Muay Thai Classic Fight Rules

Amateur Fighters – Muay Thai Classic™ XXVIII
Fights Result

Results from Muay Thai Classic XXVIII tournament. This event was full of action with amateur fighters giving all they got in the ring.


Casey Leventis (155) vs. Joshua Valtines (155) L-Middleweight
Fight #1: Fight went the distance and the win went to Casey leventis from UFC gym in Clearwater by major decision.

Cameron King (135) vs. Ryan Stolberg (145) Light Weight
Fight # 4: Fight went the distance and the win went to Cameron King from BFC Enterprise (Bloodline fight club) from Oklahoma by majority decision.

Ernie West (250) vs. Steve Small (265) Super Heavyweight
Fight # 7: Fight went the distance and the win went to Steve Small from Florida Muay Thai gym in Orlando, Florida by judges decision. This fight was very technical for both of these amateur fighters power house.

Anthony Colon (155) vs. Joshua Crouch (150) Light Middleweight
Fight # 10: Fight went the distance and the win went to Joshua Crouch from UFC gym from Orlando, Florida by judges decision.

Jennifer Courtney (135) vs. Isadora Chautard (136) Light Weight
Fight #2: Fight went the distance and the win went to Jennifer Courtney by TKO.

Sarah Uptmor (134) vs. Winona Beats (135) Light Welterweight
Fight # 5: This was Fight end with knockout and win went to Sarah Uptmor from Lucky’s Muay Thai Gym in Miami, Florida.

Emily Schmitt (110) vs. Shawna Ormsby (110) Super Lightweight
Fight # 8: Fight went the distance and the win went to Emily Schmitt from Team Toro Muay Thai from Chicago, IL by judges decision. This was very excellent female bouts with great Muay Thai techniques exchange.

William Candelario (156.6) vs. Shawn Albaugh (156) L-Middleweight
Fight # 11: Rematch Fight between these two fighters and fight went the distance and the win went to Shawn Albaugh from UFC gym from Clearwater, Florida by judges decision.

N.J. Benitez (130) vs. Roberto Santiago (129) Lightweight
Fight #3: Fight went the distance and the win went to Roberto Santiago from UFC gym in Clearwater by unanimous decision.

Jamil Aljasir (150) vs. Steve Shennett (145) Light Weight
Fight # 6: Fight went the distance and the win went to Steve Shennett from Gracie Brandon gym by decision. This fight was exciting from beginning to the end with a lot of striking.

Mike Schulte (130) vs. Shawn Williams (140) Atom weight
Fight # 9: Fight went the distance and the win went to Mike Schulte from Team Toro Muay Thai from Chicago, IL by judges decision. This was very excellent Muay Thai fight.

Muay Thai Classic XXVII
Amateur Kickboxing Fights Result

Soudabah Moayedi (108) vs. Hannah Goldschmidt (119.8) Flyweight
Pre-bout: Soudabah Moayedi (108 lbs.) vs. Hannah Goldschmidt (119.8 lbs.). This was an Exhibition Fight and Soudabah took the fight on a 1 week notice because Hannah’s scheduled opponent withdrew from the match. The match was a great action packed bout from beginning to end and both fighters displayed great fighting skills.

Hunter James Guarino (134.8) vs. Michael Cade Robert (136) Light Welterweight.
Fight #1: Hunter Guarino (134.8) vs. Michael Cade Robert (136). Fight went the distance and the win went to Cade Robert by major decision.

Christy Vieira (136.4) vs. Sarah Uptmor (136.2) Light Welterweight
Fight #2: Christy Vieira (136.4) vs. Sarah Uptmor (136.2). Fight went the distance and the win went to Uptmor by unanimous decision.

Anthony Colon (155) vs. John Hubbert (152.2) Light Middleweight
Fight #3: Anthony Colon (155) vs. John Hubbert (152.2). Fight went the distance and the win went to Anthony Colon by unanimous decision.

