Armando Ramos - Muay Thai Champion
Armando Ramos - Muay Thai Champion
Armando Ramos - Muay Thai Champion


Armando Ramos is a Muay Thai champion from San Francisco, California. He has participated in two Shin Do Kumate events and has a fight record of 1-1 in the art of Shin Do Kumate. He won the Shin Do Kumate IV championship title in 2004 against Stefan Butin Bik by way of TKO. This was a very exciting fight between 2 high caliber fighters. Armando Ramos deliver a strong shin kick to Stefan’s forearm and broke his arm. He return to Shin Do Kumate X and face Dan Rowlings and lost the fight by decision. His main style is Muay Thai and he was part of team Fairtex. His professional kickboxing record is 4 wins and 1 loss. Ramos had a strong amateur Muay Thai record of 13 wins and 4 loses. He has fought other Muay Thai champions such as Stefan Butin Bik and Dan Rowlings in Shin Do Kumate in Tampa, Florida.

Armando Ramos Titles

  • 2006 Shin Do Kumate X Runner up
  • 2004 Shin Do Kumate IV Lightweight Champion

Stefan ButinBik versus Armando Ramos

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