WSDKA – World Shin Do Kumate Association Inc. is a governing body that oversees Muay Thai & kickboxing competitions and helps further build the sports at both an amateur and professional level in North America as well as around the world.

About WSDKA Founder

WSDKA International Muay Thai and KickboxingUnder traditional teachings of prominent Grandmasters in the Far East and Asia, Master Mehrdad is a highly credentialed Master ranked as an 8th Dan Black Belt with over four decades of studies. He ventured into the sport of Muay Thai while living in Holland in the 1980s and since then has passionately trained in the sport and competed as a professional Heavy Weight Fighter. In 1992, Master Mehrdad introduced Muay Thai as a training sport and began training fighters while all other schools were teaching above-the-waist kickboxing as a competitive sport. Soon after, he started managing fighters and then formed his own style of competition titled Shin Do Kumaté, a pro competition that stems from the art of Muay Thai, but also includes various other techniques that he mastered over the years in order to make the sport more exciting.

Master Mehrdad is recognized for creating milestones in the Muay Thai fight industry. In 2002, his professional fight league was the first promotion outside of Boxing licensed by the State of Florida to produce a Professional Martial Arts event. Within his professional fight league, he was also the first to provide opportunities for female fighters to turn pro while other promoters in the U.S. placed them in matches without protection and without fight purses. Master Mehrdad invited females to compete at a professional level, be paid fight purses, and fight for Title Belts. In due course, Master Mehrdad organized the governing body titled WSDKA to oversee events and guide promoters and fighters in an effort to build the sport in North America. WSDKA was the first amateur sanctioning body appointed by the Florida State Athletic Commission.

As a fight industry expert, executive producer of televised fight programs, and event promoter working closely with state athletic commissions, Master Mehrdad became a well respected individual with the proven ability to professionally mandate bouts and fighting events. His passion for the sport has benefited many fighters and he is determined to make the future of Muay Thai fighting the number one fight sport in the world.