Paul Marquez (132) vs. Joshua Klautky (134.4) Super Lightweight
Fight #4: Paul Marquez (132) vs. Joshua Klautky (134.4). Fight went the distance and the win went to Paul Marquez by unanimous decision.

Amy Dupont (108) vs. Shawna Ormsby (110) Atom weight-Florida State Title Fight
Fight #5: Amy Dupont (108) vs. Shawna Ormsby (110). Fight went the distance and the win went to Shawna Ormsby by unanimous decision.

Felipe Puente (125) vs. Roberto Santiago (129.8) Light Weight-Florida State Title Fight
Fight #6: Felipe Puente (125) vs. Roberto Santiago (129.8). Fight went the distance and the win went to Robert Santiago by unanimous decision.

William Candelario (156) vs. Shawn Albaugh (156) Light Middleweight-Florida State Title Fight
Last Amateur Kickboxing Fight: William Candelario (156) vs. Shawn Albaugh (156). Fight went the distance and the win went to Shawn Albaugh by unanimous decision.

Sweet Wheat & MKM Knockout Promotions Present
Amateur Fight Event – Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic XXIV

Bout # 1: Preston Styles 15 year old from Master Mehrdad’ s Martial Arts and Fitness only trained Muay Thai for 2 month with Master Mehrdad’s Kickboxing gym with some minor prior experience in Boxing. Wins his fight by decision against MMA fighter Devan Kidd from XFC, with wrestling and grappling background. This was a great bout with a lot of exchanges and Preston dominate the fight by Martial Arts kicking techniques which almost knockout his opponent. This was a exciting with high energy and both fighters did very well.

Bout #2: Eric Brown From Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Gym, took this fight on 3 day notice against Carlos Gutierrez from Action Fight League. Eric Brown won the fight by knockout and put up a very smart and techniqual fight as a true warrior.

Bout #3: Soudabah Moayedi 17 year old, fight was against the fighter Sally Braddon 25 year old from Chicago, IL with Team Toro Muay Thai. Sally was great fighter with a good record of 8-1-0 / 4. This match was the one of the best fight of the night with some hard boxing and kicking exchange form both and Soudabah came out with some hard body shot and double kick combination. This was a fast paste fight from begging to the end.

Bout #4: Shahnaz Moayedi 15 year old fight against Natalie Yip 27 year old won the Championship title. Natalie Yip from Canada, train with Grandmaster SUCHART one of the respectful Muay Thai trainer in the world. And this was North American Lightweight title fight for WSDKA of Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic XXIV. These two female Muay Thai fighter came out with power and had one thing in their mind to win that title. Shahnaz use her powerful leg kick, and her superb boxing skills which made Natalie Yip bleed from the nose but Natalie never give up and keep pushing and showing her heart. But in the end Natalie Yip could not keep up with 15 year old young Muay Thai boxer because of her hard kick and punches.

Bout #5: Desiree Samson one of the Master Mehrdad new and exciting Thai boxer who is currently making a name for herself in female kickboxing world and this was her fight number 4 and her 3 pervious fight end up in KO. This time she had very tough and well experience fighter name Margaret Mrozwiecz. She also from Canada and train at the same gym that Natalie Yip train at. Margaret Mrozwiecz came very hard and did very good by scoring some great kick against Desiree, but Desire came back by some fast and hard boxing skills which her opponent did not except also Desiree start catching all Margaret Mrozwiecz shin-kick follow by counter punch. This was a good match for both and they show heart and skills but in the end Desiree Samson won the fight by majority decision.

Bout #6: Mario Hurtado from master mehrdad fighting school with record of 1-0 and his last fight was July of 2009 and had few month of lay off from training. And his match was against a very good Muay Thai fighter Malick Smith from Team Toro Muay Thai gym under the Ricardo Perez. Malick came out very strong at first but find out very quick that Mario is great fighter with some good counter techniques as well, so he start fighting a bit smarter in next round but Mario did not have any more gas in his tang but still he perform very well against such a young 17 year old fighter and with great fighting record. Mario lost on decision but at last he compete against a very good fighter.

