Anthony Hitman Brown vs Tofan Pirani 44 second knockout at Shin Do Kumate XI.

Anthony Hitman Brown vs Tofan Priani was an intense and aggressive Muay Thai  match. This match started with a lot of speed and passion. This is a rematch from a previous match that Anthony has won when Pirani got his leg injured during the fight. Anthony Hitman Brown vs Tofan Pirani at Shin Do Kumate XIIn this full thai rule rematch Anthony, goes hyper aggressive and starts with strong blows such as elbows and roundhouse kicks. He is able to knockdown Pirani two times in 44 seconds. Tofan Pirani got taken by surprise when Anthony Brown strikes him with a strong roundhouse kick to the face. This powerful strike knockdown Pirani and the referee call the match out and Anthony won by TKO in under 44 seconds

. Pirani didn’t want the match to end, but he wasn’t able to get up on time and for safety and health issues Anthony was victorious. Pirani was the fan favorite for this match. In the previous match he had the upper hand, until he suffer the leg injury. We will have to wait till the next rematch. For another action pack fight between these two great fighters.