our premier talk show (weekly tv show) on Bright House Sports Network hosted by me Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi industry fight expert along with other prominent media hosts and featured guests. MKM Knockout Promotions in partnership with Bright House Sports Network will broadcast.
Bright house Sports Network - Weekly TV ShowShin Do Kumaté “Strykerz” season 2 for a 13 week episode highlighting a behind the scenes look at Shin Do Kumaté Muay Thai fighters and bouts. This show will then be syndicated by our media executives throughout multiple markets nationwide to over 90 million homes. A quick synopsis about the show: This program will cover the passion of the art of Shin Do Kumaté & Muay Thai history and tap into the true human component, and traditional Martial Arts training as well as fighting techniques that leads up to some of the most explosive fights.
 Ultimately, we will tie in stories of underprivileged children and foster children in need of adoption so that I can be a voice for these children around the world through our network of fighters. Please visit our website for future schedule season 3 and calendar of future programs. Experience Muay Thai, like you have never before experience it. Learn about the fighters determination and passion that have make them achieve their goals.



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