Bout #7: Gaines Slocum vs. Lloyd Walton it was a main event non title fight which end with quick knockout. Walton won the fight with Ko.


Bout #8: Andrew Lichaciovas vs. Avery Mcphatter. This was a rematch bout. Both fighters previously fought in February at the MMMTC XXIII where Avery McPhatter won by decision. Andrew Lichaciovas is from Chicago and Avery Mcphatter is from Tampa. Avery Mcphatter won match again against Andrew by decision.

Amateur Fight Event Bout #9: Alyssa McNabb vs. Brittannie Collins – Both of these fighters train out of the Tampa Bay area. This fight was Alyssa’s 2nd fight and Brittanie’s debut. Both fighters fought their heart out and brought the audience to their feet. Alyssa dominated the clinch movement, which is a very important element in Muay Thai techniques and won the fight by decision.

Amateur Fight Event Bout #10: Daniel Shelly vs. Joseph Cintron – Daniel Shelly is from Tampa, FL and Joseph Cintron is from Miami, FL. This was an exciting bout that went the distance. Joseph Cintron won by decision.

Amateur Fight Event Bout #11: Troy Taylor vs. Luis Rodriguez – Troy Taylor is from Tampa, FL and Luis Rodriguez is from Miami, FL. Both fighters threw great exchanges taking the fight the distance. Troy Taylor won by decision.

Last Amateur Fight Event Bout: Warren Holder vs. Sammy Rodriguez – Both fighters are from Tampa Bay, Florida. Sammy Rodriguez has an amateur MMA background where he prominently fought using grappling techniques and this was his Muay Thai debut fight where he could only use striking techniques. Both fighters threw great exchanges but Sammy Rodriguez dominated the fight and won by decision.

Amateur Fight – Muay Thai Classic XXIII Main Event

Dustin Robbins trains out of Crystal River, Florida under Stefan ButinBik and Malik Smith trains out of Chicago under Ricardo Perez. This was definitely the bloodiest fight of the night. Dustin’s nose was bleeding after the first round. Malick used amazing Muay Thai techniques to execute multiple strikes all over his opponent. Bloodied Dustin continued to press forward and challenge Malick but it wasn’t enough. Malick won the fight by decision and gain the WSDKA amateur lightweight title. This was a great final bout and brought the crowd to their feet throughout the whole amateur fight.

Amateur Fight – Muay Thai Classic XXIII Under card bouts

Aaron Estes trains under Master Mehrdad and Mohammed Fikry trains out Ali and UFS in St. Petersburg. Fikry had an extremely unorthodox style of fighting. It completely kept Aaron Estes off balance and he was able to land strikes from all different angles. Aaron Estes showed tremendous heart and landed some good punches, but Fikry fought an excellent fight and was able to withstand any offense his opponent threw at him. This bout went to decision which Fikry won unanimously.

Federico Dimante trains under Master Mehrdad and Juan Olmos trains under Gary Swanson out of Michigan. This fight was the quickest fight of the night after Juan Olmos landed a right straight to the jaw of Federico, which floored his opponent and in his attempt to stand up lost his balance and fell into the ropes. The referee had to stop the fight immediately. This was a one punch knockout.

In more fight news Curtis Boshears trains under Gary Swanson and travelled from Michigan for this fight. Antonio Alicea trains under Ali of UFS in St. Petersburg. Curtis landed a lot of knees to Antonio’s in the left thigh in the first round and going into the final two rounds it was evident those knee strikes left him hurt with the inability to access his normal fighting style. Antonio had to fight defensively and wound up losing a very hard fought decision

Desiree Samson trains under Master Mehrdad and Amy Smith from Chicago.

Desiree an amateur fighter from the opening bell stomped on the gas pedal and dished out an unrelenting offense that her opponent was not fit to handle. Desiree knocked her opponent down a couple times by both punches and a knee strike to her opponent which ultimately ended the fight as Amy Smith couldn’t get up from that strike. Desire won by KO. And gain the WSDKA amateur middle weight title.

