Christine Nowels TV Interview with Amateur Fighter from Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Classic® XXIII Fights. This TV show was made for Shin Do Kumate’ Strykerz Reality show. This show portrays the warriors and their human story. It also explain what motivate them to become the best striker. This show has the back story of various fighters that have participated in Muay Thai Classic events.

One of the great backstory in this interview is from a amateur fighter that move to the US to study biomedical science, and wants to become a famous doctor and Muay Thai fighter. His two dreams complement each other since to become a pro Master Mehrdad's Muay Thai Classic XXIV - Amateur FighterMuay Thai fighter, you will need dedication, hard work, and discipline. In contrast, to become a doctor you have the same requirements.

All the fighters in this interview are share similar aspirations, and goals. They also explain how they deal with nerves, and how excited and passionate they are about Muay Thai as a sport and lifestyle.

Amateur Fighter Interviewed by Christie Nowels – Muay Thai Classic