Tyler Gershowitz trains under Master Mehrdad and Nathan Hile trains under Stefan ButinBik. Super fast paced fight. Both fighters taking big risks throughout the entire fight. Fight went to a split decision giving the win to Nathan Hile. This is one bout we would all like to see rematched. Great non-stop action.

Ron Cranker an amateur fighter out of XFC and Brandon Pressnell Real Cage Fighting

Ron came out with all the energy and was definitely pressing all the action. It turned into a blood and guts type fight as neither fighter would let down. The referee stopped the fight twice because of what seemed to be a shoulder injury on Brandon Pressnel; however, he shook the doctors off twice and continued to fight. Pressnel through his opponent to the ground in the 3rd round and Ron Cranker was just out of gas and couldn’t continue the fight giving Brandon a gutsy win by TKO. A

Ryan Jury trains out of USA Muay Thai with Stefan ButinBik and Joe Smith trains out of UFS with Ali Tareh’s Gym. Both of these fighter where first time stepping into the ring and they show their heart all the way, but at the end Joe Smith from UFS come out victory by desion.

David Hollister an amateur fighter out of Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts and Jessy Cross out of

Real fast paced fight right off the bat. Dave was able to land big punches and hurt his opponent badly. Dave landed a huge upper cut that knocked his opponent down and then landed another strong upper cut that knocked his opponent out in less than one minute into the first round.

Avery an amateur fighter out of XFC with John Prisco and Andrew out of Team Toro Muay Thai train with Ricardo Perez Avery great boxing. Easily dictated the pace of first 2 rounds winning them both. However, his opponent came out and charged and pressed all the action in the 3rd round, but it was too little too late as a lot of damage had already been done and he would have needed a knockout to win it. Avery Mcphatter fought with a smile on his face the whole time on his way to a unanimous decision in his amateur fight.

Victor out of Ali Tareh’s Gym with UFS and Adam out of Real Cage Fighting school. This was Adam Hilaire’s first fight and you can tell Victor Kulykavaski came out of his corner with more comfort and confidence. Victor took round 1 but then in rounds 2 and 3 Adam came around and dominated each of those rounds and coming out with the win by unanimous decision in his amateur fight.

Fighting For Children Charity Fight Event

Muay Thai Classic XXII - Charity Fight EventThis exciting Muay Thai fight was hosted by Master Mehrdad and his team to benefit Fighting For Children, Inc. This was another great night filled with amateur muay thai fighters from all over the state of Florida competing for WSDKA titles. In this combat sports charity fight event, Gaines Slocum vs. Danny Lauchaire.

Winner: Gaines Slocum by decision for Middleweight WSDKA Florida Title. Tyler Gershowitz vs. Zack Lane: Draw. This was one of the best fights of the night and these great Muay Thai fighters are only 14 years old! David Hollister vs. Llyod Walton. Winner: Lloyd Walton by decision for the Middleweight WSDKA Florida Title. Muay Thai Classic XXII - Charity Fight EventDesiree Samson vs. Jennifer Kambhampati. Great Exhibition Fight packed with non-stop action. Jordan Otis vs. Rabih Tabbara. Winner: Jordan Otis by decision. Great amateur debut by Jordan Otis! Master Mehrdad only trained Jordan for only one month for this fight fight and went up against a great competitor Rabih Tabbara who had 3 fights under his belt.

Both fighters went all out. Erica Eberly vs. Tania Powell. Winner: Tania Powell by decision. Mark Bevacqua vs. Robert Mosier. desiree-6Winner: Mark Bevacqua from Olando Riviera Gym by Knockout for the Lightweight Florida WSDKA Title. Victor Kylakovskyi vs. Matt Hageman. Winner: Victor Kylakovskyi from Ali Tareh Ultimate Fighting School by TKO

2009- Stephen Cummins - Florida State Amateur Muay Thai Classic Champion

Fight Result for Muay Thai Classic XXI from Tampa, Florida – An exciting night filled with greatly matched amateur Muay Thai fighters from Tampa Bay area and other cities in Florida. This was an excellent  undercard fight with some great fighters from Fort Lauderdale gym and we also had title fight for Florida State Championship between Stephen Cummins from Stefan ButinBik’s Muay Thai gym and Mark Trillas from Dynasty Martial Arts & Fitness. Stephen Cummins won the Florida Title.  The event took place at USF / Tampa, Florida.

In effort of MKM Knockout Promotions and Muay Thai Classic tournament portion of the proceed went to Fighting For Children, a non profit organization that is working hard to be a voice for children around the world.

Amateur Muay Thai Classic XXI Fight Card


Dustin Robbins

Daniel Mcgrath



Hollister, David 

Phil Gable  



Joe Miller

Kyle Kling



Soudabah Moayedi

Denise Jacob



Marcus Hiles

Michael Menzies



Mike Moran

Enock Placid 



Mario Hurtado

Anthony Pansini



Stephen Cummins

Mark Trillas



Shahnaz Moayedi

Caressa Kibler  



Slocum, Gaines

Danny Lauchaire



Travelle Mason

Eric Rivera


2009-2007 - Travelle Mason - Florida State Amateur Muay Thai Classic Champion

Fight Result – Muay Thai Classic XX – An exciting pre-show which promoted by MKM Knockout Promotions and sanctioned by WSDKA. Muay Thai bout between Travelle Mason train under Master Mehrdad Khan and won numerous titles and Llyod Walton for Florida State light heavyweight championship title. Lloyd Walton is a Muay Thai kru with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu background that is known by his students as Kru Lucky.  This amateur single championship bout was also televised in Pay Per View followed by a night filled with international professional Muay Thai fighters for the Shin Do Kumate’ Show at Bob Martinez Complex in Tampa, Florida.

Cyrus "Black Dynamite" Washington vs. Alex Berrios

Watch Shin Do Kumate XVII Experience the ultimate art of Striking and Muay Thai.

 Joe “Formiga” Cortez vs. Eric Peebles – Art of Striking

Eric Peebles vs. Joe "Formiga" Cortez - Shin Do Kumate XVII - art of strikingEric Peebles vs Joe "Formiga" Cortez - Shin Do Kumate XVII - August 20th 2016

This evening’s event is full of energy and excitement!  The first bout of the evening is Eric Peebles vs Joe “Formiga” Cortez. Both strikers come into the ring with intensity and power, ready to dominate their opponent. The first round started with Eric Peebles having the initiative and cornering Cortez, Cortez responded with intense combos that lead to two knock downs. Round two brings more action from Cortez who is trying to make up for round one. While Cortez tried he couldn’t push himself passed Peebles reach and spent most of round two in the corner. Round three brings Peebles coming out strong trying to win the judges over in the last round, his plan worked and he wins by TKO in the last round.

Winner: Eric Peebles

 Johnny “Speed” Garcia vs. Richard Grindle – Art of Striking

Rich Grindle taking a straight kick from Johnny "Speed" GarciaRich Grindle vs Johnny "Speed" Garcia - Shin Do Kumate XVII

The second match of the night is Johnny “Speed” Garcia vs Richard Grindle, both fighters are wishing to go home with the win for their pro debut. Garcia comes out of his corner strong trying to make his presence known in the ring. Grindle his opponent returns every blow with the same power both hoping for a knockout or a win by decision. Garcia and Grindle are two very evenly matched fighters who stayed close to one another trying to gain the upper hand. Round two was all about who had more stamina and would be able to last and come out stronger in the final round.

Is Garcia going to be able to keep this speed and corner Grindle? Both fighters are giving all they got to knockdown the opposition. The crowds excitement was heard when Grindle cornered Garcia and had him on the ropes. The match ended by unanimous decision giving Grindle the win.

Winner: Richard Grindle

 Avery Mcphatter vs. Warren Thompson

Avery McPhatter vs. Warren Thompson - Shin Do Kumate XVIIAvery McPhatter vs. Warren Thompson - Shin Do Kumate XVII

The third match of the night after the previous bout is between Avery McPhatter and Warren Thompson. Warren enters the ring with the street fighter theme song making a statement about how this fight was going to go. Avery proceeded to pump up the crowd with his Techno entrance. This match and the following matches are all full Thai rules with elbows. The match started with a different pace with Avery and Warren taking a calculative defensive approach.

Warren had control in round one. Using his experience to feel Avery out and keep him at bay. Avery being an aggressive fighter tried to push Warren around. Round two started with Avery becoming even more aggressive trying to match Warren’s spike in energy. With the fight going on to too round three both fighters gave it their all and tried to win the judges or possible knockout their opponent. The winner was decided by split decision in favor of Warren “Fire Dragon” Thompson. Another great display of the art of striking.

Winner: Warren Thompson

 Chris Burgett vs. Michael Stripling

Michael Stripling vs Chris Burgett - Straight Kick - Shin Do Kuamte XVIIMichael Stripling vs Chris Burgett - Shin Do Kuamte XVII

The fourth match of this interesting and powerful evening consist of Chris Burgett vs Michael Stripling. Both fighters enter the ring with classic rock music.

First round displayed great movement and technique from both fighters. Round two started with Strippling rushing into the fight and getting countered which knocked him down. Burgett is in control in Round two, with both fighters trading strikes that leads to the first match of the night with blood in the ring.  By the peak of round three, you can see the stamina dropping from both fighters. With round three ending with no knockouts and tired fighters we took to the score cards to determine the winner. The judges declared Chris Burgett the winner of bout four.

With a ten minute intermission Bob Alexander welcomed the Chairman of MKM Knockout Promotions onto the stage to say a few words to the crowd.

Winner: Chris Brugett

 Johncy “The Kickboxer” Lindor vs. Johnny Baldridge

Johncy Lindor vs Johnny Baldridge - Shin Do Kumate XVIIJohncy Lindor vs Johnny Baldridge - Shin Do Kumate XVII

After the intermission and the great display of passion from the previous fight, will Johncy Lindor and Johnny Baldrige be able to top the previous few fights? Johncy who has fought for Shin Do Kumate before is a tough opponent and Johnny Baldrige is hoping to break his winning streak. Johncy got the first major hit on Johnny throwing him of his track. Johnny recovers quickly though and continues to exchange with Johncy.

The crowd’s excitement went through the roof when Johncy landed his spinning back fist. Round two shows Johncy really targeting Johnny’s leg pounding the same area he hurt in round one. Johncy landed a low blow when his inside leg kick came too high; however, Johnny used this to fuel him and come back harder. Johnny answers with a shin kick knocking down Johncy.

Both fighters are relentless trying to show the judges they deserve the win.  Last round sees Johncy tearing down Johnny’s leg with continuous strikes forming a nice bruise. While Johnny showed lots of heart and tried to fight off the pain forming in his leg the winner was decided by TKO. Such a good display of the art of striking.

Winner: Johncy Lindor

Maros Pacan vs. John Morehouse

John Morehouse vs Maros Pacan - Shin Do Kuamte XVIIJohn Morehouse vs Maros Pacan - Shin Do Kuamte XVII

John Morehouse enters to the tune of country music. Maros Pacan follows suit keeping his cool and staying focused on his fight. Morehouse from Wisconsin, is a fighter with experience and various knockouts on his belt.  His opponent Maros Pacan is making his pro debut from Slovakia. Morehouse is very precise on his spacing, while Pacan is trying on getting on Morehouse range.

The first round is very passive while both fighters start to feel each other out. Round two started with similar pace, but it picked up half way through. Pacan who is the shorter of the two fighters is slipping under Morehouse’s reach and taking advantage. With Morehouse not being able to keep Pacan away he has a hard time with his technique. The winner of this bout was decided by split decision in favor of Maros Pacan. Perfect display of the art of striking.

Winner: Maros Pacan

Co-main Event Alex Berrios vs. Cyrus Washington

Alex Berrios vs Cyrus "Black Dynamte" Washington - Shin Do Kumate XVIIAlex Berrios vs Cyrus "Black Dynamte" Washington - Shin Do Kumate XVII

The co-main event of the night is between local fighter Alex Berrios and Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington. The crowd has been waiting for this moment where two World Class fighters meet and leave it all in the ring.  After the more passive action fight from the previous bout the crowd is ready for some heavy hitters. Alex Berrios will be fighting to take down one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington. Alex enters with Salsa and continues to dance into the ring showing he is confident and ready to fight, which perfectly portrays his style and personality. Cyrus comes out strong, but calm which just like Alex portrays the man he is out of the ring.

The fight starts with the fighters trading blows and Cyrus losing his balance. Alex keeps striking Cyrus with various kicks keeping him on the outside. The fighters are evenly match keeping the fight moving at exciting pace. Cyrus won’t budge and reciprocates with power. Round two starts with Alex Berrios attacking Cyrus’s leg, and Cyrus going for heavy blows trying to knock Alex back.

This grudge match has the crowd out of their seat. Both fighters are still evenly match and have a lot of stamina which only shows the training and caliber of each fighter. Round three begins with various trades of strikes each fighter trying to either knock each other out or win the judges in the last round. They proceed to keep trading blows and landing heavy strikes knocking each other down at one point and both quickly getting up.  Such a good show of sportsmanship, tradition, and passion. The winner was decided by unanimous decision with Alex Berrios winning.

Winner: Alex Berrios

Main Event Tony Leone vs. Pedro Cassoma

Tony Leone vs Pedro Cassoma - Shin Do Kumate XVIITony Leone vs Pedro Cassoma - Shin Do Kumate XVII

The main event has a lot to top, which should be easy to do with dynamic fighters like Tony Leone and Pedro Cassoma entering the ring. Tony and Pedro introduction has the crowd screaming.  The main event started with relentless action and strikes Pedro who is new to Shin Do Kumate comes out strong dominating the first round. Both fighters are hungry for the last win of the night. Tony counters one of Pedro kicks and proceed to land three consecutive counter punches knocking Pedro back. Round two starts with an explosion of punches from Leone, while Cassoma goes with Kicks.

We start to see Leone slowly fade as Pedro makes his desire to win much known. This is the third bloody match of the night. Leone shin is a bloody mess from the kicks and blocks coming his way and the ones he is exchanging. Cassoma is getting the upper hand pressuring Tony more and more back into the ropes. Round three begins after they examine Tony’s shin. With him cleared to go Tony enters the ring with his trainer’s advice of just using his hands. Cassoma keeps pressuring Tony to the corner and his pressure is nonstop not giving Tony enough to breathe or execute his techniques. Winner was decided by unanimous decision with Pedro Cassoma obtaining his first win with Shin Do Kumate.

Winner: Pedro Cassoma

The night ended with wonderful displays of passion, heart, and skill. Showcasing again the best of the best Muay Thai fighters in the sport. We look forward to the next event and the next batch of devastating fighters.

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Shin Do Kumate XVII Fights Gallery – Art of Striking

Michael Stripling vs Chris Burgett - Shin Do Kuamte XVII

Strykerz presents Top World-Class fighters at Shin Do Kumate XVII this Saturday at 7pm at the Bradenton Area Convention Center – The Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior features high caliber professional Muay Thai fighters such as Cyrus Washington, Alex Berrios, Tony Leone, Pedro Cassoma and more.

Experience an exciting night filled with technical skills and knockouts. Strykerz Shin Do Kumate XVII brings  a new element to the combat sports world that MMA cannot bring to the arena. The co-main event is an anticipated grudge match between Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington, a fighter with over 100 fights, and Alex Berrios, another high caliber Muay Thai fighter from Tampa, Florida. The main event features Tony Leone vs. Pedro Cassoma, two highly talented strikers, whose hunger for the win will generate a climatic finale to the show.

Some of the most popular combat sports today are Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, wrestling, Judo, and mixed martial arts. Shin Do Kumate XVII offers an all pro bout card with a tremendous line up, this will be a great opportunity for fight fans who have yet to experience the true art and culture of Muay Thai and to watch it full force at a professional level. Muay Thai as a combat sport is the art of 8 limbs (8 points of contact). In addition to the jab and cross, there is also the left and right knees, elbow strikes, and leg kicks. In Muay Thai there is no ground fighting or grappling, just striking and clinches.

You can watch this exciting combat sport live if you live in the Tampa Bay or Manatee County area in Florida. This event is also available live Pay Per View via FITE TV internationally. Purchase Strykerz Pay-Per-View for $14.95. Click Here To Watch Shin Do Kumate XVII.

“We Don’t Tap Out, We Knock-Out”.


Strykerz Shin Do Kumate XVII - Top World-Class Muay Thai Fighter - Combat Sports Pay Per View Fight

John "Musclebot" Rivera - Muay Thai fighter and Boxing Instructor - John Rivera

John Rivera is not new to the ring. He has a vast amount of experience as strikers and Muay Thai fighters.  He has fought over 135 matches in the ring. His skill, determination, and passion has mold him to take on any difficult challenge. He is not just a Muay Thai fighter, he is also a boxing instructor, and personal trainer. John Rivera will be participating in future Shin Do Kumate events, and his charisma will bring fans of Muay Thai to the ring.

John Rivera Fight Record

John Rivera- Pro Record: 26-4
Amateur record: 99-10

What attracted John Rivera to Muay Thai?

I was first introduced into Muay Thai by my original Coach Steve Bruno of American Top Team Coconut Creek – This individual transformed me into a machine. There was no stopping of goals nor training he’s pushed me to limits above and beyond life’s imagination then along came along my 1st Kru. Kru Rungmueangnook Chutiphat aka Master Cha he took me as his personal disciple and believe you me I did not truly know what a disciple was until I met Master Cha. He would train for hours on end and I’m talking about 2-3 hrs straight. I felt his love and passion for this beloved art and so did I. Once my Kru left the state of Florida I regained another teach by the name of Alan Bowonthamachakr. He bestows humility, kindness to the art of Muay Thai which I dearly love. For him I give my solitude in holding the pride of Muay Thai.

Tell us about John Rivera (single/married, kids, career, hobbies).

I’m a full time boxing instructor and personal training. I work at title boxing club Nashville and help people get in shape. I fight professional Muay Thai on the side and also train full time.

What surprises people about you?

My fight name stands for it’s self – John “The Musclebot” Rivera – The Musclebot signifies a Machine of Muscle that does not know when to stop or how to stop. I just keep going and going even at my present age probably you can say senior version of the Energizer Bunny – lol…..

How long have you been training in Muay Thai?

I’ve been training in Muay Thai since 2007 when I first came to Florida so you can actually say approximately 9 yrs.

What drives and motivates you as you train for your fight and what is it about Muay Thai that inspires you?

My family – MOM & DAD they have always been my inspiration they’ve been through so much in life and the changes that I’ve made has made them proud of me. I have turned negatives into positives and what parent wouldn’t want that for their children. I’ve always been a surviving fighter in life’s ordeal and one thing I can actually say not once have I given up. For my parents never gave up on raising us children so why should I give up on them.

What are your goals?

My goals are to help others achieve the unachievable. We tend to stop short of what and who we truly are before we actually begin. I just want to show others that if you have the will to do something that there is nobody in God’s world that can stop you from reaching your goal. I want no fame, no glory just a humble smile in knowing that I’ve pushed other’s to be whatever they wanted to be in life….

How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

Muay Thai has made me more humble and to see the tranquility of life’s offerings is what I might say is priceless. The beauty of Muay Thai has transformed me into more of a spiritual individual for Muay Thai is about peace not about constant battle nor ego. For ego and battle are the twines of darkness. I thrive to the white light and the path of clear thought of humility, justice and peace.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Well that I love to dance at any given moment as soon as I hear some Salsa Music. And I’m always a clown and practical joker especially when training….